Mind Machine/Deepvisual


Operated by Gary Oldknow, inspired by seeing an Acidica show at Stonehenge free festival in 1986, Gary started out doing a 60's night lightshow in a club in Brighton in 1989.

Went on to do onstage projections for Gaye Bykers on Acid as Mind Machine.
Then into the underground house scene and started a residency at Spectrum, the worlds first acid house venue.

Also projections at Shoom and The Fridge where up to 36 projectors at the same time were used.

Then got into big projections with 7000w slide projectors. Projected on buildings all over the world and went into concert touring projection.

Worked for Sting, David Bowie, Duran Duran.

Now makes videos for giant onstage projection.
And is a member of the Society for the Performance of Gigantic Art (SPAG)

Gary Oldknow - May 2002



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