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Here’s the basic scheme behind SETI@home: Radio signals received by Berkeley’s Project Serendip at the world’s biggest telescope dish - the 1,000-foot Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico - are carved into 330-kilobyte “work units” and distributed by a central computer to users over the Internet. The free client software works like a screen-saver, analysing the data in the background or when your computer is otherwise idle.
After a few hours or days of data-crunching, depending on how high-powered your computer is, the results from the work unit are uploaded, then a new work unit is downloaded to start the cycle again.

SETI@HOME, DEVELOPED at the University of California at Berkeley, was officially launched on May 17, 1999 - although beta testers and UNIX users got an early crack at it. Since then, the number of personal computers running the program has rapidly increased. Users from 226 countries and territories around the world have devoted about 280,000 years of computer time to the effort, with as much as a millennium’s worth added every day, organisers say.
 Versions of the program are available for Windows, Mac, various flavours of UNIX, the Be operating system, OS/2 and more.

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AMD Duron - 800mhz - Windows 2000


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