September 2002
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September 18th 2002
Update on the Pooterland merchandise. We can now offer you Official Pooterland Merchandise!!!, we have high quality black T-Shirts and Hoodies available in official Pooterland colours.
We are still trying to sort out online Credit Card processing (cheaply!!) so we can easily offer these to our overseas visitors, currently the only methods available are for UK Residents.
Anyway, please take a look at the page and place your orders!! The Hoodies are currently available in limited quantities so if you want one of these then act quickly!!
Pooterland Merchandise
September 13th 2002
Ok, listen up, anybody who orders CD's or LP's from Megaworld/Past & Present is eligible for 50p per item discount on all orders until the end of 2002.
To qualify for this you MUST mention Pooterland in the section 'How did you find this site?'.
Please note you will not notice this amount deducted from your online order but it WILL be taken off when they pick and pack your order.
September 6th 2002
The SolarFlares new album 'Look What I Made Out Of My Head' was released on Big Beat (CDWIKD220) on Monday the 2nd September 2002.
It will be available on CD only at present and can be obtained from:
Ace Records
42-50 Steele Road, London NW10 7AS, England. Tel: 0208 453 1311.
Ace Records e-mail address:
September 3rd 2002
Re : Distroville

We have now done over 1000 discs for psych heads all over the world (with only one complaint!!) and until now we have not charged any 'real currency' for this service. In light of the massive upsurge in requests for these discs we are going to have to ask you to pay for postage costs back to yourselves.
If you are a UK Resident this is easy, just take the 'inner envelope' down to your local Post Office and ask them to give you enough stamps to get it back to you 1st Class.
If you live outside of the UK you will need to get the correct amount of IRC's needed to ship your discs back to you via Airmail.

Thanks for all your help,
The Pooterland Crew
'Burning for you Beautiful People 24/7....'




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