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September 30th 2001
Lots of gigs happening in the UK this month and next month, check the Tour Dates pages for more detail.
We hope to be getting out to some of these, namely Gong,The Orb and Acid Mothers Temple in London, the Greasy Truckers 2001 Hawkwind spectacular and hopefully Gong and Caravan elsewhere in the country.
If you are into the Allman Brothers then there is a new book just been published, details are on our Literature page.

September 13th 2001
Ok, it’s finally here after months of hard work (chipping away at it in between other site jobs)
but we can now proudly announce the Grand Opening of Through The Looking Glass.

Through The Looking Glass is an entirely new site section for pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK and sees us starting to dip into our massive archives (this site is very much in it’s infancy with LOTS more content coming your way) to bring you some interesting features. It’s really all about Profiles of people and places linked to the psychedelic scene and comprises of articles, interviews and galleries. We have a whole bunch more stuff to put in here and have been holding off launching it until we had at least a few articles in there for you to enjoy.
So, go check it out and ENJOY !!!

September 11th 2001
We would like to offer this 8 CD Set, which features some of the best bands from the original San Francisco Ballroom scene to all of our readers.
All you need to do is post us 8 x blank CDR's and don't forget to include your postal address..!!
The material comes from a 4 DAT set which was widely circulated a few years ago
(Hell's Honkie's Tape Club) of various live recordings from the SF ballroom scene of the sixties, mainly from the Family Dog's Avalon Ballroom, The Matrix and even some from the legendary Red Dog Saloon (The Charlatans). They are mostly made from soundboards or onstage mikes, probably mastered on reel to reel, with maybe an additional reel generation before transfer to DAT.
The quality is generally very good and this is a long overdue representation of the old ballroom scene from San Francisco.
Go HERE for the details.

Hal ‘Phoenix’ Muskat from Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light has just got back from Burning Man 2001 and we received his ‘report’ on the event via email a couple of days ago.
We thought it was so good we published it!!
Read it HERE and maybe YOU will be there next year on The Playa..





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