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October 29th 2001
As it was our Birthday recently we took the opportunity to all meet up at Pooterland HQ for an all day/all night psychedelic music session and to discuss ways of improving Pooterland for our visitors. Unfortunately a couple of our writers were unable to make it due to illness and family commitments but some of us got together, including a new member of the Pooterland Crew (soon to be announced).
This mystery person has been writing for us for about six months and we have always communicated via email and never actually met him face to face.
We are pleased to report that in **Real Life** he is actually a really nice geezer and full of ideas to take Pooterland into it’s second year of online chaos........watch this space.

October 22nd 2001
Pooterland is one year old today !!!
If you came looking for updates, fuck it, we haven’t done any!!
No we did not forget to post up the Weekly Playlist, we were just too shitfaced to operate the computer (we’ll do it tomorow).

Thank you to all our regular visitors, have one on us!! We love each and every one of you....normal service will be resumed shortly.........x x x

October 14th 2001
News just in from Brainticket Records (Texas) is that the second Liquid Sound Company album entitled ‘Inside The Acid Temple’ will be coming out in February 2002 alongside a new John Frankovic album called ‘Space Zombie’ and we will be among the first to hear copies of these.

October 11th 2001
Ok, well the Mail Server came back up 24 Hours after it went down so we are now receiving email again and although there was a brief period on Tuesday when the entire site went offline for about an hour, things seem to back to normal now.
Time to change hosting companies we think......

Make sure you get your butts down to the Royal Festival Hall, London on the 19th October to see The Pretty Things and The Soft Boys all on the same bill together.
Check out our Tour Dates page for more details.

Detour Records will be re-releasing for the first time The Prime Movers 'Sins Of The Fourfathers' on vinyl and CD, which will be out in approximately six weeks.
The catalogue numbers for these will be DRLP035 and DRCD035 respectively.
Detour Records e-mail address is: detour@btinternet.com.

October 9th 2001
The SolarFlares single 'Reflections' is out now on VINYL only, for all you collectors and music lovers out there.

It is available for only £3.00 including postage for British and European orders.

Payment by british cheque, euro cheque, postal order, registered cash or international money order, payable to Twist Records all in UK £ sterling only.

Twist Records
6 Le Petit Clos
Rue des Marais
Channel Islands
Tel: 01481 251285 or E-mail address: twist@cionlne.com

Other outlets I'm sure will be also:- Detour Records,  P.O. Box 18, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9YU, England.
Tel: 01730 815422. Detour Records e-mail address: detour@btinternet.com

Sussed, 17 Testwood Road, Southampton, SO15 8RQ, England.
Tel: 07932 378505 daytime. Tel: 02380 574871 evenings and weekends.

October 7th 2001

**** Pooterland Mail Server Offline ****

Our Mail Server has been offline for over 24 hours now while our useless hosting company tries in vain to fix it but , as usual, fails dismally to get anything fixed in an accecptable time.
The bad news is that incoming mail is not aven going to fallback, it is getting bounced back to the sender as undeliverable, so anything you send to Pooterland WILL NOT GET TO US until it gets fixed
We are powerless to do anything about this and all we can ask is that you resend anything that has bounced back to you tomorrow in the hope that they have got their act together and sorted it out by then.

October 4th 2001
Hey, we’ve spotted an error amongst the track listings for the San Francisco Nights CD’s.
After much dispute and expletives a plenty our resident Captain Beefheart expert solved the case by proving that Woe Is A Me Bop (Track 8, Disc 2) is in fact Old Folks Boogie.
As we neither compiled the CD’s or designed the artwork for the covers we can do little more than point this out.....





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