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November 26th 2000
We’ve had a few days off to relax a bit, but now we are back!!
pOoTer and Sir Eel went to the mountains and had our heads in the clouds and pOoTer had a rest from the keyboard. Much new stuff added today though and look out for our Gong review later in the week as well as the usual regular updates.

November 22nd 2000
Catching up a bit with the backlog today, check Updates for details. Thanks to Roberto from THE WRONG WAY for sending reviews, John Andrews for Acidica Lights stuff and a special Hello to Jim Mazzeo (Hey Jim!!!) who has been a great help in the Lightshows section.
Check out Jim Mazzeo’s pages HERE
Hopefully our second newsletter will be out in the next few days if we get the chance.......
Coming artists in the Art section...........

November 21st 2000
A special Hello to 60’s poster artist Lee Conklin who contacted us yesterday and approved the Lee Conklin page in the Art section, cheers dude.
I hope you all checked out sHacK cEnTral, our new ‘portal’ page (see below for what’s there).
Someone left the office door open yesterday and pOoTer escaped, by the time we had tracked him down he was already in London trying to get his muzzle into a sold out Monster Magnet gig, so we left him to it and caught him when he came out.
He is now safely chained back up to the Pooterland Server where he belongs. Read about the Monster Magnet Episode HERE.
STOP PRESS 23:08 - New addition to Lightshow pages - The Legendary Acidica Lightshow.

November 18th 2000
Today sees the launcn of sHacK cEnTral which is a kind of portal page for this site where you can navigate the entire site and also check out a few small regular features like:
What’s on The Pooterland Turntable : Here you can see what we’ve been listening to at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK. It is a mixture of what we are currently reviewing and also whatever gets thrown on the CD/Record Deck during the week. (We will also archive these if you want to check out past playlists).
A Jump List/Site Map : Where you can go direct to your favourite pages.
Who Lives At the sHacK? : A short biog of the pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK crew
Technical Stuff : Check out the site history, visitor stats and find out the current page count
Suggestion Box : Submit ideas for what you want to see on this site.
Subscribe to shAcK cHaT : Join our email newsletter list to keep up to date with our site.

November 16th 2000
ITS HERE.......WE HAVE A NEW TOY!!! pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK now has a Search Engine so you can now find stuff quicker and easier. Check it out it’s way cool. You requested it so we gave it to you....thats the way we are here!!!
We are pleased to announce a new member, Sir Eel, who has been very busy doing some artwork for us that we will post up soon. He is a long time friend of ours and will also be getting involved in some album reviews in the near future.
Welcome aboard Geeeezer....
Oh.....and we fixed the Contact form that the inept fool pOoTer broke last night....sorry for anyone that tried to use it yesterday.

November 15th 2000
Hey.....WERE BACK, it’s taken me four fucking days but I have re-written the entire site due the the problems reported previously. Netscape users PLEASE let me know if you get any weird shit happening, basically every page should have a black backround, if you find any LET ME KNOW. I am checking thru them but it was more important to get a fresh copy online than it is to check all the pages In IE5.5, Netscape and Opera. Apologies also for any 404’s you might have got tonight whilst I was uploading this new version, but it takes over 2 hours to push this lot up to our server.

November 12th 2000
Good news and bad news today. The good news is we had our 500th visitor earlier today!!.
The bad news is the software we use for this site has caused some MAJOR problems over the last 24 hours. The site should look virtually the same in both IE and Netscape but on 3 pages out of 137 the background is white instead of black. Fixing this on 2 of the pages has trashed nearly everything that has been done to date and we are trying to recreate the site from scratch. I have personally spent all weekend without much sleep trying to resolve this and am not having much luck so far so bear with us please if anything looks weird.

November 10th 2000
Well, heading for our third week online and things are still mighty busy around here, much furious typing and scanning has been done over the last few weeks and we have managed to update the site nearly every day so far. Hopefully our regular visitors find this interesting although we would like to include much more in each update. As mentioned earlier, there are a few new BIG things in the pipeline so wait and see what happens.
Hello Rob...”Have you worked it out yet...........this is your LAST chance mate!........” Look around and guess who created all of these pages and the game is over.

November 8th 2000
Well a bit more activity today at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK with a variety of updates happening across the site.
A BIG HELLO goes out to Kesey and Babb’s (yes the REAL ones) who BOTH emailed the shAcK this week. If you have not been there, check out their site Intrepid Trips.
Another special Hello goes out to The Lime Spiders who not only mailed us but also submitted ‘The Lime Spiders Psych Top Ten’, cheers Ged and Rich..!!!

November 7th 2000
Its actually tomorrow already but I’ll do this anyway....still fighting off emails (keep sendin ‘em though) tonight, but got small quantity of updates done. I know we said it yesterday but we will get some more substantial updates done tomorrow.
Hey, is there anything you want to see on this site that we are not already covering?
Drop an email to pOoTer and ask him............he can only say no!!!

November 6th 2000
Not much in the way of news tonight, we are suffering from a strange affliction called ‘Drowning In Email’ and have spent all night answering them and got nothin‘ else done.
Still we’re not complaining, it’s nice to be appreciated!!
There WILL be more content tomorrow..............honest!!

November 4th 2000
Quite a lot of new stuff went up tonight, well we are up to 134 pages now!!. The Lightshow section got a few updates as planned, look out for some exciting developments in this section over the next week or so.
We are now quite close to opening the Literature section with a bang, so keep coming back for the big launch of that section.
There will be some new album reviews tomorrow and look out later in the month for a new gig review when the pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK crew take a night off to go and see Gong.
Today’s Hello goes to Willem Kucharzik from Swamp Room Records in Germany.

November 3rd 2000
No news yesterday, we were all so tired of doing 19hr days over the last 2 weeks that we took a well earned rest!!
We are getting some new cover scans ready to put up in the various band pages over the next day or so and there is also some updates coming in the Lightshow section, hopefully tomorrow.
pOoTer has just finished a mammoth Instant Messenger session with Professor Poster and during our chat he posted me this pic of him and Chet Helms at a TV show earlier in the week.
Wanna see the pic? click HERE.
Todays ‘Hello’ goes out to Bryna Golden of The Babylonian Tiles who we had some emails from over the last few days.
Oh and if you find this over the weekend....Hello Nick!!!

November 1st 2000
We have re-arranged the physical structure of the site tonight and we apologise if this cocks up any bookmarks you may have made (it shouldn’t). This has taken us most of the night to do, plus a 2hr plus upload to our server.
More stuff to come tomorrow in various areas.


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