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May 29th 2001
SORRY EVERYBODY !!!!!!...................IT WASN’T US..............HONEST!!!!!
Well they have done it again!!!!!
Our ‘fantastic hosting company’ (??) has managed to fuck up not only Pooterland, but also thousands (yes THOUSANDS)  of other web sites too.
We started experiencing connectivity problems late on Monday and were assured it was ‘only a minor fault’.
Ha Ha, it’s now nearly 24 hours later and several thousand sites are down (including their own!!).
In an alleged 10 million pound Data Centre, they have ‘fallen off’ the Internet backbone, losing four DNS servers, their routers, dial up conectivity, mailservers...yadda yadda yadda, you name it, it’s gone.
So if you tried to log on to your favourite Pooterland we are TRULY SORRY, BUT IT’S OUT OF OUR HANDS.......................
tHe pOoTerland cRew

May 24th 2001
We are proud to announce that we have been awarded "Site of the Week" award at the Guide to Classic Rock.
We have added our ‘award’ to our new Awards page that we decided to put up tonight, seeing as we have won a couple of these things recently.
We also breezed through the 10,000 visitors barrier about a week ago (sorry only just noticed!!).

May 22nd 2001
Press Release from Josh Homme’s label:
Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Desert Sessions) is unleashing a new record label under the moniker: REKORDS REKORDS.  In conjunction with SOUTHERN LORD RECORDINGS, Rekords Rekords first release will be the DESERT SESSIONS Volumes 7&8 . This split label release will be coming out as a DOUBLE 10"  and CD (SEPTEMBER 18TH).  This release promises to be the most intense, heavy and song oriented Desert Session ever recorded!  Josh has assembled a incredible group of musicians for this project: Mark Lanegan
(Screaming Trees, QOTSA), Alain Johannes and Natasha Schneider (Eleven, Chris Cornell band) , Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue), Brendan McNichol (QOTSA), Nick Eldorado (Like Hell), Fred Drake (Earthlings, ), Chris Goss (Masters of Reality).
DESERT SESSIONS Volumes 7&8 kicks off Joshs' new label with a bang. 

Upcoming releases to include: Fatso Jetson, Masters of Reality, Eagles of Death Metal
SOUTHERN LORD is extremely stoked about this new union with REKORDS REKORDS, and hopes to expand the exposure of these exciting releases.
For more information be sure to check out:
and soon:

May 17th 2001
For those of you that read this page and visit frequently we would like to let you know that pOoTer is going away for a few days so there will not be any updates until the evening of Sunday 20th May. He is however taking his palmtop computer with him and will be taking a  pile of CD’s with him to review (he is getting behind!!!).
All being well and as long as he does not lose the cable for it (like he did last time......), we will be uploading the reviews onto the Pooterland server on this space!!!!

May 11th 2001
Hey, the reviews are still flooding in, also we would like to announce two exciting entries in our Art section:
Gunther Berkus
Bobby Faust
Both of these guys fall into what we would call High Art, as opposed to Poster Art and this is a direction we will be exploring. Many of you have said “Why do you only do Poster Art?”, well the answer is NOW WE DON’T !!. I hope you like both galleries...............
A big HELLO to all the people who have recently subscribed to our mailing list, if you are not already a member, join up now to be the first to know about updates and other news from pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK...................

May 3rd 2001
Maybe somebody forgot to tell us is International Review Week ‘cos we have had, like, so many reviews sent in recently (not that we mind of course!).
Check out the Whats New page for this month and the tail end of Last Month to see. We have had The Byrds, Grateful Dead, Captain Beefheart, Arzachel, Velvet Underground and Mad River, to name a few.

May 1st 2001
Hey theres no news...................sorry




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