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March 25th 2001
Updates to the Bands Index are still going strong and we have now reached ‘P’.
If you are reading this, Hello to Justin Weaver from Australia and Oskar Asgeirsson from Iceland.
Thanks to all the people who have voted for us again this week in  the Music Search Site Of The Day contest and we have won again several times during the last week.
We have had another busy week as far as visitors with nearly 500 people checking us out during the past week.
We finally got round to setting up Sir Eel’s mailbox this week, please send him an email and say “Hi Dude”. Feel free to mail him with any questions about the site too, or mail pOoTer or mail both of ‘em..............!!!!

March 18th 2001
Thanks to all the people who are regularly voting for us in  the Music Search Site Of The Day contest, we have won this several times now over the last week or so.
Some good news on the website re-write, we have now done nearly 140 pages out of 180 so there is now light at the end of the tunnel!!!
On this version of the site we are still working through the Bands Index and adding more bands in our second phase of new content. We have now got to and completed ‘K’ and will continue through till ‘Z’ over the next few weeks.
Traffic is now insane and have nearly doubled the amount of daily hits in the last month.
We have recently had quite a few Wants Lists sent in to us, if you have not looked for a while check out the Wanted page and see if can help any of these dudes out.

Coming soon are some reviews of releases from New Zealand’s excellent Cranium Music............

March 7th 2001
Two pieces of good news today, firstly we had our 5000th visitor yesterday!! Secondly we received the highest votes in not only the Reference Category, but also won Overall Site Of The Day at Music Search which was cool..........we now have our first 2 awards!!!

March 4th 2001
More bands pages updated today, there should also have been 5 new album reviews posted up today but this has been delayed cos pOoTer has lost the lead that links his  palmtop computer to his PC and the reviews are now ‘stuck’ on the palmtop till he finds it........soon hopefully!!
Worth a mention too  are some recent releases:
Love’s Forever Changes - Remastered with bonus tracks (Rhino/Elektra 8122 7357-2)
Ultimate Spinach - Box set of first 3 LPs with poster/book - Import (Akarna AK12/13)
Just Broken Even - Limited Edition (1000) Box set of Bath Festival memorabilia containing replica tickets, programmes and flyers, 190 page book, ring binder of photos.
Info on Just Broken Even or








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