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June 24th 2001
Plenty of new music has arrived at Pooterland HQ over the last few days and we are busy playing through it for review over the next few weeks. We have had several albums from Italyís Mizmaze Records, the new Sh-man-tra album from Australia and are expecting to see the debut album from Monstrous Blues any day now.
A big THANK YOU to one of our regular contributors (you know who you are!!) who sent us is some info regarding the rare Mountain Ash Band album, The Hermit.
This very hard to find UK folk/psych gem tells a story about an old hermit who lived up on the Yorkshire moors. It turns out that itís a true tale (as we suspected) and there is even a local pub called The Hermit, named after this infamous character who died over 130 years ago......

A sad note this week was the death of Blues legend John Lee Hooker at his home in Los Altos, near San Francisco, aged 83.
John Lee Hooker was born in Clarkesdale, Mississippi in 1917 and released over 100 albums during his long career.
pOoTer was listening to Hooker before he was listening to psych and considers this a great loss. RIP John Lee Hooker.

June 21st 2001
pOoTer and Sir Eel were invited down to Optikinetics again by head honcho Neil Rice for more VIP treatment during the week.
We were let loose in their awesome demo room with two of Opti's most mindblowing products,
the Solar System and The Total Eclipse and Neil put them through their paces which resulted in many Ooohs and Ahhhs from pOoTer and Sir Eel.
The Solar System is a massive effects unit that you shoehorn into the gate of an Optikinetics
projector. It contains 2 massive wheels that each hold 8 effects wheels, the 2 wheels turn
independantly of each other and in turn the individual effects wheels can be rotated independantly of each other and the main drive wheels, both in forward and reverse at any speed you want....WOW!!
The end result is a minimum of 64 different effects combinations that can be individually controlled via a lighting desk. This is all achieved by a cunning planetary gear system that must have been dreamed up by someone with a pointy hat and a cloak...............
We also collected the Pooterland Liquid Wheel which we both hand filled during a visit earlier in the year with many psychedelic colours......................

June 12th 2001
We have just uploaded an archive of shAcK cHaT - The email newsletter from pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK.
For those that donít know, we use this mailing list to notify you of updates and changes at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK.
The archive contains all but the most recent edition of shAcK cHaT (to get the latest edition you will have to subscribe!!!). We invite you to check out the archive and if you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE.
If you join up, you will be the first to know about new additions to the site and will also get up to date news items and other stuff delivered direct to your Inbox in a lovingly crafted Day-Glo message (if you can read HTML mail messages)

June 1st 2001
Well, itís been a VERY BAD week here at  pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK, as I am sure you know we were offline for the best part of 3 days because of a HUGE fuckup by our hosting company.
They now admit to losing 500,000 sites over this period (their ENTIRE network!!)
Unfortunately there have been several blips since then, on Wednesday night we were offline again for a short while and we were unable to send email until late yesterday.
We are currently investigating moving the entire Pooterland operation to a different hosting company because we donít like to let YOU down.
We feel very protective about Pooterland and we know that there is a loyal group of regular visitors to our site (thanks dudes!!), hence the possible move. It will cost us more money to do this, but the service will be better so we are looking very seriously at this.
We donít like to mess you around and we also like to keep you informed.....................




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