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July 31st 2001
pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK scoop another award:
Pooterland has been inducted into the "Royal Order of The Knights of Fuzz", we have been told that our site '...honors the proud tradition of Garage & Psych music, and joins only a few others in the Royal Round Table of Internet fuzz.'
Hey, who are we to argue?

On a different note, we hear that the Air Fusion festival down in Devon was not in fact a Free Festival as we were lead to believe, but actually more of a ‘circus’........
Apologies if we mislead anyone but we were only acting on ‘information received’ from the Ozric Tentacles and Festival Eye :-(

Those of you who hang out for long periods at Pooterland will have noticed that the site was unavailable for some of Monday daytime (GMT), yep our fantastic (?) hosting company had a ‘small systems fault’ that, as usual, snowballed into a Big Screaming Muthafucker of a system fault (if YOU are reading this, you can’t sue me you bastards, ‘cos it’s The Truth). They got it fixed after a while but we were offline (out of our control).......sorry!!
Twice in a month??? anybody would think they were a professional hosting company............

July 26th 2001
A Press Release from our buddies at Stoner Planet.com:

Hello people!
StonerPlanet.com's second contest is now open! We want all people to join. But this time, it's only for sweden folks. We have totally 12 CD's to give away (Yeah! Ain't we crazy!). Just come over to StonerPlanet.com and click your way to "Tävlingen". Here's a preview of all nasty records...
Superthive - Seven Songs For Sinners
(2X) Sparzanza/Superdice Split
Duster 69 - Interstellar Burst
(2X) Space Patrol - Secret Sounds Of The Spaceways
Sunnshine - Engender
Nucleus - F.T.W.
Generous Maria/Skua Split
VA - Burned Down To Zero
VA - Greatest Hits Vol. 1
VA - A Fist Full Of Freebird

We wish you all good luck and a long healthy life!
All yours, StonerPlanet.com

July 15th 2001
Apologies to any of you who tried to get on the site late yesterday, our lame hosting company had another major technical fault and Pooterland was offline for some time.

July 12th 2001
Saturday 21st July AIR FUSION 2001 Newton Abbot, Devon Free festival!
Ozric Tentacles headline this free outdoor extravaganza, rounding up a packed programme of street entertainers, theatre, rock, pop, African and dance music.
Info: 01626 201818 / www.coombesheadstudios.co.uk

July 11th 2001
Barney Bubbles - what he did for the underground in the late 60's to the early 70's, and tapping that vein through to the early eighties.

25th july - 9th august, WEEKDAYS ONLY

10.00am - 5.30pm

13-14 great sutton street
Nearest tube: Farringdon

July 8th 2001
Rainbow Puddle Atomic Prism Dish Monkeys in Belgium!
Atomic Prism joins the Rainbow Puddle Lightshow at SenseBlender someplace deep in some Belgium forest the weekend of July 13th, 14th and 15th for a 3 night Psychedelic Festival.
Here's the link!

This is a little 'off topic' as SenseBlender is a Psychedelic Trance event, but if you are into awesome visuals.......check out the Dish Monkeys, you will NOT be dissapointed.

July 7th 2001
Updates will be a little slower over the next few weeks as we have a MONSTER scanning job in operation at Pooterland, something you will all see the benefits of in the not to distant future hopefully.......
HELLO to Pamela Polland who used to be in Gentle Soul, she mailed in today in response to our requests for a copy of the album and to comment on the review of the Gentle Soul album.

July 3rd 2001
The legendary Captain Beyond is playing a live gig in Clearwater, Florida on July 28th at Club More. Short notice yeah, but hey it is happening !!!






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