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January 27th 2002
New Releases on the Get Back label:
HENDRIX, JIMI: OST Experience Part 2 LP (GET 608). "8 more tracks from recordings dated February 24th, 1969 when the Jimi Hendrix Experience played what turned out to be their last UK concert together (at London's Royal Albert Hall). The show was recorded and filmed and the music on this album is taken from the original soundtrack. Jimi Hendrix with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell playing inspired versions of 'Red House', 'Foxy Lady', 'Stone Free', 'The Star Spangled Banner' and more. Cool artwork... gatefold sleeve... 180 gram HQ coloured vinyl." $15.00

GONG: Camembert Electrique LP (GET 610). "Recorded in 1971, this is Gong's first proper studio album and it is a classic. A testament to a unique prog rock that branched out in all directions at once. A mixture of psychedelic rock, spacy sounds and lyrics with doses of jazz with a pop but intense sensibility. Camembert Electrique remains undated after 30 years. Original artwork... gatefold sleeve... 180 gram HQ vinyl." $15.00

January 2002
pOoter has been on bed with Flu since Thursday 17th January, this then turned into a lung infection during the week of the 22nd and he is still totally wiped out by this, hence the lack of updates here during this time.

The new Lamp Of The Universe album will be called Echo In Light

Tracks are:
Freedom to Godliness, Resonance, Our Celestial Flow, Love, Pyramids Of Sun, Dream Sequence

Provisional release date: March/April 2002

January 13th 2002
Pooterland wiped off the Net.....again!!
Our regular visitors will know that Pooterland fell off the face of the Internet at midnight on Monday 8th January and did not reappear until Friday (or Saturday depending where you are in the world).
Basically our yearly renewal for the Pooterland.com domain name did not go through as it should have done, CORE the domain registrants then pulled our DNS and MX Records and that pulled the plug on the site. The next few days were spent rapidly re-registering Pooterland.com and then waiting for this process to filter out across the world as the site slowly became available again for everybody.
All looks to be Ok now, we now have our mailserver and website back online and we apologise
if any of you experienced this outage, there was nothing we could do other than hang on for
the ride until it sorted itself out.

Please resend any email you may have sent us between midnight on January the 8th and midnight on Friday the 11th January as we won’t have received it.

January 9th 2002
Ok, we got the dates wrong first time so we thought we’d better mention it here else you’ll get there on the WRONG night........

Tony Hill's Fiction
26th January 2002
Club 85, Winbush Road, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1PZ

On stage at 10pm, £3.50 on the door

Miss it at your peril...................see you there?

January 1st 2002
Sorry for the silence, pOoTer has been ill in bed for two days and as a result all the updates went to pot, sorry about that. Anyway we are now back on the case and almost everything we wanted to get updated has now been done...oh and Happy New Year if you do that kind of thing........







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