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January 27th 2001
Well its been a busy week here at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK, we have received many many emails again this week and thanks if you were one of those people.
A special HELLO goes out to John ‘Cerebrum who set pOoTer a ‘challenge’ during the week that he apparently passed.
We would also like to say Hi to Ian Turboville, Neil Rice and Pat Chapman too.
Most of the Pooterland Crew managed to get to the Cosmic Visions poster exhibition at Londons V&A Museum during the weekend which was VERY cool. If you are in the UK and into the UK 60’s underground scene then check it out ‘cos they have all of the Osiris Visons posters, plus many Big-O and some Family Dog and Bill Graham posters too as well as an interesting room dedicated to Oz and International Times.
It closes on 18th February so be quick!!!.

January 20th 2001
A nice surprise for all you psychedelic poster fans!!!!! Today we put up a Steve Seymour page, who for those of that did not know did ALL of the posters and handbills for the Vancouver club Retinal Circus.........check ‘em out, they’re cool!!
Thanks again for all the kind emails, some of whom from VERY interesting people.....
pOoTer was rooting around at one of his storage locations today and discovered a whole bunch more material that we can use here, this scared us as we are already about 5 weeks behind with what we had planned, but it WILL make interesting viewing when it goes online.
Things are starting to look up again around here and although we still cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are grinning inanely ahyhow  ;)

January 17th 2001
Hey, the illness is starting to go and the updates are starting to flow again!!!
The Lightshow Index has had a quick overhaul this week, pending a full facelift (coming soon)
Thanks for the many emails that have come in over the last week.
We would like to say a special HELLO to Chris Samardizch from Brotherhood Of Light who emailed us today.

January 14th 2001
pOoTer is still ill, so site updates have again been sketchy this week. We are, however currently attracting many more visitors than usual which is good. The re-write has only got a very quick look in this week.
We are bringing these updates to your from a collection of 3 ‘old versions’ that are in various states of corruption.
Our New Year has been shit so far, how is YOURS???

January 7th 2001
Things are not going too well here at the moment, pOoTer has been wiped out by a virus and has been in bed since Thursday last week, Mush O’Rune has also been ill and none of us managed to get to the Comsic Visions exhibition in London. As a result of this illness, the ‘new site re-write’ has got no further than about 51 pages out of 161 so we are seriously behind with all sorts of stuff...reviews, updates, new site sections, you name it we are behind with it SORRY.
pOoTer is starting to get better now, so too is Mush and we will spend the rest of the month trying to catch up.
For anyone new thats reading this, we normally update this site about 3 or 4 times a week!!!

January 1st 2001
The re-write is still being done so we have not mangaged any updates other than our weekly playist which you can check out HERE.
We hope to have most of the re-write done over the next day or so.


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