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February 25th 2001
Hello to Tim Hodgson from Shiva Photonics who contacted us earlier in the week.
One or two updates happened in various places this week, most of our time was spent on the re-write which is still making steady progress.

February 18th 2001
Firstly, thanks to Dave for spotting the disappearing Mark Boyle pics, don’t know how we managed to fuck that up, but they are back now!!.
The Android Light Show biog and pics are now online and thanks to Robert Chouraqui they are the FIRST french lightshow in our index.....

February 17th 2001
We are back from the grave, or pOoTer is anyhow. He has consumed so much codeine, ibuprofen and other chemicals  over the last 12 days we thought he was never going to come back from the delerious world he was inhabiting. He was banging on about all sorts of strange worlds and terror induced visions during his fever, but we have now got him propped up in a chair updating the site.
Sorry to everyone who came looking for our regular updates during the last week or so, we must be cursed with all the problems we have had this year and pOoTer certainly thinks that ‘2001 sucks!’ at the moment.
Hello to Robert Chouraqui from France who contacted us today to tell us about his Android Lightshow, look out for full biogs soon.
Quite a lot of bands have been added today with the intention of adding more (yes I KNOW we said that 2 weeks ago but pOoTer’s been ill) during the coming week.
Also check out the Brotherhood Of Light page for our exclusive interview with ‘Lightshow Bob’ Pullum about his days with this legendary lightshow.

February 4th 2001
Many bands have been added this week, also a scattering of new reviews, including some from our own Dr. Sandoz (Hawkwind and Buffalo Springfield), check out the Whats New page for more details. We will concentrate on adding new bands during the next week as this section has been a bit neglected recently.
The Lightshow Index is still slowly growing and if you have not checked it out, do so NOW by clicking HERE. It is THE first and only Lightshow Index on the Internet.
Remember.....you saw it here FIRST!!
We are also trying to keep our Visitor Statistics page reasonably up to date, many of you have said how interesting it is to see which pages are the most popular on our site.


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