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December 30th 2000
We are having a MAJOR PROBLEM (again) with the software we use to build this site, hence no updates for last few days. I am writing this with a crippled version and have been re-writing the entire site over the last few days. So far I have only done 32 pages out of 160+, so PLEASE bear with us while we get this done.
We hope to get the re-write done before Tuesday.
After this we are going to ditch the current software in favour of something that does not fuck us while we are not looking (most likely Dreamweaver). Its is a shame as we have been using NetObjects Fusion for a few years now but as far as this site goes, it has shafted us 3 times now and we have only been online for 2 months!!!!.
The good news????..................oh yeah we sailed past the 2000 visitors mark the other day

December 27th 2000
Thank you to everyone who sent us e-cards over the last few days, we have had some with REALLY tacky music!!!. A few minor updates today, mainly reviews and some general tidying up, fixing a few broken things and tuning some others.
The Music Site Of The Day thing seems to be a fix, with the same band winning EVERY day for the last week or so, never mind eh?
We are all off to the Cosmic Visions exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum next week, where they have the ENTIRE Osiris Visions series of posters on display as well as MASSES of UK underground artwork and paraphenalia, including stuff from Oz and IT.
Check it out, it finishes on the 7th January...................You may even bump into us lot!!!

December 25th 2000
We stuffed so much food and drink down our muzzles today, all we could manage was to update our weekly playlist, What’s On The Pooterland Turntable? and a minor tweak to the Links page.
Our efforts to win Music Site Of The Day seem to keep getting thwarted by a band called Dream Theatre who win it every day (by rigging the votes????). PLEASE vote for us EVERY day as the voting starts again every 24 hours so we need a whole bunch of votes every day in order to win..............

December 24th 2000
In between wrapping up bright shiny new things we have squeezed in a couple of much needed Discographies in this rather neglected section of our site, The Litter and Gong to be precise....sorry, they just take sooo long to do (moan moan).
Howdy and Merry Christmas to Clint Iguana and all the other Peppermint Iguana’s if you are reading this (go easy on the pies....).

December 23rd 2000
Some updates to the Art section today, also some minor tweaks to our SETI page (a little indulgance of ours) also some cool new links added to the Links page.

December 20th 2000
Howdy, we are all chilling out a bit, ready for the Winter Solstice tomorrow which by some cosmic coincidence is also pOoTers birthday too...........WOW MAN....
Today’s HELLO goes to artist Michael Bowen who contacted us yesterday and put the record straight about a poster HERE to see what that’s all about.
In case we forget, all of us here hope you all have a cool Xmas and get all sorts of bright new shiny toys to play with.
Rest assured we will be keeping up with regular updates over the Xmas break, and if we get it done on time, will also be launching a new site section early in the New Year.

December 17th 2000
pOoTer has had his scalpel out today and performed open heart surgery on our Index page ‘cos we reckon that some of our visitors are simply not finding certain areas of the site. We hope that you like the new ‘Portal Look’ and would love to hear what you think of it.
The idea behind the new page is that you can find stuff quicker and easier.
If you came in using the ‘Front Door’ then you will have seen it already, if not click HERE to have a look and then PLEASE let us know what you think, is it better or worse???.
Click HERE to email us with your opinion.
Todays HELLO goes out to Marty Roth from Bent Wind who emailed us today, check out their site HERE.. We will be doing some Bent Wind stuff here soon.........

December 16th 2000
We have been buried in our archives for the last few days so updates have been a little quiet, a variety of new stuff though, has been added to the late 60’s and early 70’s years in the Chronikles section, plus a few more links added.
Todays HELLO goes out to Daniel Nilsson from, a cool looking Swedish stoner rock site. 

December 13th 2000
More stuff added in the Chronikles section today.
Today’s HELLO goes to Christoph from ZaboZodiac Records in Berlin. The reason things are a little quiet this week is that we are trying to get some ‘other work’ done. This ‘other work’ will hopefully make its debut here in the near future.
Sir Eel has also been busy churning out more mindwarping eye candy, go HERE to see.

December 10th 2000
Not much in the way of content today other than our weekly update of What’s on The Pooterland Turntables? , check it out and see what we listen too when we are working on the site....
There is a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff going on at the moment, so look out for some more cool features over the next month or so, both Mush O’Rune and pOoTer are slaving away on secret projects..........
If you have not looked recently the Chronikles section has had a massive amount of content added over the last week, with more to come.

December 8th 2000
Norm Mayell from Sopwith Camel contacted us today and mentioned that their highly acclaimed LP The Miraculous Hump Returns from the Moon is going to be re-relased by the band in January 2001. If you want to get your mitts on a copy of this, visit their site and register your interest and they will let you know when its available:
A start has finally been made on the Literature pages today with a nice piece on William Burroughs written by Mush O’Rune, much more to come from Mush in this section over the next month or so.

December 7th 2000
More stuff in Chronikles today, tomorrow will be the same plus if we get time some interesting new pages........
We have also archived the What’s New page into seperate months as the table was taking too long to display, each month we will archive this so you can check back over previous months to see where updates took place.

December 6th 2000
Todays new stuff is again all in the Chronikles section.
Hello if you are visiting us as a result of our small feature in Classic Rock Magazine, it appears that we have had some visitors already judging by what is being fed into our ‘Shack Search’ search engine. I hope you enjoy the site.

December 5th 2000
Hello to Faine Jade who emailed us today regarding exchanging links, check out his site at
Most of the updates this week are going to be in the Chronikles section, as this has been a bit neglected recently. We are also hoping to get the Literature section up before Christmas, thank you for all the eager emails we have received asking about its launch date.
Thank you to all the people who have sent in reviews recently, its is nice to see some trickling in regularly.
Is your band listed on our site? If not and your band is of a psychedelic nature then email us and tell us all about you, better still post us a promo/demo/release and we WILL review it and put it on our weekly playlist which you can find HERE, we will also link back to your site from both the review and our Links page. We can also post up MP3’s of your band too, SEND US YOUR STUFF, we get thousands of people through here every month so you WILL get noticed.

December 2nd 2000
Plenty of activity in the Chronikles section today as the start of the late eighties goes up, with much more to be added. Make sure you also check up on the reviews of the excellent Escapade albums that we have been listening to over the last week or so. Sir Eel gets his own page in the Art section, where you can see some of his lysergically mutated creations, also in the Art section, Lee Conklin’s page has been recently updated to include some stunning posters.
If any of you buy Classic Rock Magazine, check out the Web Watch section as someone tells me that pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK is featured in there this month.
Hello if you come from Cambridge (UK) and are checking us out after receiving a flyer during this week, I hope you like what you see.

December 1st 2000
You may have noticed we went past the magic ‘1000 visitors’ mark earlier this week, not bad for our first 5 weeks online. Thank you to everyone who has helped with info, submissions, slander and other stuff.
The pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK crew all took the night off and went to see the legendary and totally awesome GONG on the 29th, to see the review click HERE.
Hello to Tim Blake and Randy Tuten who both gave the nod of approval to our site in the last week, coming soon is a Randy Tuten page in the Art section.
Oh and Hello Pauline, let me know the things that are unclear.......?
Today too, we launch our Visitor Statistics page, see what’s popular and where people come from.


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