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April 30th 2001
There have been a serious amount of reviews in the Bands Index posted up in the last two weeks, all from one guy (thanks dude!!), there are far too many to list here but check out the What’s New page to see what has been added.

April 19th 2001
Hey, we went out again!!!.........well Sir Eel and pOoTer did anyhow....to sunny Cambridge to see The Soft Boys 21st Birthday Tour open at The Junction.
It was cool......read about it HERE.
Mind expanding art hits pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK in the form of Franz Landl, check out this awesome artist in the Art Section ..........HERE.

April 13th 2001
We are very proud to announce a new page in the Lightshow Index, the wonderful biog of Diogenes Lantern Works has finally arrived at Pooterland!! If you are into lightshows, then check this out. Diogenes actually submitted a ‘mini web site’ to us and we have reproduced this virtually as it arrived to us (we had to shuffle one or two things to fit on our pages).

April 8th 2001
Some more additions to the Bands Index today with updates in P, Q and R.
Another new thing we are playing with currently is ICQ and we have an ICQ page that you can send us messages from. There are also Status Indicators on the Index page and Contact page, as well as the ICQ page so you know when we are online.
If it’s flashing, drop in for a live chat with the Pooterland Crew!!. We currently only have one account, but if it works out we will have one each and you can choose who you want to chat to.

April 7th 2001
Hey we’re back!!!.......We thought we would take a week off after all the stress of recent weeks leading up to the re-launch. Thanks to everyone who emailed us saying how much they liked the new site design, I know its has not changed THAT much....well its was more of a facelift than an entire redesign.
New this week is a page called Who’s On Tour?, which is kinda self explanatory really, but if your band is touring and you play music that our visitors will like them email us a link to your tour info and we will post it up here for FREE.

April 1st 2001
Yee Haa....after what seemed like ages locked in a darkened backroom at the Pooterland office, we have finally finished re-writing the site after a software corruption a few months ago. What you are currently looking at is a ground up, total rebuild of pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK.
We have taken the opportunity to make many tweaks to the site, some major and some you probably won’t even notice!!.
The News and What’s New pages are now archived every month to speed up the loading of the current pages. The old stuff is now stashed away on a page right at the back of the site in a dark corner called Thee Archivez, so you can check in there to see old news etc.
sHacK cEnTral has met with an untimely death due to it not being visited very much and also now we have the Portal/Directory on the Index page, we reckoned there was too much duplication.
A very popular feature on sHacK cEnTral, What’s On The pOoTerland Turntable? has now got it’s own page, as has Who Lives at The sHacK?.
The left navigation menu bar has now been changed from text to buttons as several visitors complained that the blue text was not very visible on their monitors (must be using cheap shit cos it looks cool on our 21” iiyama’s !!!)
The Statistics page has also met with a horrible death (it was fucking hard work doing it manually!!) and will only be replaced when we find a suitable ‘live’ system to use.
That’s probably about it, well that’s all we can remember at the moment.........
The other main thing which you will have noticed is that most pages have been hit hard with the ‘Day-Glo stick’.....this has brightened things up a bit, along with the 3D page titles you will find on many top level pages.

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