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January 21st 2001 - Issue 3
1. Crew message
2. New This Month
3. Site Visitors
4. The Re-write
1. Crew message
Howdy All,
A big HELLO from all of us at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK and thank you to everyone for subscribing to this newsletter.

Well we have had a pretty bad few weeks recently, on Boxing Day our HTML program trashed yet another copy of the site so we are currently re-writing the site from scratch (AGAIN). So far we have done 62 pages out of 166 whilst maintaining regular updates from 2 damaged copies of the original site!!!!!.
To top this, pOoTer was wiped out by a virus for 10 days and Mush O'Rune did his back in badly!!!!
Things however are looking up and although we are now about 5 weeks behind.............WE ARE BACK!!!

p.s By the time you read this we will have entertained our 3000th visitor !!!! This is cool and if our addled brains can add up properly, this amounts to something like 1000 visitors a month!!!!


pSyChedelicAlly yOurs,

tHe cHosEn fEw

2. New this month and last month
Recent updates have included:

Lightshows - This is now our 4th most popular page and is growing every week. pOoTer has been out interviewing 60's lightshow artists and many new lightshows have been added. Of particular note is the recent addition of the Brotherhood Of Light and Mark Boyle's Sensory Laboratory pages, both containing some really cool stuff. Look out for many more additions in the next month or so.

Art - We have had some close shaves regarding potential copyright infringement in the last few weeks but we believe we have now resolved most of these. Updates of note are Gary Grimshaw who recently approved the use of his art, Michael Bowen who as well as giving us approval for his work is also helping with other areas of the site and last but not least the recent addition of most of the postcards from Vancouver's Retinal Circus by Steve Seymour for which we have now had copyright clearance. These are fine pieces of art that evolved without the influence of the SF poster scene and we think they are truly great!!

Chronikles - This is still slowly taking shape but much of the work now requires the scanning in of material which is currently on the backburner due to the re-write.

Index Page - We have redesigned this after analysing the logs and finding that people were potentially not finding pages due to the way it was layed out. We have now removed the frames page and created a new 'Portal look' which many of you have said is a big improvement.

Search Engine - Yes I know it's been there a while but due to our ineptness we forgot to mention it in our last newsletter!!!. This enables our visitors to search within our site and find stuff much more easily. This also reports all the searches back to us so we can see what people are looking for and if it's not there we can look to include it in the future.

Vote for us - We have entered into a voting competition recently where visitors vote for us by clicking on a button on our index page. The voting restarts again every 24 hours so we need to get more votes every day.
If you are visiting us PLEASE click this every time you come to our site. It's really only a bit of fun but we would like to win it one day, although it appears the voting is rigged because a band called Dream Theatre win it EVERY DAY!!!
3. Site Visitors

These are our Top Twenty most popular pages

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Shack Central
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Art - Wes Wilson
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Art - Rick Griffin
Bands - Compilations
Art - Lee Conklin
Lightshows - Jim Mazzeo
Art - Michael Bowen
Lightshows - Acidica Lights

4. The Re-write
This is taking ages because everything we do on the current site we have to then redo on the new one which is a VERY slow process. Also each page takes anything up to 2 hours to do and there are now 166 of the bastards to do!!!
BUT, it will be very much a 'New & Improved' version and you will immediately notice the differences. We are taking the opportunity to tweak lots of things and take on board suggestions from our visitors that will make your experience in Pooterland a beautiful and more enjoyable thing...........!!!!
PLEASE BE PATIENT, we WILL get it done as soon as possible, because it is now holding up the launch of a new and exciting site section that we had hoped to launch on the 1st of January...........watch this space!!!!
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