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February 24th 2002 - Issue 27
1. Crew message
2. New Stuff
3. Samples Page
4. New Releases
1. Crew message
Howdy All,
A big HELLO from all of us at pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK and thank you to everyone for subscribing to this newsletter.
Things have been a little quiet over the last six weeks as pOoTer has had Flu and then ended up with Pneumonia which resulted in many hospital trips, X-Rays and strong drugs that took ages to work. He missed loads of gigs that the other guys went to so is a little pissed off.........
However he has managed to get the new artwork done for the Pooterland T-Shirts so this will be going off to the printers soon and we hope to have these on sale real soon now.

The next major plan is to re-write the website totally and introduce a new design that will make your time spent at pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK easier and better.
We are gonna ditch the Frames pages and change the menu's throughout the site so finding stuff will be easier and quicker.
The main Index page will also get an overhaul so that you can see all the new additions at a glance without having to digging around. Of course this is going to take time, we are still finalising the design and once this is done we have to redo nearly 350 pages, so you won't be seeing anything new just yet !!!......this is just to let you know what we are up to.

pSyChedelicAlly yOurs,

tHe pOoTerland cRew
2. New Stuff

Lightshow Index - New lightshows listed:
Rainbow Lights (USA) (Biog)
Fox Lights (UK) (Biog)

A major update to the Single Wing Turquoise Bird page has been provided by former member Rol Murrow with some great stories, check it out!

Lightshow Hall Of Fame - More classic and antique projectors added to the list, includes some very rare catalogue scans from 1968 (if you like that sort of thing).

Bands Index - New reviews at the shAcK:
Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa (Warner)
The Doors - Any album, this applies to them all (read it to be enlightened.....)
The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out (Verve)
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Space Rave (Swamp Room Records)

Visitor's comment added to Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn review.
Tour Dates - Updated to include this year's Swamp Room Happening event in Hanover, Germany and also new dates for Big Brother and The Holding Company.

Wanted - Page updated with more adverts.

Chronikles - A gig review for the recent Big Brother and The Holding Company gig at The
Stables, Milton Keynes, plus other dates added to the 2002 page.

Charts - Top 10 Psych Anthems and Top 26 Psychedelic Albums are the latest additions to
this popular page.......come on send us your charts too......don't be shy!!
3. Samples Page
Well, this page has gone totally crazy since we put it up, we have had 382 downloads so far in 21 days!!!!. Look out for more samples to be added soon.
4. New Releases
ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE: 41st Century Splendid Man LP (TUMULT 01). A limited Acid Mothers picture disc LP. Features 3 long new tracks (about 40 min.).


POPOL VUH: Future Sound Experience CD (MYS 151 CD). Reissue of this obscure album,
originally recorded in München, Germany, 1993, with additional interludes included for the first time. Includes (very) extended re-recordings of classic 70s-era Popol Vuh tracks like "Gutes Land", "Kleiner Krieger" and "Morgengruss" (all off the Einsjäger & Siebenjäger album). Suspiciously packaged for sure, but a pleasing sounding send-off for the R.I.P.-ing Florian Fricke


CAN: Cannibalism 2LP (SPOON 1/2). Spoon/Mute have re-released 4 albums by Can on vinyl with the original artwork. This special edition is limited to 1000 copies & probably won't last long. Cannibalism is compilation of the bands favorite moments from their first 5 albums, including a few tracks that are re-edited by Holger Czukay. All the awe-inspiring hits are here: "Father Cannot Yell," "Mother Sky," "Yoo Doo Right," "Mushroom," "She Brings The Rain," "Aumgn," etc.

CAN: Monster Movie LP (SPOON 4). The group's historic hi-energy debut from 1969, originally issued on Music Factory and then brought to the masses by United Artists in 1970.

CAN: Tago Mago 2LP (SPOON 6/7). The group's third album, a sprawling masterpiece from 1971. Featuring the vocal invention of Damo Suzuki.

CAN: Ege Bamyasi LP (SPOON 8). The group's fourth album, from 1972, originally issued by United Artists.
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