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September  13th 2001 - Issue 17
1. Crew message
2. Really New Stuff !!
3. Heavy Liquid EP Offer
1. Crew message
Howdy All,
A big HELLO from all of us at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK and thank you to everyone for subscribing to this newsletter.
Well, there's plenty been happening here this week with a MASSIVE amount of updates going online, including something we have had up our sleeve for some time (see below).
I know it's been less than a week since our last Newsletter, BUT we have been real busy as you will see if you read on......

I hope you all enjoy our new surprise we launched JUST NOW (see below)

pSyChedelicAlly yOurs,
tHe pOoTerland cRew
2. Really New Stuff !!

Through The Looking Glass - IT'S HERE AND IT'S OFFICIAL, we have just now (literally) launched an entirely new section at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK called, yep you guessed it Through The Looking Glass. It is all about profiles of people and places instrumental in the Psychedelic scene and features articles and interviews with exclusive NEVER seen before photo's and artwork with some exclusive interviews as well.
Go check it out NOW, you won't be disappointed.......!!

Links -  Added Radio Station section (included some new links here), also Randy Holden Official site. Velvet Fogg, Jim Miller Band. etc. etc.

Bands Index - New reviews at the shAcK:
Gong (Planet Gong) - Floating Anarchy (Charly)
The Outsiders - C.Q. Sessions (Pseudonym)
Caravan - The Land of Grey and Pink (Deram)
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - The Great Conspiracy (Columbia)
Ashra Tempel - S/T - (Ohr)
Deep Purple - Shades Of Deep Purple (Parlophone)
Rabbits Hat - The Magician (Stone Premonitions)
The Purple Gang - Night Of The Uncool (Independent Release)

Literature - Yep, we finally started adding some stuff here:
We Gotta Go Now - Dennis A. Blackledge (Windholme Press)
Knights Of Fuzz CD-ROM - Timothy Gassen (Purple Cactus)

Tour Dates - Re-arranged page and added more bands.

shAcK cHaT - shAcK cHaT 14 & 15 added to the archives.

San Franciscan Nights - Get yourself a copy of this fine CDR set, just post us some blank discs and include your address, check out this page.

Chronikles - 2001 page updated.

Wanted - Page updated.

Burning Man 2001 - Lightshow operator Hal 'Phoenix' Muscat experiences the legendary Burning Man Festival. Find his story linked off the Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light page and also the main index page
In an unusual 'first' for pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK we are the sole European outlet for this awesome CD EP from New Jersey's Heavy Liquid.

Heavy Liquid play loud fuzzed up Rock 'n' Roll and come across like The Stooges meets, Blue Cheer meets The New York Dolls with a lethal dose of Stoner Rock thrown in for good measure. Pooterland has decided to champion this as yet unsigned band from New Jersey and help spread the word about them and their music.

What we are offering you is a professionally pressed and shrink-wrapped
3-Track EP, produced by Monster Magnet's Phil Caivano  at the 'El Cheapo'
price of £3.50 (plus P&P) shipped to your door anywhere in the world and
lovingly packed by the Pooterland Crew.

Please email us if you want to order one of these CD's and we will ship
it out to you ASAP

email Sir Eel to order

email pOoTer to order
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