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September 8th 2001 - Issue 16
1. San Franciscan Nights - 8 CD Set
1. Crew message
Howdy All,
A big HELLO from all of us at pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK and thank you to everyone for subscribing to this newsletter.

This is kind of a mini newsletter to offer you all an awesome 8 CD Set that we received today. Please see below for details.

pSyChedelicAlly yOurs,

tHe pOoTerland cRew
1. San Franciscan Nights - 8 CD Set

We would like to offer this 8 CD Set, which features some of the best bands from the original San Francisco Ballroom scene to all of our readers.

All you need to do is post us 8 x blank CDR's and don't forget to include your address..!!

The material comes from a 4 DAT set which was widely circulated a few years ago
(Hell's Honkie's Tape Club) of various live recordings from the SF ballroom scene of the sixties, mainly from the Family Dog's Avalon Ballroom, The Matrix and even some from the legendary Red Dog Saloon (The Charlatans). They are mostly made from soundboards or onstage mikes, probably mastered on reel to reel, with maybe an additional reel generation before transfer to DAT.
The quality is generally very good and this is a long overdue representation of the old ballroom scene from San Francisco.
The DAT set of these recordings were originally to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hell's Honkie's Tape Club and these CDR's are taken straight off the DAT tapes.
We can email you the covers if you want to print these out (16 x JPEG files) they are VERY nicely done and we strongly recommend them as they look so cool.
The reason we are asking for discs and NOT printing the covers is that if everybody on our mailing list asked for a set we would end up burning 500+ discs and getting through god knows how many ink carts....!!

What MUST NOT HAPPEN is for any copies you receive to be sold or traded as
this was NOT the intention on the original distribution, it was mean't to be SHARED
just as we are sharing it with you now and if we could afford to give away over 500
CD's then we'd be doing it for FREE, but we can't, sorry.............

We will be posting up a page next week on the site where you can download the covers and view the track listings online.
In the meantime, this is what's on the CD's:

San Franciscan Nights Volume 1
1 Gov. Ronald Reagan [1966]
Jefferson Airplane -Fillmore Aud. [2-4-67]
2 Somebody to Love
3 Get Together
4 Let Me In
5 This is my Life
6 White Rabbit
7 Plastic Fantastic Lover
8 She has Funny Cars
9 Instrumental
10 3/5th's of a Mile in 10 seconds
11 Fat Angel

San Franciscan Nights Volume 2
Country Joe and the Fish -Avalon Ballroom [1967]
1 Thought Dream
Big Brother and the Holding Company
Avalon Ballroom [1968]

2 Ball & Chain (slight glitch at 3m17s)
3 Bye Bye Baby
4 Woman is the Loser
5 All is Lonliness
6 Call on Me
13th Floor Elevators - Avalon Ballroom [6-67]
7 Roller Coaster ('skip' at 2m52s)
Captain Beefhart and his Magic Band
Avalon Ballroom [Fall-1967]
8 Woe-is-Uh-Me-Bop
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Fillmore West [Summer-1968]

9 SuzieQ (very slight click at 0m59s)

Note from pOoter:
Track 8 is NOT Woe-is-Uh-Me-Bop, as listed. It is in fact Old Folks Boogie

San Franciscan Nights Volume 3
Mother Earth -Winterland [9-67]
1 Stranger In My Own Hometown
2 Without love
3 Help me Jesus
Oxford Circle - Studio [1966]
4 Foolish Woman
5 Mind Destruction
The Sons of Adam -Studio [1966]
6 Feathered Fish;
7 Electric Prunes commercial
The Great Society -The Matrix [1966]
8 Downhome Girl
9 Long Lost Lover
10 Like a Raven
11 Somebody to Love
12 Sure Lovin' Man
13 The Man in Black
14 Father Bruce

San Franciscan Nights Volume 4
The Charlatans
1 When I Go Sailing By --Red Dog Saloon [6-65]
2 Alabama Bound--Avalon Ballroom [1967]
3 Codine Blues --Studio [1967]
4 32-20
5 I Saw Her
6 The Shadow Knows
7 Long Comma Viper
8 By Hook or by Crook
9 Sidetrack (with Lynn Hughes)
10 Devil (with Lynn Hughes)
The Grateful Dead -Winterland [10/7/66]
11 Cream Puff War
12 Schoolgirl
13 Stealin'
Cream -Fillmore Aud. [8-67]
14 N.S.U.

San Franciscan Nights Volume 5
Moby Grape -Avalon Ballroom [12-31-67]
1 Hey Grandma (skip/cut around 6m, edited very well)
2 Murder In My Heart/Jam/Aunt Jessie
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Fillmore West [11-68]

3 Jam/Babe
4 I'm Gonna Leave You
5 Smokestack Lightning
6 Mona/Maiden of the Cancer Moon/Calvary

San Franciscan Nights Volume 6
The original order is for the segment on this cdr to be played between the two bands above
Steve Miller Blues Band -The Matrix [1-27-67]
1 Mercury Blues
2 Superbird
3 Instrumental (short)
4 Your Old Lady
5 Instrumental (long)

San Franciscan Nights Volume 7
The Daily Flash -Avalon Ballroom [1966]
1 Instrumental,
2 It Takes A Lot To Laugh...
Country Joe & The Fish w/J. Casady, M. Hart, & D. Getz -Fillmore West [1968]
3 Flying High
4 Jam
The Sons of Champlin - Avalon Ballroom [3-30-69]
5 Blueberry Hill intro
6 Fat City
7 Jesus Is Coming
8 Get High

San Franciscan Nights Volume 8
Santana -Avalon Ballroom [3-69]
1 inst
2 inst
3 In the Way
It's a Beautiful Day -Fillmore West [1970]
5 Wasted Union Blues
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