Midnight Court - Lyceum Ballroom, London.


Middle Earth died and  a new club had opened in the West End.
This was Midnight Court held at The Lyceum Ballroom in the Strand.
It was an all night event and distinctly commercial. Our first encounter was in April 1969 and it didn't bode well to see bouncers in dj's on the doors.
It did have a large dance floor where the great favourite was Credence Clearwater’s " Keep on Chooglin", but gone was that feeling of a secretive underground meeting place. The gilt and red plush were all incongruous and tripping just exaggerated it's plastic atmosphere, together with the fact that the lightshows had been dropped.
The old UFO crowd didn't go there and acid was taken less. Many people now wore fringed buckskin and snakeskin and the colourful clothes were almost gone. People took speed and barbiturates to watch bands which included Caravan, Blossom Toes, Glass Menagerie, The Nice, Andromeda, Pretty Things and Steppenwolf.

These events fizzled out but with none of the sense of loss felt for UFO and Middle Earth.

Submitted by Rusty Cat Sneazin - March 2002

Just a short hello remembering the amazing enlightening aspects of the Midnight Court, the culture the vibes and not least the sounds and clothes.
It changed my life, meeting or should I say being magnetised by the Kensington Market set, with philosophy of these middle class pioneers of the mind, learning about Leary, Ginsburg etc was very exciting for a lost Tottenham speed freak.
Thank you "Angel" long golden flowing hair (a he), spots from ripping up the stars. John the Bog of Hawkwind fame (credits on one of their albums).
Many more, nearly a year of mostly heaven, never forget what I can remember!. What are these people doing now? ,probably best not to know am still a dreamer.
It was a great dream, a positive creative time and as the famous farmer at Woodstock
said, God Bless you all,I love you for it.

Thanks Good luck
Dave. (52) ouch!. - August 2002

Had a drink in the pub and scored some speed. Queued up as per normal feeling quite normal. Watched the straights depart (all these old people in their 50's!!) and in we went. I went to see Curved Air but by the time I got in the speed had kicked in. I spent the whole night in the corridor talking to anyone and everyone.
One poor soul who suffered was one Pete Watts from Mott The Hoople. I think I must have talked to him for rather a long time. I have a distinct memory of hearing the opening bars of Curved Air's set and telling him that they were the reason I had come. Same for him, in fact he was on their guest list. We didn't see them. I talked all the way through. He humoured me while I told him about just about every Mott gig I'd seen plus stories from friends who
had seen them.
He was a perfect gentleman.

Submitted by Oldgit - June 2003


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