Ken Kesey - Rest In Peace

September 17th 1935  - November 10th 2001



We heard yesterday that Ken Kesey, ‘The Last American Hero’ has died after surgery to remove cancer from his liver.
The operation was a success but The Chief’s heart gave out at 3:45am on Saturday morning and sadly he passed away.
Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranskters have been big role models to us at Pooterland and we would like to extend our condolences to his wife Faye, his daughters Shannon and Sunshine, his son Zane and his brother Chuck.

I can’t say that I knew Ken because I didn’t, but I was fortunate enough to meet him when he came over to England in 1999 on the Where’s Merlin? Tour and exchanged a few words and shook the big man’s hand at London’s Brixton Academy when myself and Dr.Sandoz ended up on stage with the Pranksters and Ken during the chaotic but truly magnificent encore at this event.

The best bit of the show for me was Ken’s narration of “Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear”, something we should all read.

Personally he has been a major influence to me and his loss will be a great one........
Farewell Chief

pOoTer 11th November 2001


Ken Kesey - RIP


From Intrepid, Keseys Site:

Kesey's belly was hurting and the docs did a scan and found a black spot on his liver. It was cancerous but encapsulated which meant there was no cancer anywhere else. They decided to cut it out and the surgery went okay. He had sixty percent of his liver left to carry the load but in one of those dirty tricks the body can play on you everything else went to hell and this morning at 3:45 AM his heart stopped beating.

A great good friend and great husband and father and grand dad, he will be sorely missed but if there is one thing he would want us to do it would be to carry on his life's work. Namely to treat others with kindness and if anyone does you dirt forgive that person right away. This goes beyond the art, the writing, the performances, even the bus. Right down to the bone.

-- Ken Babbs


Ken Babbs replies to the Obituary we sent to Pleasant Hill, Oregon


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