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Labyrinth of Chaos


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Alan Agrippa, a traveler in search of reason and reality through drug induced rationalizing and intellectualizing, finds pieces of the puzzle of life in this richly articulated novel by author Brian Wallace. This book is more than just about a man on a personal journey; it is filled with thought-provoking questions of existential nature.
An interesting quality that this book possesses is that it engages the reader in a way that is almost interactive.
Agrippa's travels are his own, the people he meets along the way are important contributors to a formulation of his understanding of the world we live in; but the realm of these realizations are universal and builds a bridge to the open-minded reader and becomes a collective. Explorations into the terrain of the human mind is nothing new to Man, but Agrippa's philosophical pursuits mesh the mystical, scientific, rhetorical, and psychological into a sociological stew. Labyrinth of Chaos transcends
conventional thought and relishes in introspection.
Author Brian Wallace celebrates the fundamentals in our complex world in a most compelling novel.
Jose V. Torres,


A Fascinating Pilgrimage into the Metaphysical World

This extraordinary book by Brian Wallace takes the reader on a kind of pilgrimage of the mind as it explores metaphysical questions in the context of an open-ended excursion through Europe. The pilgrimage is sometimes drug-enhanced. But even if you don't agree with Alan Agrippa's lifestyle, most readers will admire the protagonist's attempts to liberate himself from his limitations and lay hold of certain truths
that lie beyond man's intellect. In this sense, the book has a profound spiritual message as well: That we all are called to a higher purpose, even though we often lose our way in the labyrinth of chaos that is life itself.
Literary luminaries who preceded Wallace in writing about their introspective explorations - Alan Watts, Timothy O'Leary and Aldous Huxley, to name just a few - would surely be pleased to see that this avant-garde writer is pursuing the story with a style that is unbridled, iconoclastic and penetrating. I found myself riveted in my seat, not wanting to miss a split second of this transcendental trip. Agrippa's pilgrimage takes us through Europe. But the geographical location of the story is irrelevant to
the ultimate purpose of Labyrinth of Chaos: to unveil the mystical path and discover where it leads. The journey moves along with wonderful writing that is sometimes senuous, sometimes scintillating and always intriguing. Though I'm not a psychedelic enthusiast, I must admit that Brian Wallace's luscious descriptions of the experience are tempting: "an exalting of adventurous penetration in the mystery surrounding the pinnacle of pleasure, realizable in a simple yet cosmic kiss." But as much as I found myself admiring Agrippa's attempts to unlock mystical truths about the universe through his travels abroad, I kept wondering whether he would ever succeed. That's because we learn that Agrippa lives in a kind of self-imposed shell. As the author points out, Agrippa "wants so much to immerse himself in the culture but
his modus operandi is to primarily observe and analyze.." His daring mission, it seems to me, is out of sync with his personality.
Still, Labyrinth of Chaos is a remarkable achievement that should be read by anyone with a sense of awe and wonder about life, by anyone who puzzles over where their path might lead.

George Getschow, professional writer


In this avant-garde, counter-culture novel, Alan Agrippa embarks upon a journey of Jungian individuation that encompasses both geographical and mental terrain. As he travels through England, Scotland, and Ireland, he immerses himself in a broad range of philosophical challenges to develop an understanding of a world that, until then, is unknown to him.
Together, you and he are propelled to explore some of the fundamental questions of existence: the nature of physics, mysticism, and the human mind.
During his travels, he encounters many remarkable people including a quantum scholar, a compassionate Jesuit priest, and an alluring female purveyor of voodoo. He meets, and falls in love with, Ronia Vintras, a French foreign exchange student. Together, they set out for hedonistic pleasures and stimulating, fulfilling companionship. In time, their journey becomes much more---a great mystic voyage.
Labyrinth of Chaos is a story of transcendence which challenges traditional notions of morality, politics, and love. It celebrates the best of the individual human spirit: youthful idealism, romantic longings, and the unbridled pursuit of genius.



"Follow Alan Agrippa as he takes you on a journey through the human psyche on a quest for truth while discovering new friends and new love in a far away land. A must read for the open minded."

John Weidenfeller of Dorian Trance

"A million neurons firing in unison unto the fourth dimension! Brian Wallace has created a map of the conscious mind floating through reality wearing kaleidoscopic filters."

Jason Cohen, Forbidden Books


"A highly imaginative journey where outer world perceptions are altered to change inner world realities and spawn transformed interpersonal side trips."

Tom Kozlowski, psychotherapist








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