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Spectacular eye-catching pictures that will transform your walls and brighten your rooms. Original art embracing psychedelic, new age, spiritual, mystical, fantasy, surreal, trance, space, sci-fi and hippie culture.

Cranium Music

Cranium Music : Supplier to the world of Progressive, Space, Kraut Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic & Experimental music from all around the world.




Professor Poster, Archivist & Rock Art historian, specialising in the Family Dog's Avalon Ballroom, Bill Graham's Fillmore Auditorium, as well as the many other venues that brought the art of San Francisco's psychedelic scene to notoriety.



BeatBooks of London specializes in rare and used books, magazines and ephemera from the Beat Generation, the Sixties CounterCulture, and the Avant-Gardes.



Reg Williams ran the infamous Straight Theatre on Haight St, San Francisco back in ‘67. Now he runs this awesome website that tells the tale of the Summer Of Love



San Francisco Diggers

History of the San Francisco Diggers
(1966-1968 and beyond) with Archive of scanned and rare Sixties Ephemera including Digger and Free City Collective broadsides and manifestos. Take a lesson from these dudes



The Fuzztones Official

The Fuzztones Official site. The legendary Fuzztones, are back on the road again...check it out. If you’ve never heard them you haven’t lived.



Planet Gong Official Site:
Tune in for transmissions from the luminous green planet.....yass!!



Psychotron Records

Psychotron Records : Purveyors of rare and collectible Psychedelia, Progressive Rock, Electric Folk and other fine gems.



Chocolate Watch  Band Official

The Chocolate Watch Band : The Original Chocolate Watch Band have recorded a new LP and are back on the road. The Official web site, check it out.



Home of The Merry Pranksters

Intrepid Trips : The Official Home of The Merry Pranksters......Further, Kesey, Babbs, Cassady and their adventures. Also Prankster !!



Key-Z Productions

Key-Z Productions : Cool site run by Zane Kesey (son of late head Prankster Ken). An awesome source of Merry Prankster material and other cool stuff.




The Merry Prankster History Project:
New site dedicated to collecting the memories and stories of anyone whose lives have been touched by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.



Plastic Tales from The Marshmallow Dimention

Plastic Tales From The Marshmallow Dimention. A weekly dose of Psychedelia, Garage, Mod, pop-sike, freakbeat, surf-a-delic, progressive and krautrock. Experience it every Monday on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City and the surrounding tri-state metro area and worldwide live on the Internet, 9:00PM-10:30PM U.S Eastern Time



Marmalade Skies

Marmalade Skies. The definitive history of UK psychedelia and related from 1966 to 1970



The Shroomery

The Shroomery : Hardcore no nonsense truth about psychedelics of a non musical nature   ; )



Babylonian Tiles Official

Babylonian Tiles, led by Bryna Golden--"The Hip Death Goddess"--are masters of dark psychedelia and the originators of the acid-goth sound. The band merges the spirit and sound of the 60's psychedelic, with elements of prog-rock, space-rock, goth, and Middle-Eastern motifs.



Obscured By Clouds : Early Floyd meets early Crimson, maybe Nick Drake, and Syd Barrett may be lurking in there somewhere as well...Know us, the Psycheclectic... (TM)



Sweet Memories Vinyl Records

Sweet Memories Vinyl Records! specialising in OVER 15,000 Vinyl Collectors Records from the UK



Stoner Rock.Com

Stoner Rock.Com : Stunning website dedicated to Stoner Rock, huge amounts of band and gig info, reviews etc.



The Virgineers

The Virgineers: Let the sounds hidden deep inside your head bubble to the surface again. (we at Pooterland reckon this is one of the best albums in recent years.)



The Ptolemaic Terrascope

The Ptolemaic Terrascope: a fanzine to some, a magazine to others, a way of life to a few of us and now a page or two on the World Wide Web. We cover music old and new of a vaguely "psychedelic" nature via interviews and reviews, but have been known to stray into folk, pop, rock and any other territory that takes our fancy



Gypsy Rose : Quality psychedelic hippy products sold with Peace, love and happiness....



60's Further : Products, Teachings, Thoughts, Artworks, healing

Past & Present, dedicated to unearthing rare and interesting recordings from the last four decades and making these gems available once again. Record distribution & online shop.

Knights Of Fuzz

That elusive tome is back............and this time it's digital !
The Knights of Fuzz: The Garage & Psychedelic music explosion


More Music


Band Sites

The Litter - Official

Home of The Litter and White Lightning.

The Johns Children Web Page

Site dedicated to this excellent British band.

The Paisley - Official Site

Cool, Mod Psych band from Finland.

Paul Roland Website

Pastoral English Psychedelia

The Strawbs Official

Official home of The Strawbs

The Doors Kingdom

All you want about The Doors

Mandra Gora Lightshow Society

Awesome German Psych Band - check them out!!

The Chesterfield Kings - Official

Legendary New York Garage/Punk band.

Big Brother and the Holding Company

Official site of legendary West Coast band.

Tangerine Zoo - Official

Official site of sixties psych band

The Mobius Trip

H.P Lovecraft fan site

Jefferson Airplane/Starship

Comprehensive history of Jefferson Airplane.

Medway Magic - The SolarFlares

Ex-Prisoners Powered by '60s garage & Psych.

The Keepers - Official

Garage/mod/rock 'n roll. .

Sopwith Camel - Official

Official Site for this legendary SF band

Escapade - Official

Excellent New York Avant-Garde Psychedelia

Tim Blake - Official

Home of The Crystal Machine...

The Action/Mighty Baby - Official

Official home of The Action and Mighty Baby

Ozric Tentacles - Official

Lush site of UK psychedelic /festival band

Purple Mustard - Official

The Heaviest Pop Band in the Land!

Dark Sun - Official

Dark Sun is Finland's leading spacerock band

Quarkspace - Official

U.S Space Rock band, biogs, samples, gigs etc.

Faine Jade - Official

Home of legendary 60’s psych/punk supremo

Arthur Lee and Love Discography

All you need to know about this L.A band.

Left Banke Fan Page

Discogs, discussions, photo’s, lyrics, biogs etc.

Electric Tepee

Nice Australian Hawkwind fan site

Uncle Bob - Official

US Psych/Jam band from Denver

The Embrooks - Official

The most hardcore Mod Psych band in the UK

Six Sigma

Heavy fuzzrock from Long Branch, New Jersey.

Captain Beyond - Official

Official site for ‘70’s legends

Pamela Polland

Homepage of original Gentle Soul member

The Purple Gang - Official

Legendary UK 60’s Jug Band


Members of Amon DꟇrobschnitt, Guru Guru..


Tony Hill's (High Tide) new gigging band.

Saturnia Official

Official site for Portuguese psych band

Inner City Unit Official

Official Inner City Unit Webpage

Randy Holden Official

Ex Other Half, Blue Cheer.....awesome guitarist!!

Jimiller Band Official

60’s influenced Rock ‘n’ Roll

John Cippolina Official

Founder member of ‘The Quick’ (QMS)

Sh-mantra - Official

Engaging new progressive psych from Australia

Grateful Dead - Official

Everything you need to know about The Dead

Red Crayola

Texan ‘Art Noise’ band linked to the Elevators

Nik Turner Official

Home of The Mighty Thunder Rider........

Greg Segal Official

Innovative US Guitarist, also Jugalbandi info

Heavy Liquid Official

New Jersey punked up Rock ‘n’ Roll

Acid Mothers Temple - Official

Home of the mighty Japanese Collective

The Mooncow Project

Quintessence, Brahman, Siva Jones new project

Marshan Official

UK Heavy Rock Band

Shiva's Head Band - Official

Official site for this Texan band

Xhawkwind - Official

The Mighty Thunder Rider and his Merry Men

Tractor - Official

UK 70’s band, back on the road again...

Electric Prunes - Official

These guys are back and they kick ass.........!!

Peter Frohmader - Official

Home of Nekropolis, dark & eerie Krautrock......

Official Roky Erickson Website The ONLY Official Roky Erickson Website
Gray's Clearlight Site Dedicated to West Coast psych band Clearlight
Hezzakya Official Site Stoner Rock band from Vancouver, Canada
Pulsating Dream Kaleidoscope (USA) homepage

Other Cool Psych & Related

The Psychedelicatessen Devoted to psychedelia. Over 500 Links

The Psychedelic Realm

The next generation in web euphoria


Definitive web site about that swinging decade.

Sixties Garage/Punk & Psychedelic Pspot

One Stop Pspot For 60's Garage & Psychheads!

The Garage

A Selection Of Garage Rock Resources

Making Time - British Beat Groups

An evolving resource for 1960s British music

Beyond the Calico Wall

Cool links page. Check out the Retro section too

Leigh Stephens

Homepage of founding member of Blue Cheer

Stormclouds Web Of Dreams

Stormclouds + Acid Tapes cassette label


Unofficial Psychedelic Web Pages....

Twisted Village Records

Psych record shop and label.

Rare Rock Records

Psych/Progressive/Hard-Rock, Blues/Acid-Folk.

Timo's Psychedelic Pages

Psych vinyl for sale, plus Electric Crayon Set.

Swingin' Chicks of the Sixties

Profiles of over 160 wonderful women......

Shindig Magazine

Related site of Shindig Magazine

Planet Prog

Milwaukee Prog Radio Station 91.7FM WMSE

Dead Flowers Webzine

Cool webzine for garage, punk, psych, r&b, etc.


Belgian magazine, exclusive to Progressive Rock

The Straight on The Haight

History of SF’s legendary Straight Theatre

Aural Innovations

The Global Source For SpaceRock Exploration

Relix Records and Relix Music

Music for the Mind - Grateful Dead & SF Scene


60s punk from ex Yugoslavia info, discogs etc.

Garage punk from ex Yugoslav countries

Neo 60s/garage from ex yugoslav countries

Search and Destroy!

Punk Rock & Roll Search Engine...

Shroom Productions

Texas Progressive and Psychedelic Label

Sixties Scene Magazine

Home of ‘Sixties Scene Magazine’

Marcel Koopman Records

Psychedelia, Folk, Progressive, Hard Rock etc.

Heyday Mail Order

Psychedelic and progr rock mail order music

Stoner Planet

Slick Swedish Stoner Rock Webzine

The Official Timothy Leary Site

Cyberhome of the late Tim Leary

Hawkeye On Hawkwind

THE place to go for all things Hawkwind.


HUGE Canterbury Scene site....MUST SEE!!

Peppermint Iguana

Underground Zine, counter culture, reviews etc.

Mod 79 and Powerpop

Mod '79-Power Pop, Mod/Psych, discogs etc.

The Wonderwall film web site

Homepage of this cult 60’s movie

Mykes Psych Site

Psych & Prog site with focus on many bands

Psychedelic Music.Net

Huge psych database and online Zine

White Rabbit CD's

Psych mail order

Austrian Music-Webpage

All styles of music here

Exploring the '60s output of Deram Records

Cavestomp! Official

Home of legendary US Garage Band festival

Velvet Fogg

THE Psychedelic Music Discussion Group

The Psychotropic Zone

Finnish psychedelic music club

Texas Psychedelia Newsgroup

Roky, Elevators etc discussion group. Join NOW


Greek psychedelia resource

Laughing Madcaps - Syd Barrett

Huge Syd Barrett fan list with 900+ members

Greatest Rock Albums

Nice Oz site with covers, listing and sale items

70's Free Festivals

The worlds best site on the 70’s Free Festivals

Stoned Gods e-Zine

Heavy Psychedelia and Stoner Rock zine.

Eargasm Records

Progressive and Psychedelic Vinyl for sale


Welcome to Hippyland, say no more...

Space UK Space Rock Portal
Progressive & Psychedelic Rock Music Progressive and Psych rock music from 60s, 70s
Eye In Tyme 60's & 80's garage revival & psych sounds.

Radio Stations

The Kozmic Ken Experience

Psychedelic Internet Radio

Alchemical Radio

Terri~B & The Reverend Rabbit’s transmissions

The Wayback Machine KDHX FM

Garage, punk, surf/hot rod, stompin' freakbeat.


It's what you beleive in

Psyche van het Folk

Belgian Psych Folk Radio, 930-1200 AM (Weds)

Technicolor Web of Sound

Psychedelic Internet radio station, very cool!!

Drug Music Webcast

Psychedelic Streaming Audio and more

Beyond The Beat Generation Streaming 60's Punk/Garage/Psychedelia

Record Labels

Midnight Records

Worlds largest psych & Rock ‘n’ Roll mail order

Brainticket Records

Texas based Psych and Stoner record label

Highbeam Music

Australian Stoner record label & webzine.

Woronzow Records

UK Psych Label

Bomp Records

The coolest music for the hippest people!

Vinyl Tap Records - Mail Order Music

UK site Specialising in  Psych & Prog

Action Records

New Zealand rock 'n' roll, 60's punk, psych etc.

Cranium Music

Supplier to the world of Prog, Psych, Kraut Rock


Label + rare and hard to find vinyl and CDs

Ozit/Morpheus Records Home Page

60’s & 70’s Rarities, 70’s Festival souds etc.

The Freak Emporium/Delerium Records

One of the biggest psych mail order outlets

Mizmaze Records

Italy’s premier psych label run by Giampero

Eye In Tyme Independent label for 60's & 80's beatfreaks

Poster Art, Rock Art, Books

Rock Posters by Jim Phillips

Famous 60’s poster artist, still producing cool art


Professor Poster, SF’s resident poster guru.

Bob Masse

Check out Bob Masse's Rock Posters

Lee Conklin

Awesome 60’s surreal poster artist.

Michael Bowen

Over 500 pieces of Michaels work here!!

Poster Planet

Official Gary Grimshaw and other poster art.

Neptoon Records

Posters, Handbills, rock memorabilia


Rock posters & handbills for sale


A dream arising from the acid power of its inks

BeatBooks of London

Books and ephemera from the Beat Generation...

Johnny beinArt Underground Art Underground Australian Art Collective
OZ, Eel Pie Island & more Underground mag scans and much more

Lightshows & Psych Lighting


UK Home of the Solar 250 & projected lighting.

Brotherhood of Light - Official

Web site of the Brotherhood of Light

Psybrid Lightshow

UK Computer generated psychedelic lightshow

Universoul Lightforms

Bob Pullum (Ex Brotherhood Of Light)

The Straight on The Haight

Reg E. Williams’ (Straight Lighting/Reginald)

Rainbow Puddle Liquid Light

Contemporary US West Coast liquid lightshow

Solar Fire Lightshow

The original ‘Strange Daze’ lightshow

Dr. Hypknotronics Projection Lightshow

Home of Projectulon Zot

Van Nutt’s Psychedelic Lightshow

Switzerlands only liquid lightshow??

Freshlight Family

German psychedelic lightshow

Bill Ham

The Grandfather of US Lightshows


Tali Elohev’s lightshow from Israel

Optical Delusion

Optifanatics UK lighting effects specialists

Psychotropic & Psychoactive

Vaults Of Erowid

16,000 pages of information on psychedelics..!!

Acid Stories

Pages of ‘Real Life’ tripping tales

Hyperreal Drugs Archive

The now ‘inactive’ archive frozen in time........

The Lycaeum

Entheogenic Database & Community


Accurate information relevant to drug policy


Supporting research into psychedelics


Terence McKenna's Website.......R.I.P

MDMA resource

Cheech & Chong

Say no more.........

Beautifully Crafted Hand Blown Glass Pipes

The Best 100% Legal Herbal Smoking Blends..... Anthology of True-Life Psychedelic Adventures Trippervision, trip the mind fantastic


Miscellaneous, Strange and Cool

Mental FX

Psychedelic Animations and Screensavers

Perpetual Bubblewrap

The ULTIMATE in time wasting...........

The Fool

60’s Music set to ‘lightshow’ type animations

Gary Black Retro 60's Assemblages

Awesome psych art installations.....check it out!!



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