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Vanilla Fudge - Renaissance


Atlantic 588 110

Track List:

The sky cries-when I was a boy, Thoughts, Paradise, That’s what makes a man, The spell that comes after, Faceless people, Season of the witch.


Brilliant, over the top, symphonic almost prog pscyhedelia from New York’s Vanilla Fudge.
Not every mans cup of tea, but in our opinion a marvellous slice of heavy psych that should nestle in everyones LP rack and be revered for its truly pompous power. If gargantuan slabs of organ are your thang then this baby will blow you away. The music is long, drawn out and has an almost orchestrated classical feel to it, the vocals and organ are immensely powerful and Renaissance contains the most righteous cranial slapping version of Season Of The Witch that you will ever hear, anywhere, period.....!!
Reviewed by pOoTer


Van Der Graaf Generator - Aerosol Grey Machine



Track List:

Afterwards, Orthenian St. (part 1&2), Running back, Into a game, Aerosol grey machine, Black smoke yen, Aguarian, Necromancer, Octopus.

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Van Der Graaf Generator - The Least we Can Do Is Save Each Other


Charisma CAS 1007

Track List:

Darkness, Refugees, White hammer, Whatever would Robert have said, Out of my book, After the flood.

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Van Der Graaf Generator - H To He, Who Am The Only One


Charisma CAS 1027

Track List:

Killer, House with no door, The emporer in his war room: The Emporer- The room, Lost: Dance in the sand and sea - Dance in the frost, The pioneers over c.

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Van Der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts


Charisma (CAS 1015)

Track List:

Lemmings, Man-erg, A plague of lighthouse keepers: 1) Eyewitness - 2) Pictures - Lighthouse - 3) Eyewitness -4) S.H.M. - 5) Presence of the night - 6) Kosmos tours - 7) (Custards) last stand - 8) The clot chickens - 9) Lands end - 10) We go now.

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Velvet Fogg - Velvet Fogg


Pye (NSPL 18272)

Track List:

Yellow cave woman, New York mining disaster 1941, Wizard of gobsolod, Once among the trees, Lady Caroline, Come away Melinda, Owed to the dip, Within the night, Plastic man.

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Velvet Fogg


The Virgineers - The Virgineers    ** Download Samples HERE **


Liquid Sound LSR-2634

Track List:

Love circus, Places that I've never been, Sun, Floating, Plasticman, How far does space go?, The morning moon, Dr. Glouster, Be my guru, Lost balloon, Diesel train.


The clean and bright 'Love Circus' opens this excellent album in the vein of The Beatles/Dukes
of Stratosphear. 'Places that I've never been' is a finely crafted slice of psych tinged pop with some nice vocal harmonies. Things suddenly go all psychedelic with the druggy haze of 'Sun' in a Beatlesque vein with some cool vocal effects and some nice guitar work. Beautiful pastoral British psychedelia is the deal for the excellent 'Floating' that could be easily mistaken for Barrett era Floyd with its haunting, spiralling organ and soft vocal style and trippy sound effects.
'Plasticman' returns to a Beatlesque feel with vocals that sound uncannily like Lennon in places in a nice track based around a laid back piano. Backwards guitar, floating keyboards and soft vocals abound in the spaced out and mesmerising 'How far does space go?' An eastern sounding 'The morning moon' is full on Dukes, featuring tabla, sitar, backwards guitar and trippy vocals. Venturing into the dark alleys of Old London Town and conjuring up images of Crippen and Jekyll and Hyde, the baroque and haunting Dr. Gloster will appeal to fans of Paul Roland, you can almost smell the chloroform!!
'Be my guru' pays homage to both Marc Bolan and David Bowie in an upbeat, early 70's Glam Rock
romp. 'Lost Balloon' sees a return to beautiful floating psych in this lilting ballad. 'Diesel Train' is a nice throbbing tune with fine vocal effects telling tales of childhood dreams and fantasies.
The Virgineers, who allegedly hail from Antarctica!! have come up with an truly excellent album packed full of psychedelia, trippy pop tunes and other exotica that will appeal to fans of XTC/Dukes of Stratosphear, early Pink Floyd and late 60's era Beatles.
A mention is surely required too, of the truly stunning Day-Glo cover art.

To get your hands of one these gems, in the USA check out Brainticket Records and in the UK
visit Delerium Records/Freak Emporium.
Reviewed by pOoTer.

The Virgineers


The Vejtables - The Last Thing On My mind 7”


Pye International

Track List:

The last thing on my mind, Mansions of tears.

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Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico


Verve VLP 9184

Track List:

Sunday Morning, I’m waiting for the man, Femme fatale, Venus in furs, Run run run, All tomorrow’s parties, Heroin, There she goes again, I’ll be your mirror, Black angel’s death song, European son to Delmore Schwartz.

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Velvet Underground - White Light White Heat


Verve VLP 9201

Track List:

White light white heat, The gift, Lady Godiva’s operation, Here she comes now, I heard her call my name, Sister Ray.

Review 1:

One of my all time faves this one. So beautifully dark, so hauntingly disturbing. An absolute gem of sinister psychedelic artistry from beginning to end. Listen to "the GIft" and then listen to it again, it's a narrative nightmare with an excellent twisted piece of bass throbbing in the background, leading into the more gentle yet equally disturbing, "Lady Godiva's operation". In between these tracks and around them lie manic riffs and angst ridden vocals given to you by Lou Reed. The album is ended with 17 minutes of white noise, cranial annihilation that is, "Sister Ray". So there you have it, Lou Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker, playing very tight, all seemingly self indulgent, yet very together in their onslaught. Top draw stuff.

Reviewed by Sir Eel.

Review 2:
An interesting album, this one is. This was the Velvet Underground at their strangest and darkest. It was also the last album recorded with John Cale, who was later replaced by Doug Yule. White Light/White Heat is a true psychedelic classic, a remarkable, mind-blowing work of art. The album begins with White Light/White Heat, a short, speed-driven song, loaded with heroin references. "The Gift" is a narration backed by mid tempo instrumentation. The story is about Waldo Jeffers, who misses his girlfriend Marsha, and so he mails himself to her. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst. Next is the equally disturbing "Lady Godiva's Operation." Scary lyrics here, and a good oxygen machine imitation by John Cale.
The true highlight is the 17 minute, mind-blowing freakout, "Sister Ray". Loaded with white noise, this improvisational jam tells the story of a bunch of transvestites who shoot up on smack, pick up a sailor, and have an orgy. The sailor is shot, but no one cares, and then the police come. Disturbing, yes. But still, it is a fine work of art.
This album is only for more daring listeners of psychedelic music.

Reviewed by Not Telling - 20th September 2002

Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground


M.G.M. (CS 8108)

Track List:

Candy says..., What goes on, Some kinda love, Pale blue eyes, Jesus, Beginning to see the light, I'm set free, That's the story of my life, The murder mystery, Afterhours.

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Velvet Undergound - Loaded


Atlantic (2400 111)

Track List:

Who loves the sun?, Sweet Jane, Rock and roll, Cool it down, New age, Head held high, Lonesome cowboy Bill, I found a reason, Train around the bend, Oh! sweet nuthin'


Sterling Morrison once said, of "Loaded", "It showed that we could have, all along, made truly commercial sounding records." And The Velvet Underground fourth album is their most commercial. After leaving the Verve label, and signing with Atlantic Records, they were asked to avoid their previous themes of sex and drugs, and create an album "Loaded" with hits. John Cale is now long gone, and was replaced by Doug Yule before the release of their third, self-titled album. Maureen Tucker is not present, absent on maternity leave.
Their lyrics are changed completely, and their work has become more mainstream. "Sweet Jane" became a hit for the group, outspoken and driven by catchy riffs. "I Found A Reason" is as close to a love song by a mainstream pop band as anything, while "Rock and Roll" is an anthemic slice of, well, rock and roll. However, "Oh! Sweet Nuthin" shows that Reed has not completely abandoned his reflective and contemplative lyrics completely.

In conclusion, if you are new to the Velvet Underground, this is not the place to start. And even if
you aren't, you may want to avoid this album completely.
Definitely not the band at their best.

Reviewed by Mr Skin - August 2002

Voodoo Child - Acid Tales And Mermaids



Track List:

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Wayward Souls - Painted Dreams



Track List:


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Webcore - Cinematography



Track List:

Exit The Fear, Jack Smack, Shades Of Light, Webcore Atman, Poison Without Trace, Captains Table, Edentide, The Feather Mask And This, Prophet Gear.

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Webcore - The Great Unfolding


ARC 16

Track List:

Nothing Can Stop Us Now, A pocket Full Of Poses, The Great Unfolding, Captains Table, Just Cant Tell Him, Backseat Driver, In The Mood?, 6 + 7 = IQ.

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The Great Unfolding


Webcore - Same


Freud 16/ARK27

Track List:

Elephant, Running For The President, Nothing Can Stop Us Now, Flight 23 Over Bavaria, Now, Doomsday Has Been Cancelled, Teiwaz, The Feather Mask, A Pocket Full Of Posies, My Shoes.

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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Same


Fifo (M 101)

Track List:

Somethin' you got, Work song, Louie Louie, You really got me, If you want this love, Baby blue, She belongs to me, Insanity, Don't break my balloon, I won't hurt you, Don't let anything!!! stand in your way.

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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Part One
Reprise LP RS 6247

Track List:
Shifting Sands, I Won't Hurt You, 1906, Help I'm A Rock, Will You Walk With Me, Transparent Day, Leiyla, Here's Where You Belong, If You Want This Love, 'Scuse Me, Miss Rose, High Coin.

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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol 2
Reprise LP RS 6270

Track List:
In The Arena, Suppose They Give A War And No One Comes, Buddha, Smell Of Incense, Overture - WCPAEB Part II, Queen Nymphet, Unfree Child, Carte Blanche, Delicate Fawn, Tracy Had A Hard Day Sunday.
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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Vol 3 - A Child's Guide To Good & Evil.


Reprise (RS 6298)

Track List:

Eighteen is over the hill, In the country, Ritual No.1, Our drummer always plays in the nude, As the world rises and falls, Until the poorest people have no money to spend, Watch yourself, A child's guide to good & evil, Ritual No.2, Child of a few hours is burning to death, As kind as summer, Anniversary of World War III.

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West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Where's My Daddy


Amos (AAS 7004)

Track List:

Where's my daddy, Where money rules everything, Hup two hup two, My dog back home, Give me your love thing, Outside - inside, Everyone's innocent daughter, Free as a bird, Not one bummer, Have you met my pet pig, Coming of age in L.A., Two people.

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Wimple Winch - Save My Soul 7”


Fontana (TF 718)

Track List:

Save my soul, Everybody's worried 'bout tomorrow.

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Wimple Winch - Rumble on Mersey Square South 7”


Fontana (TF 781)

Track List:

Rumble on Mersey Square South, Typical British workmanship.

Wizards Of Kansas - S/T

Track List:
High Flying Bird, Hey Mister, 912 ½ Mass, Codine, Freedom Speech, Fly Away Days, Misty Mountainside, Country Dawn, She Rides With Witches

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Pig Newton & The Wizards From Kansas - Still in Kansas
Rockadelic Records

Track List:
Flyaway Daze, She Rides With Witches, Misty Mountainside, Codine, High Flying Bird, Country Dawn, All Along the Watchtower, Clouds of Exchange.
What we have here are some early demos put down on tape by The Wizards From Kansas when they were still calling themselves the rather cumbersome ‘Pig Newton & The Wizards From Kansas’. All tracks were recorded in Lawrence, Kansas or Kansas City, Missouri and date from 1968-1969. With exception to “Country Dawn” it’s impossible for me to say that these demos are any better than the official LP versions. They are, however, more crisp and at times certainly more raw than the ones used on the Mercury album. We are talking about some very subtle differences between these demos and the final Mercury LP versions. On “Still in Kansas” we are basically presented with a young band that are still working out their tunes. For instance here “She Rides With Witches” has no drum solo and “Misty Mountainside” is virtually unplugged. With exception to a few minor changes here and there such as some guitar strumming that replaces the bass or drums and perhaps some subtle differences in vocal harmonies, “Fly Away Daze”, “Codine” and “High Flying Bird” are still the great songs that they eventually became and generally these tracks are as good as the final versions used on the LP. In fact, even here as rough demos “High Flying Bird” and “Codine” are so strong that they still outshine and easily stand head and shoulders above numerous other bands who have covered the songs.

There are, however, three-tracks on “Still in Kansas” that make this album particularly noteworthy: “Country Dawn”, “All Along The Watchtower”, and “Clouds of Exchange”. These three songs are possibly the W.F.K’s most psychedelic work. This demo of “Country Dawn” is far superior to the one used on their album. Here the song takes on a sun scorched, lysergic feel…more acid folk than country rock. Likewise their version of “All Along The Watchtower” is completely soaked in discordant lysergia. Great plumes of sugarcoated wah-wah guitar carries the song forth and helps make it sound more like Michigan’s ‘Index’ than the W.F.K. Finally, the best and most psychedelic track on the whole album is the rather brilliant “Clouds of Exchange”. This is a wonderful chunk of West Coast acid rock that sounds like some great-lost early Quicksilver Messenger Service outtake.

“Still in Kansas” is a snapshot of a young band developing their repertoire. For those lucky enough to be familiar with The Wizards From Kansas album (Mercury Records 61309), Rockadelic’s latest offering wont change the way you already view this band, what it will do however is offer you more insight into how this superb group progressed, developed and eventually went on to record one of the finest albums to come out of America in 1970. Every time I listen to their sole album it amazes me they didn’t receive the recognition they truly deserved.

Although 90% of the material contained on “Still in Kansas” is alternative/demo versions of already familiar tunes the songs themselves are of such high quality (as is the sound) the record truly is superb from start to finish. So go on, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to some early goodies from ‘Pig Newton and The Wizards From Kansas’.
You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed By BlueMagoo - June 2003



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