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Rabbits Hat - The Magician


Stone Premonitions SPCD 017

Track List:

Ignorance is bliss, soon, The strangling conversation, The sanity of mad ideas, Just can't stand it, Come with me, The biggest dupe, Dying without the music, The magician, sandalphon (Lord Litters theme), Atlantis, Emotivator, Gaia, Trepanning, Bo-De-Ban.


Opens up with "Ignorance is bliss", 11 minutes of methodical drum beat with guitar riff loop which could sound like its all been done before but is given a whacked out edge due to the maddened vocals of Tim Jones in a Robyn Hitchcock on acid style. "Soon" is a madcap narration which lasts for a couple of minutes and leads onto the "strangling conversation" which has a totally cool high pitch guitar onslaught and throbbing drum beat but sadly only lasts for 3 minutes and goes into "the sanity of mad Ideas", another storytime for the cosmic people amongst you. "Just can't stand it" rocks on inoffensively followed by the melancholy acoustic sound of "Come with me", a very clean arms in the air & rock from side to side kind of a track which I felt the album could have done without.
"Dying without the music" takes you on a feel good ambience to float you along nicely into "The Magician where spacey vocal echoes and mellow sounds wash gently over you in a mystical magical play it to the stars theme then onto more profound narrations. Now you can wake up to "Emotivator"  which is a very much needed fast guitar, drum & FX kick in the head with background repetitive chanting Hawkwind stylee that seems as with all the outstanding tracks on this album, just doesn't last long enough before you are in storyland again with ""Gaia", acid heads beware, they will fuck your heads and invade your dreams. "Trepanning" is again tranced out in a similar vein to Knights of the occasional table, with Terri-B space whispering over the many excellent effects . "Bo-De-Ban" finishes the album off with some strange effects, vocals provided this time by Bob & Dean (you work it out) fall.
This album has some very fine moments of musical wizardry which could have lasted longer but also had too much narration, which I felt was not needed although at times it worked due only to Tim Jones' sinister Merlinesque delivery.
Worth having around for those shall we do acid and listen to some headfuck music nights.
Also worth having for tracks 3 and 12.

Reviewed by Sir Eel.


Rain Parade - Emergency Third Rail Power Trip


Zippo ZING 001

Track List:

Talking in my sleep, This can’t be today, I look around, 1 Hr 1/2 ago, Carolyn’s song, What she’s done to your mind, Look at merri, Saturday’s asylum, Kaleidoscope, Look both wats.

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Emergency Third Rail Power Trip

Rain Parade - Explosions In The Glass Palace



Track List:


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Explosions In The Glass Palace

The Rattles - The Witch 7”



Track List:

The Witch,


A stunningly powerful guitar based track from German 60’s pop band The Rattles just has to be included here for its shear power and screaming vocals, quite hard to track down but well worth the price. I have other Rattles stuff that is just pure pop, so this may not be representative of their true sound. Anyone got anthing to add on this one???

Reviewed by pOoTer


Red Crayola - Parable Of Arable Land


International Artists Int 2

Track List :

Hurricane Fighter Plane, Transparent Radiation, War Sucks, Pink Stainless Tail, Parable Of Arable Land, Former Reflections Enduring Doubt.


Ok this is where the big guns come in, this album sorts the men out from the boys I can tell you!!.
If you have imbibed in any chemicals of the hallucinatory type and this is on the turntable for the first time, man are you in for a white knuckle ride. Hardcore psychedelia at the far edges of time itself. Lable mates of the 13th Floor Elevators but radically different this album is a mix of Free Form Freakout (where the Red Crayola’s mates ‘The Familiar Ugly’ are shut in a room full of objects, some musical instruments, fed huge amounts of LSD and the results recorded) segmented with the Crayolas haunting brand of psychedelia characterised by lead singer Mayo Thompson’s stange falsetto voice. Very much for hardened psych fans only.
Trivia: Roky Erickson guested on this LP.

Reviewed by pOoTer

Parable Of Arable Land


Red Crayola - God Bless The Red Crayola And All Who Sail With It


International Artists Int 7

Track List :


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God Bless The Red Crayola And All Who Sail With It

Relatively Clean Rivers

Track List:
Easy Rider, Journey Through The Valley Of OD, Babylon, Last Flight To Eden, Prelude, Hello Sunshine, They Knew What To Say, The Persian Caravan, A Thousand Years.

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Remains - The Remains


Epic (ln/bn 26214)

Track List :

Heart, Lonely weekend, Don't look back, Why do I cry, Diddy wah diddy, You got a hard time coming, Once before, Thank you, Time of day, Say you're wrong.

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Revolving Paint Dream - Mother Watch Me Burn



Track List :

The Dune Buggy Attack Battalion, Green Sea Blue, Fever Mountain, (burn this house) Down To The Ground, Mother Wash My Tears Away, Garbagebrain, Electra's Crying Loaded In The Basement, Mandra Mandra, Untitled (love song), 300 (coda), Reprise (mandro Mandro), Sun Sea Sand, Flowers In The Sky, Stop The World, 7 Seconds.

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Ring - Ode-De-De-Dun


Ring Casette

Track List :


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Roky Erickson - Gremlins Have Pictures



Track List :

Night Of The Vampire, I Am The Interpreter, Heroin Song, To Abe Lincoln, I Have Always Been Here Before, John Lawman, Before In The Beggining, Anthem, Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play, Warning ,If You Have Ghosts, Sweet Honey Pie, The Damn Thing, Cold Night For Alligators ,Sputnik

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Gremlins Have Pictures


Roky Erickson - I Think Of Demons



Track List :

Two Headed Dog, White Faces ,I Think Of Demons, Cold Night For Alligators ,I Walked With A Zombie, Creature With The Atom Brain ,Don't Shake Me Lucifer, Mine Mine Mind ,Night Of The Vampire, Stand For The Fire Demon ,Bloody Hammer ,The Wind And More.

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I Think Of Demons


Roky Erickson - Dont Slander Me



Track List :

Don't Slander Me, Bermuda ,Haunt ,You Drive Me Crazy, Crazy Crazy Mama ,Can't Be Brought Down, Nothing In Return ,Starry Eyes, Burn The Flames ,The Damn Thing

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Dont Slander Me


Roky Erickson - Youre Gonna Miss Me The Best Of Roky Erickson



Track List:

Don't Shake Me Lucifer ,Can't Be Brought Down, Bermuda ,Creature With The Atom Brain, Nothing In Return, I Walked With A Zombie ,Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play, The Interpreter, I Am ,Two Headed Dog ,I Have Always Been Here Before ,Your Gonna Miss Me, White Faces ,Wake Up To Rock And Roll, Night Of The Vampire Gonna Die More, Don't Slander Me ,I'm A Demon ,Starry Eyes, Leave My Kitten Alone, If You Have Ghosts

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Youre Gonna Miss Me The Best Of Roky Erickson


Roller - It Has Begun


Unsigned (RLR04)

Track List:

They Strive, Lava Lady, Defcon Five, Fire Below, White Sunshine, Radio Vision, Highway Of Death, Psyclops Eye.


Opening with what spookily sounds (for the first 25 seconds) like a 'powered up' version of The Open Mind's 'Magic Potion' (ever heard the Skye Clad cover?), It Has Begun quickly shifts up through several gears, Lenco style, clicks to '11' and turns into some of the most fucking venomous, shit kicking Rawk 'n' Roll which comes very close to being off limits for Pooterland, saved only by my soft spot for good 'ol guitar mayhem (and us bending the rules a little).
Hailing from the 'Lone Star State', Texas, Roller play a Hard 'n' Heavy guitar based style similar to New Jersey's Heavy Liquid or Kentucky's Glasspack that takes no prisoners and rocks from the outset. In places there are faint glimmers of things past such as the odd Hawkwind riff and perhaps a slight leaning towards the likes of Monster Magnet, also the 'Hammond' organ intro on Fire Below is wonderful but gets lost in the mix sounding like the victim of poor production. A point I will make here however, is that at the time of us getting this release (November 2001) Roller were unsigned/managed so may well have produced this on a limited budget so expect to hear big things from these guys when they do get signed up.
The 8 tracks presented here are split into four brand new songs and four recorded late in 2000 and are packed full of attitude featuring heavy doses of Wah-wah, Fuzz, distortion, slamming bass and drumming that Phil Taylor would be proud of.
Be fearful if they ever come to your town, they'll probably eat your children and piss on your Grandma....

Rock 'n' Roll....!!

Reviewed by pOoter - January 2002


Rolling stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request


Decca (txl/txs 103)

Track List:

Sing this all together, Citadel, In another land, 2000 man, Sing this all together (see what happens), She's a rainbow, The lantern, Gomper, 2000 light years from home, On with the show.


In all fairness, the Rolling Stones were NEVER a psychedelic band. While they could (and did) ably adapt to musical trends, flower-power was a bit beyond the bad boys of rock n roll. Their Satanic Majesties Request (TSMR) is an aberration and shows the Stones at a bit of a loss. That said, TSMR is not exactly a bum trip. Dismissed as a Sgt. Pepper rip-off, it's more of a dalliance with the trends of the day and the Stones manage to contribute some strong, trippy tunes that have been overlooked since day one.
The swirling 'Citadel' is a standout. Probably the best track on the album. 'She's a Rainbow' is another wonderful song, oddly upbeat amidst mostly dour songs. '2000 light years from home' is a superb space-rock anthem that probably gave the band Hawkwind a good measure of inspiration. Bill Wyman's ethereal 'In Another Land' rounds out the most exceptional TSMR tunes.
Other songs are either acceptable or eccentric - '2000 Man' with its odd shifts from acoustic to electric backings fits both descriptions. 'The Lantern' and 'Gomper' take the cake as perhaps the most acidic tracks. As for the rest, 'Sing this all together', 'Sing this all together (let's see what happens)' and 'On with the show', they come across as fillers.
But it's songs have surfaced in some surprising places. The guitar riff for 'Citadel' was later (apparently) 'borrowed' by Roxy Music for their song 'Street Life'. The band KISS covered '2000 Man' on their 'Dynasty' album and arguably did a better job and 'She's a Rainbow' was featured in an Apple iMac commercial.

All in all, TSMR isn't the Rolling Stones at their best, but it's not a clunker.

Reviewed by Arthur in Trinidad - March 2002


Rose Garden - Same


Atco SD33-225

Track List:

Next Plane To London, I’m Only Second, February Sunshine, Coins Of Fun, Rider, She Belongs To Me, Flower Town, Till Today, Look What You’ve Done, Long Time.


Not really psych, more folky flower pop, but worth a mention as there are a couple of Jefferson Airplane type acoustic songs here that are Ok. February Sunsgine and Long Time being the better tracks.

Reviewed by pOoTer


Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star


Rhino Records, 70864
Track List:
International Feel, Never Never Land, Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off, You Need Your Head, Rock And Roll Pussy, Dogfight Giggle, You Don't Have To Camp Around, Flamingo, Zen Archer, Da Da Dali/Just Another Onion Head, When The Shit Hits The Fan, Le Feel Internacionale, Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel, Does Anybody Love You, Medley-I'm So Proud/Ooh Baby Baby/La La Means I Love You/Cool Jerk, Hungry For Love, I Don't Want To Tie You Down, Is It My Name, Just One Victory
With the follow up to his smash hit, "Something/Anything", Todd Rundgren was seeking to shed himself of his mainstream audience. And with Wizard, he does just that. Here, Todd combines psychedelia, hard rock, R&B and pop with a bizarre sense of humour.
This album rarely breaks down into full-fledged songs, especially on side one, a unique sound collage of short segments. The second side seems to be more pop oriented, including a medley of Motown hits. The anthemic closer, "Just One Victory" is as beautiful and inspiring as anything.
Highlights include Zen Archer, Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel and Just One Victory.

For lovers of psychedelic music, this album is an absolute must.

Reviewed by Not Telling - December 2002


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