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Maisie - Music Is A Fish Defrosted In A Hair Dryer



Track List:

..., Dick Smart 2.007, Resta Di Stucco E' Un Barbatrucco, I'm Swinging, Uxorcide Waltz, Las Momas, Andy Warhol Made In China, My Body Was A Lumious Accumulator, Sun Burns In Pink Air, Mr. Clam Is Still Missing, Dick Smart 2.007 (Der Vertreiber), Barbapapa' Disc Jockey, Sadist Of Notre Dame, Plasir A' Trois, My Body Was A Luminous Accumulator (Naturlich).


The moment this baby landed in the Pooterland PO Box I knew in an instant we were in for something VERY different, just one look at the packaging was enough to give the game away.....
Maisie is the warped brainchild of Cinzia La Fauci from Messina in Italy (who also owns the Snowdonia label) and is a combined release on Snowdonia and Giampiero Fleba's Mizmaze Records (also from Italy).
I have played this about 15 times and cannot even begin to categorise this album, if held at gunpoint and forced to make a comparison I would probaby blurt out "David Bowie meets Gong in a blaze of industrial strength Extra Terrestrial hallucinogenics"....there, does that make sense?, no, I didn't think it would!!

Music Is A Fish Defrosted In A Hair Dryer is a veritable cornucopia of Miles Davies meets Peyote God in a deranged Psycho Pop vein.
Lyrically it owes a significant amount to Captain Beefheart which such woderful prose as 'Gazing into space and empty site, you're feeling under the weather, ready for an Uxoricide Waltz, in an airtight chamber, blue morning after the night before, your dull smile between my legs....' (Uxorcide Waltz) or 'Sun burns in pink air, it seems to me nobody moves, people live in sterilised passages, my motionless eyes see nothing moves..' (Sun Burns In Pink Air).
A plethora of instruments are used here: Clarinet, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Organ, Piano, Violin, Trumpet Double Bass, Trombone, Drums, Flute, Electric Guitar, Samplers, Bells as well as some interesting vocals, some in Italian and others in English and this goes to make up a very varied and in places strange, piece of Psychedelic Jazz Pop weirdness.
Of course this will not be everybody's bag, but if you dig the unconventional this is a beautiful slice of the proverbial.
From what we have seen to date, much of what gets released in Italy is often innovative and pioneering and there is definitely a strong underground music scene there, to which this is testament.

If you fancy a cute mixed bag of 'Freeform Psychedelic Jazz Pop' then Maisie is wholeheartedly recommended by me and I will look forward to future releases from Cinzia with anticipation.

Reviewed by pOoTer - May 2002


Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Beyond The Mushroom Gate


Loudsprecher 00663

Track List:

I don’t Want To Rewind The Time, Unknown Gem, Perpetuum Morality, The Graduation, Der Hieronimus Bosch Trip, A Common Race, Magic Rushroom


This is one of those albums you put on when you’re spliffed up, mushed up, or whatever lights your candle up.
This album has it all. Spaced out grooves, classic psych vocals of yesteryear, all bought into the 20th/21st century by this awesome German band. They appear to have the whole psychedelic sound pretty well sorted, with the last twenty minutes, excellent food for the brain. Sit back and enjoy chilled out sounds, building up to a journey of uncertain ending that will have you looking for a friend to tell you to calm down, it will be alright soon. When calmness comes, don’t be fooled. There are plenty of noises at the end to get you looking round the room, wondering what the hell is going on. Finished off thoughtfully to bring you down gently.
Fave track – Der Heironimus Bosch Trip - 8 min 32 secs of cranial delight. Worth buying the album on the strength of this one track alone. Without underestimating the quality of the rest of the album.
Lovers of psychedelic music MUST add this to their collection.
Reviewed by Sir Eel

The US release of this awesome album is on Liquid Sound Records, part of the Brainticket label
and contains two bonus tracks:

Floating at the gates of dawn - Live (15:02) featuring Nik Turner on flute??
Point me at the sky (5:05)

Beyond The Mushroom Gate



Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Space Rave


Swamp Room Records

Track list:

Love dies, Betty Day, This sweet pain, Psychedelic Shiva.


One thing you can be sure of when you get an MGLS album is that you are going to be treated to an aural feast. This record is no exception as Mandra Gora lay down another set of psychedelic grooves thanks to the use of Tablas, Hammond organ, Wurlitzer E piano, congas, drums and guitars, to give you an early "Deep Purple" meets "Doors" and "Floyd" style.
These space groovers have just stepped through the psychedelic Stargate from the planet Psylocybin to spread their acid induced music.
"Psychedelic Shiva" ebbs and flows on a tide of cosmic hypnosis "Hawkwind" style and sung with the anger of "The purple Things" and is one of the best psych tracks I've laid ears on. To have been there at the 1999 "Hawkfan meeting" where this live recording came from must have been an awesome trip.
The whole Mandra Gora theme is like being thrown back to the classic psych days and this from a 21st century band is quite something, there surely can't be a better band on the planet who can cut it like these guys can. Pure pleasure, pure brain food.
To complete the theme, this limited edition of 1500 copies is on picture vinyl, one side depicting an astronaut with coloured oval shapes of varying sizes and the other side is of a rocket with a spiral trail that draws you in as the vinyl spins. Aint vinyl just soooo good.
Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Sir Eel - February 2002

The Mandrake Memorial - Puzzle
Collectables COL-0693
Track List:
Earthfriend Prelude, Earthfriend, Just A Blur (version 1), Hiding, Just A Blur (version 2), Tadpole, Kyrie, Ocean's Daughter, Volcano Prelude, Volcano, Whisper Play, Bucket of Air, Children's Prayer, Puzzle, Just A blur (version 3), Something in the Air, Musical Man.

"Puzzle" was the final album to be released by The Mandrake Memorial. Arriving in 1969 dressed in stunning Escher cover-art this was and still remains a truly unique sounding psychedelic mood-piece. The first attempts at recording an acoustic version of the album were discarded in favour of later sessions with a different producer who added a more orchestral feel to the tracks. The whole album ebbs and flows, gently guided by Randy Monaco's fragile vocals, generating a tranquil floating under-water ambience. Any orchestration or addition of trippy psychedelic embellishments to the keyboards and guitars are very subtly and tastefully done ensuring that this album has aged very well indeed. The standout tracks are the multiple versions of the wonderfully spaced-out "Just A Blur", "Ocean's Daughter" a sort of blues-tinged mermaid's lullaby, and "Earthfriend" with its beautiful waves of morphing keyboards that gently wash over the listener. Comparisons of "Puzzle" to anything past and present are impossible as this was a unique and serene brand of psychedelia that in terms of musicianship, imagination and timelessness blows away most of the modern ambient "chill-out" dirge that litters todays record store shelves. For lovers of dreamy psychedelic soundscapes I recommend this as an essential addition to their album collection.

Reviewed by Simon Allen - December 2002

Mariani - Perpetuum Mobile

Track List:
First Song, Second Song, Third Song, Fourth Song, Mendor-Breaker Pt. 1, Mendor-Breaker Pt. 2, Pulsar.

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Markley - A Group

Track List:
Booker T & His Electric Shock, Next Plane To The Sun, Roger The Rocket Ship, Elegent Ellen, Little Ruby Rain, Message For Miniature/Sarah The Sad Spirit, Truck Stop, Zoom Zoom Zoom, Sweet Lady Eleven, The Magic Cat, Outside/Inside.

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Marshan - Kings Thursday On The Friday Street



Track List:

Purple Demon Blues, Mutton Chop Hop, Deep & Meaningless, Funky Fork Song, Summer Hill Song, Needle Eye.


I don't know too much about Marshan, other than that they have apparently been touring heavily with Orange Goblin, they come from Scotland and this their debut(?) album was released in June 2001. I hear also that they have managed to get some airplay on various radio stations, including Radio 1 which is impressive. I guess this is good as my opinions have not been influenced by anything other than this promo. Musically Marshan are very much in the Stoner/Hard Rock vein but of their own refreshing style that does not get bogged down like too many Sludgecore/Doomentia bands (which I hate..) and really rocks out in it's own way.
Kings Thursday On The Friday Street is a 6 track Mini LP (or 7 if you count the 'hidden' drunken blues jam tacked on the end of Needle Eye) and is full of Good 'Ol Ass Kickin Grooves that are much more individual than the likes of Orange Goblin. We look forward to much more from Marshan who have great potential.

For more info check out http://www.burieddreams.com/marshan.

Reviewed by pOoTer - November 2001

Kings Thursday On The Friday Street

Mary Butterworth
Clear Spot

Track List:
Phase II, Optional Blues, It’s A Hard Road, Make You Want Me, Feeling I Get, Week In Eight Days.

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MC5 - Kick Out The Jams


Elektra (ekl 74042)

Track List:

Ramblin' rose, Kick out the jams, Come together, Rocker reducer No.62, Borderline, Motor city is burning, I want you right now, Starship.


It takes a lot of guts to make your debut album a live one, especially if your working theme is "revolution".  But that is what the Motor City Five (MC5) did with this album, which showcases a wall of sound approach utilising heavy metal riffs before anyone knew to call it heavy metal.  If Blue Cheer was the father of this genre, then the MC5 were the mother_____s.
And they used that word, at least if you can get the original version of this album, in the revolutionary rhetoric that flavours the beginnings of some of the tracks. Revolution aside, this album kicks butt, takes names, and asks for no quarter.
Wayne Kramer and Fred "Sonic" Smith trade lead and tandem lead guitar chores (check out the ending of "Rocket Reducer No.62") with an unabashed mastery of feedback excess.  The band ventures into territory usually only travelled by vintage-era Pink Floyd or Sun Ra in the science fiction number of "Starship", goes for the big nasty on "I Want You Right Now" (complete with adult-orientated soundeffects), and is capable of doin' a scorching blues number in "Motor City Is Burning". And let us not forget the classic title cut of "Kick Out The Jams", which was later covered by Blue Oyster Cult, only with less enthusiasm.
All the "political" consciousness aside, the MC5 was one kick-butt band and this classic album proves it. Play it loud and irritate the neighbors.

Reviewed by Lawrence A. Strid  www.bsdlegal.com

MC5 - Back In The U.S.A


Atlantic (2400 016)

Track List:

Tutti Frutti, Tonight, Teenage List, Looking At You, Let Me Try, High School, Call Me Animal, The American Ruse, Shakin' Street, The Human Being Lawnmower, Back In The U.S.A.

First off, this AIN’T no psychedelic album. But it deserves to be here in pooterland because it is definitely a ‘mind altering’ album. It definitely altered many people’s attitudes towards heavy rock and did a good job of redefining it.

The opening track ‘Tutti Frutti’ lasts barely two minutes, but sets the frantic pace for the rest of the record. Most of the songs, but especially the sublime ‘Teenage Lust’ are played with harmonic ferocity and speed – punk with polish, if you like.
Yet amidst the adrenaline you find "Let Me Try", a surprisingly moving ballad that suggests a Hell’s Angel trying to get in touch with his softer side… which may sound a bit ridiculous, but vocalist Rob Tyner pulls it off.
For me, this album beats ‘Kick Out The Jams’ and that should say a lot.

Reviewed by Ar-thur from Trinidad - April 2003

MC5 - High Time


Atlantic (2400 123)

Track List:

Sister Anne, Baby won't ya, Miss X, Gotta keep movin', Future - now, Poison, Over nnd over, Skunk (sonically speaking).


Conceptually-arranged (in part), lyrically mature and still loud and creative, the MC5 album High Time shows the group developing into a more studio oriented band--a change in the evolution of the group, who had become so well known for their thunderous live set. Marking a more cohesive release than Back In The U.S.A. had been (as an LP overall), High Time is filled with ironic promise, as the group would disband rather shortly after the release of their third album. "Over and Over", "Sister Ann", and "Skunk (Sonically Speaking)" are among the more memorable songs on what is truly a solid album, loaded with Five-style energy and terrific playing (as well as some of Tyner's best vocals), but also an added layer of studio creative consciousness...also likely the group's best-recorded LP, too. Check out the guest appearances on the LP (Scott Morgan; maybe Bob Seger, too?)--these guys were the heavyweights here in MI at the time, and remain an indelible influence.

Reviewed by Jim T

Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs


Deram SDL7

Track List:

Heaven heath, Sheep season, The Poet and the Witch, Messabger birds, Dan the wing, Reverend sisters, Break your token, Buy or beware, Vile excesses, Lonely man, Boulders on my grave.

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Swaddling Songs

Magic Carpathians Project - Ethnocore


Fly Music

Track List:


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Magic Carpet - Magic Carpet



Track List :

The magic carpet, The phoenix, Black cat, Alans Christmas Card, Harvest Song, Do you hear the words, Father Time, La La,Peace Song, Take Away kesh, High Street, The Dream, Raga

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Magic Carpet

The Magic Mixture - This Is...


Saga Records FID 2125

Track List :

(I'm So) Sad, Urge To Leave, You, Slowly The Day, New Man, Living On A Hill, It Is Alright By Me, When I Was Young, Hey Little Girl, Tomorrow's Song, Motorbike Song, Moonbeams


This is one of the all-time great British rock albums that came out the late 60's. Impossibly rare and hard to find (even its re-issues), yet one to cherish once you do find it.  These guys recorded this one great album then faded into obscurity. 1968 saw the release of so many classics, and although not known to many, "This is The Magic Mixture" can easily hold its own next to the more well known releases of its day. The album also has the sense and feel that the musicans had great fun recording it. With almost every song on the record being nearly good enough to release as an A-Side single, it is difficult to single any out to review, however, a couple favourites are "Urge To Leave" with its Zombies like vocals and latin based percussion which drives the song through to a gorgeous guitar solo, "New Man" for it's pulsating rhythms and swirly organ, "Living On A Hill" for its wah-wah infected guitar and "When I Was Young" for it's superb lyrics, manic guitar, drums and organ that swirl into one massive headfuck. 
However, let there be no mistake, these are only four of it's tracks which I felt inclined to mention and with the exception, perhaps of "The Motorbike Song" (the OTT Cockney accent is too much to bear), the entire album is pure class and demands to be heard again and again.  At times the guitar work on the album is reminiscent of John Cipollina's shimmering Quicksilver leads.
Any true fan of 60's psych rock should make it a priority to find themselves a copy of this truly great album.

Reviewed by Blue Magoo - July 2002

Magic Mixture

Magic Mushroom Band - Bomshankar!


Aftermath AFT3

Track List :

Brain machine, nothing sacred, Open arms, Who can say?, Satisfied, Reign on you, Invasion of the flyin’ whotsit thingies, round and round, Within u.

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Mad River - Mad River


Capitol ST 2985

Track List :

Merciful monks, High all the time, Amphetamine gazelle, Eastern light, Wind chimes, War goes on, Julian Hush


Mad River only existed for about 4 years, in which time they made 2 albums. Later, Lawrence Hammond made a solo album. That and the second album (Paradise Bar and Grill) are forgettable, but the debut was a superb slice of psychedelia.
Originally released in 1968, due to a mastering error the resulting vinyl played back faster than it was recorded. Speedy enough to begin with, this made it a tough album to listen to. The CD reissue on Edsel rectified this error, and if you can find a copy the effort is well rewarded. The main reason for the band’s drop by Capitol records was the surreal, druggy lyrics, and psychotic sound. A clue to what to expect. They are actually one of the most psychedelic sounding bands of the era. At times they are a bit like Quicksilver, at others like Big Brother, but imagine either of those groups playing much more tightly arranged, faster tempo, lyrically complex compositions and featuring a demented vocalist and you’re getting close. Berkeley neighbours of theirs were
the legendary Frumious Bandersnatch who are also worth checking out. Merciful Monks opens with rocky riffs and frantic part play, strained vocals and lyrics like: “Didn’t you say I could hold a broom and sweep the burning nostrils into the sea?” There’s a guitar solo that leaps and
twists everywhere, threatening to descend into chaos but never quite losing it. “High All The Time” is next, with a fade-in start. As you can imagine this song is about taking certain substances, and Lawrence sounds suitably stoned. Great big movies inside your head, your mind's
eye is just a camera taking photographs. The track has great fuzz guitar licks all the way through, as well. Amphetamine Gazelle opens with Greg Dewey, the drummer, stammering and muttering in imitation of a speed freak, and then the song rattles along with more crazy lyrics from Hammond and high octane guitar work.
Eastern Light is a sentimental, bluesy ballad with a sad, moody bridge and a wistful climax. For me the only slightly weak track on the album. The side 2 opener is “Wind Chimes,” and it starts with wind chimes tinkling in the breeze. It is an instrumental that builds and builds. Gentle harmonics and rhythm guitar are overtaken by panning distorted lead that develops into an eastern sounding jam of power, complexity and stunning beauty with an almost Bach-like quality at one point, followed by a tattoo of a drum climax from Dewey and a gentle subsiding afterglow. Next the 12-and-a-half minute War Goes On screeches, rattles and squeals its way into your consciousness. This sounds like a Vietnam veteran’s nightmare, a grinding, screaming, angry horror story of a song; you can almost taste the napalm. The final track is the brief, acoustic lullabye, Hush Julian.

Reviewed by DoctorDark

Mad River

Mad River - Paradise Bar and Grill


Capitol (st 185)

Track List :

Harfy Magnum, Paradise bar and grill, Love's not the way to treat a friend, Leave me - stay, Copper plates, Equinox, They brought sadness, Revolution's in my pockets, Academy cemetery, Cherokee queen.


As a follow-up, PB&G is an eclectic departure from the first album. They must have sensed that the winds of change was blowing away from psychedelic music, and with the likes of Dylan, The Band, The Byrds, Poco, The Flying Burrito Bros. and The Grateful Dead all changing direction and picking up on a mellower 'country' sound. Not that Mad River totally left mind-altering acid-rock behind. Those elements are still present on PB&G, though toned down a bit.  But perhaps the band was hoping for some commercial success (slightly un-hip at the time, though it pays the bills) and trying to stay on the leading edge.

Personally, I like the album a lot, though for different reasons than the first album (which requires a certain state of mind to truly appreciate). The songwriting is top notch, but hardly mainstream. That is what made them unique, along with their abundant musical talents. As a musician I find more to take from the second album than the first. It has more textures, and a wide (too wide for most) range of styles. The first album is a timeless psychedelic treasure, and a true classic right up there with the Dead's AOXOMOXOA, and the second is a close cousin to the Flying Burritos "Gilded Palace Of Sin" and the Jefferson Airplane's "Volunteers".
There are three 'pure' country songs on "Paradise Bar & Grill": The title song, "Copper Plates", and "Cherokee Queen". The first is a waltz sung by bassist/pianist Lawrence Hammond with his unique tremolo, and features a pedal steel guitar solo, while the other two were sung by drummer Greg Dewey. Lyrically, the first song would have fit in on the first album, though the music would sound fine behind George Jones. "Copper Plates" is an up-tempo hot-pickin' send-up on counterfeiting, complete with banjo, and "Cherokee Queen" is a sad tale set in 3/4 time with some fine pedal steel guitar. It is downright tranquil.
   The second big change is the inclusion of two short acoustic instrumentals (Harfy Magnum, and Equinox) and another acoustic tune that featured writer/poet Richard Brautigan reciting his own poem. (Brautigan was a big fan of the group, and he helped support them before they signed with Capitol. (Read his books.))

The remainder of the cuts could have easily fit on the first album. "Leave Me/Stay" is the killer follow-up to "Eastern Light", featuring a patented Robinson guitar solo and Lawrence's heartbroken vocals. "They Brought Sadness" feature a mix of electric and acoustic guitars and an inventive harmonic structure. Dewey sings this and the next song, "Revolution In My Pocket", which takes a musical scenic route through rock, funk, folk and choral music. It's even beefed up with horns. Without a break it goes straight into "Academy Cemetery", a fully electric instrumental augmented by the band's manager playing the congas. It's vintage Mad River, twisting, turning and snaking as it reaches a great climax and then coasts to the end. (This is where you would light a cigarette...)
The band had gone through some changes for their second album, most notably the departure of guitarist/bassist Thomas Manning. Manning appears on several cuts, as does producer Jerry Corbett and his Youngblood alumni Banana, both contributing pedal steel guitar. The pedal steel guitar in question was originally owned by Jerry Garcia and sold to Banana. This is before Garcia was serious about the instrument (ca. 1966)

The listener who expected another album like Mad River's first were probably disappointed with the country leanings on Paradise Bar And Grill. But as an attempt to tame the group and make them more accessible to the general record buying public, it's a big step forward. Put this record on between Crosby Stills & Nash's 1st and The Grateful Dead's "Workingman's Dead" and it's a perfect fit.

Reviewed by Roger Stomperud - May 2002


The Marble Phrogg - The Marble Phrogg


Derrick 8868

Track List :

I'm So Glad, Love Me Again, Born to Be Wild, I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better, Fields Of
 Sun, Fire, Ryder, Connection, Strange Brew, There's A Girl, Season of The Witch, Sky Pilot


This is one of THE most sought after albums of the psychedelic age (original copies change hands for hundreds/thousands of dollars). 
It lives and breathes on reputation alone. Traders love it and it often recieves great reviews. However, I'm sorry, I just don't get it. It's not a horrible record, but to me, its not a great one either.  This is one of those albums where I was very disappointed when I first heard it.  I call this the "Mona Lisa syndrome".  We see that painting all the time on postcards, t-shirts, posters, books, TV etc.  It is so familiar and over-hyped that when you see the real painting you are inevitably disappointed with it (its much smaller than expected, its behind bullet proof glass, there are a hundred other people looking at it). 
Same with The Marble Phrogg LP.  In my book, cover versions should be decent interpretations of the original song (i.e. "Gloria" by The Blues Magoos , Dino Valenti's "Hey Joe" by The Leaves/Love/Jimi Hendrix, "Codine" by The Charlatans etc.). 
But frankly, The Phroggs versions are no better, nor are they very original interpretations.
To be perfectly blunt they sound as if they are just going through the motions and are
on "autopilot" throughout the album. Their version of "I'm So Glad" pales in comparison
to The Litter's awesome fuzz-scorched version (which to me is BETTER than the original).
 With the exception of some cool fuzz leads here and there, this is back to basics stuff. 
It just doesn't live up to all the hype. Do yourself a favour, don't pay huge amounts for
it or its re-issue, find yourself a hip friend with a groovy record collection and ask
them kindly to make you a good copy on CD or MD.

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - July 2002

Mayo Thompson - Corkys Dept To His Father


Glass GLALP 015

Track List :

The lesson, Oyster thins, Horses, dear betty baby, Venus in the morning, To you, Fortune, Black legs, Good brisk blues, Around the home, Worried worried.

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The Melted Americans - The Melted Americans
Mad Hatter TMA 004 (LP) (US)

Track List:
Your love is bringing me down, Any little man, Straightface, Wait for good times, Bitter brown, Little pall bearer, Visions rare, Never hang you up, Harold Small, Things I said today, It’s a day.
As soon as I had in my hand the marvellous album “Kings of the desert” by The Badgeman and read the title of the opening track “The secret diary of Jim Morrison’s bastard son aged 19 ¾”, I thought of the stunning debut by The Melted Americans, because when I listened to it the first time, I convinced myself that the lead vocalist of this band really could be the illegitimate son of the King Lizard, being impressive the likeness between their voices, but such analogy was far from the next warm and deep imitation that Glenn Danzig performed in “Lucifuge”. Here, on the contrary, the singing is wild and dirty with peculiarities typically “garage”.

The whole record is so much pervaded with West Coast fragrances embroidered by a farfisa organ, so that the indication on the back of the sleeve “1987, 1988 Westbury, NY” would seem a misprint, to rectify into “1967, 1968 SF, CA”, but be careful: later on I found a similar philological rigour only in the equally indispensable Event’s “This is…” and Stairs’ “Mexican R’n’B”.

Two leaders’ talent on writing very fine songs can be compared with the one showed by Moby Grape on their first album, really!

On the next two records “Evil monkey bowl” and “100,000 songs from the land of the snows” they tried to “modernize” their winning formula, losing the spirit that breathed through this excellent revelation.

Submitted by Roberto (The Wrong Way) - August 2003

The Melted Americans

Merrell Frankhauser - Fapardokly


Five Hours Back (re-release) TOCK 003

Track List :

Lila, The music scene, Sorry for yourself, Glass chandelier, Tomorrows girl, Suzie cryin, Mr clock, Gon to pot, No retreat, Too many heartbreaks, When I get home, Supermarket.

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Mighty Baby - Mighty Baby


Head HDLS 6002

Track List:

Egyptian Tomb, A Friend You Know But Never See, I've Been Down So Long, Same Way From The Sun, House Without Windows, Trials Of A City, I'm From The Country, At A Point Between Fate And Destiny.


The Action, a happy, moddy, fun band became a mystical psychedelic band so quickly you couln't even blink. All it needed was some Coltrane, some serious jazz and rock and some acid-inspired Indian ragas for one of the greatest jam bands that England has ever produced to merge into the Great Mighty Baby. A little bit of sax here, a country guitar twang there, and a few keyboard flourishes over there metamorphosed a mod band into one of Britain's finest psychedelic bands.
They produced the odd track between those old moddy Action songs and their rebirth as Mighty Baby (whose idea was that transfiguring name?), which can be heard on the end of their first MB album when you buy the CD. Very fine they are too, hope you check them
Their first album was released with a gatefold sleeeve and 4-colour printing and extra heavy vinyl. I didn't know what I was letting myself in for.....Egyptian Tomb sounds uncannily like a Rolling Stones number for the first ten seconds or so. "I was born in a world that can easily bring you down." sounds so much like "I was caught in a cross-fire hurricane." you have to
think they are performing a cheap rip off, but Martin Stone's immediate reply is a stunning volley of flying, over-sustained licks which immediately warn you that you are in serious psychedelic territory.
Let's hark back to the most psychedelic art of any album of the 1970s except possibly Hapshash, and it just invites a superbly psychy experience. How I remember buying this superb album, happy days!
The features of the album are Martin Stone's superb raga guitar, slightly bluesy and slightly heavy metal, Ian Whiteman's ecstatic falsetto vocals, the keyboards whch are never going to stop, and Roger Powell's drumming.....thudding but always adding gentle touches here and there.
There's gentle country touches, heavy cosmic throb and slight metallic touches. I won't spoil your enjoyment of this album by analysing it too much, I'll just let you go for it. Just to let you know my favourite track is "Same Way From The Sun" with its false ending and white light finale.
They went on to produce "Jug of Love" which now has the awesome "Blanket In My Muesli" as an extra track, and the hard to find but well worth seeking out "Live In The Attic" This band went on to the very highest jamming standards before they collapsed.
The English Grateful Dead that could have could have been.
They're still out there. Seek and you will find."

Reviewed by DoctorDark - March 2002

Mighty Baby

Mighty Baby - Jug Of Love


Blue Horizon 2931 001

Track List:

Jug of Love, The Happiest Man In The Carnival, Keep On Juggin', Virgin Spring, Tasting The Life, Slipstreams.

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Jug Of Love

The Misunderstood - Before The Dream Faded


Cherry Red

Track List :

Children Of The Sun. My Mind. Who Do You Love. I Unseen. Find A Hidden Door. I Can Take You To The Sun. Im Not Talking. Whos Been Talking. I Need Your Love. You Dont Have To Go Out. I Cried My Eyes Out. Like I Do.


OK first things first - GET THIS ALBUM... no matter how much you have to pay for this compilation of the Misunderstood, you MUST MUST MUST get it...I would recommend it just for the first half of the CD/LP...a fantastic session taped in 1967/8 when the band came to England for a short spell with John Peel...and promptly blew the lid off Psychedelia as we know it...

The key to their sound I personally feel is the squawking and screeching of Glenn Campbell's fuzzed up steel guitar...this takes the songs to new directions...there are plenty of amazing reverb washed tracks which blend into subtle acoustic numbers of great beauty.

The liner notes suggest the Misunderstood were best appreciated at their few gigs in London, I have read that many big acts stole lighting/effects ideas from the Misunderstood's live sets to use in their own...Sadly no live recorded material is said to exist...

The second side is made up of an early 1965/6 acetate of bluesy material...not quite as startling as the first side, but this is blues with a psychedelic feel to it, Glenn Campbell is just beginning to stamp his lap steel sound on the songs.

Overall, a really good set, the first 6 songs make it worth the purchase price alone...I understand 'Golden Glass' is also a compilation worth getting hold of, the band after this formed Juicy Lucy, who had a harder rockier edge.

Reviewed by James the Bin - October 2001

Before The Dream Faded

The Misunderstood - The Legandary Gold Star Album/Golden Glass


Cherry Red CDBRED 142

Track List:

Gold Star:
Blues with A Feeling, Who’s Been Talking, You Got Me Dizzy, You Don’t Have To Go Out, Goin’ To New York, Shake Your Money Maker, I Just Want To Make Love To You, I’m Not Talkin’.
Golden Glass:
Never Had A Girl (Like You Before), Golden Glass, I Don’t Want To Discuss It, Little Red Rooster, (You’re) Tuff Enough, Freedom, Keep On Running, I’m Crusing.

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Miracle Workers - Overdose


Loves Simple Dreams EFA 7206

Track List:

Rock ‘n’ roll revolution in the streets, Lights camera action, Just can’t find a better way to waste your time, No use, Without her around, When a woman calls my name, She’s got a patron saint, Teenage head, When are you gonna care, Little doll.


Real Scary US Garage punk served up on psychedelic purple vinyl and including their 1987 European Tour poster, which is also very cool.
These guys do fast US Garage Punk played with conviction and style, why wasn’t this band massive? Opening with the truly great Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution In The Streets, this album is full of good quality Garage/Punk. Ain’t No Use is delivered with a force equivalent to N.Y’s Fuzztones, without Her Around rocks out Pebbles style. Side Two opens with the great When A Woman Calls My Name, running into She’s Got A Patron Saint in a more laid back ballad style. A quick change of pace is provided by an ripping Teenage Head the breakneck punker that is When Are You Gonna Care and closing in fine style with an interesting cover of The Stooges Little Doll.

Reviewed by pOoTer.


Miracle Workers - Primary Domain



Track List:

The Most Righteous Way, 69 Ways, Ninety Nine, Long Gone On Her Night Train, Your Brown Eyes, Mary Jane, She Came To Stay, Tick Tock, Earlier Today


A couple of years on and The Miracle Workers sound is more polished and rock orientated with less of the scuzziness that shaped Overdose. Leaning perhaps into Blue Cheer and Stooges riff territory instead of their Garage roots with much cleaner production. Gone too are the paisley shirts and are replaced with black leather.
Reviewed by pOoTer.

Moby Grape - Moby Grape


Columbia CS 9498

Track List:

Hey Grandma, Mr. Blues, Fall on you, 8:05, Come in the morning, Omaha, Naked, if I want to, Someday, Ain’t no use, Sitting by the window, Changes, Lazy me, Indifference.

You could say that this band was a victim of unintended hype. For the first time a band wanted to release five singles of one album in one go. Just trying to speed things up. Yet it worked unjustifiably against them.
For their first album is a masterpiece. Due to release problems and the wrong mixes of the singles for radio-airplay, the album didn't receive the treatment it deserved.
The Moby Grape is now only known to rock-critics, old hippies and rockfans who dig deeper than just reading current magazines. Yet I dare to say that the songs of the 'Grape' were just as good as those in the highest ranks of the rockworld. Just look at the attention the Beatles got for some of their worst albums (magical mystery tour (interesting but sloppy), white album (interesting but overdone, sometimes embarrasing), Let it Be (a cause for breakup and recording-disaster despite the good material).

The Buffalo Springfield ( more or less their competitors ) was legendary but it never played/recorded so tight as the Grape. Their first album sound's ' woolly ' compared with the Grape. If the Springfield would have had one third of the Grape-sound and less quarells it would have made it. Yet Stephen stills maintains the Grape 'stole' their sound, wich I don't believe. Its like the Sitar or Feedback-discussions, who was first? I just think that in that period a lot of groups got idea's at the same time.
Sadly the group was also and still is the victim of a man not worthy to mention his name. Their recordings are still not released in a propper way (double cd "Vintage Grape" is the exeption). Because this so-called manager owns the rights to the groups name and music.

The Grape's music is a mixture of positive sound (mama's and papa's type) yet embedded in heavy guitar driven rock. This heavy sound meanders from country/funk/soul to blues and psychedelic tones. Some tracks are melodicly beautiful like the track '8.05"or the rocking immediacy of Hey Grandma/Falling on You. Omaha is psychedelic and the quieter tracks are dramatic like "Lazy Me". Later albums showed flashes of the same strength. Yet the damadge had already been done.

The group lost a lot of its power to mismanagement and other 'circumstances'. Therefore the follow-up albums were not balanced or slightly over- produced.

With Moby Grape the rockworld truly has its "lost" great rock group.

Submitted by Darkeye - August 2004

Moby Grape - Wow/Grape Jam


Columbia CS CXS 3

Track List:

The place and the time, Murder in my heart for the judge, Bitter wind, Can’t be so bad, Just like Gene Autry; a foxtrot, He, Motorcycle Irene, Three-four, Funky-tunk, Rose coloured eyes, Miller’s blues, Nake, if I want to.
Grape Jam: Never, Boysenberry jam, Black currant jam, Marmalade, The lake.

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Moby Grape - Moby Grape '69


C.B.S (63430)

Track List:

Ooh mama ooh, Ain't that a shame, I am not willing, It's a beautiful day today, Hoochie, Trucking man, If you can't learn from my mistakes, Captain Nemo, What's to choose, Going nowhere, Seeing.

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The Mod-est Lads - They Stand Straight Up (When She Lays Down)

Track List:
They Stand Up (When She Lays Down)
"They Stand Straight Up (When She Lays Down)," is the only known recording by a long lost British rock band called The Mod-est Lads. Almost nothing is known about them, but according to sources who claim to be reliable, The Mod-est Lads were far and away the most popular group in Bladderpool, England for a brief time in 1966. Even their identities are shrouded in mystery, although it is believed that their first names were Peter (the "paranoid" one), Reggie (the "cooly indifferent" one), Stu (the "anal-retentive" one), and Simon (the "special" one).

If the sources are indeed credible, The Mod-est Lads instantly took Bladderpool by storm with their ultra-stylish wardrobes, catchy arrangements, and light-hearted, often defiantly naughty lyrics. However, just as they seemed destined for superstardom, they abruptly disbanded only a few weeks after exploding onto the scene. The reasons for their break-up are unknown, and the explanations that have been offered are too ludicrous to be taken seriously. All that is known for sure is that they never played again, and were eventually forgotten by all but their most obsessive fans.

Yeah right.......but of course if you are a fan of elaborately constructed 'fictitious groups' like we at Pooterland are then this little ditty will be right up yout street.
UK visitors may recall moments of mythical prowess such as The Cockroaches, Naz Nomad & The Nightmares, Lesbian Dopeheads On Mopeds, Gwyllym & The Rasberry Flavoured Cat and of course The Dukes Of Stratosphear.

Well, The Mod-est Lads fall firmly into into this category and make us smile like idiots every time this catchy little tune gets played. Hey guys, give yourselves a good old British slap on the back for not only an infectious and naughty little song but also some top notch mythology and cool cover art to boot.
The slower people amongst you may still be pondering over the curious title but all razor sharp connoisseurs of the female form will have worked out what They Stand Straight Up (When She Lays Down) is actually all about........"can ya tell what it is yet?"

These crazy dudes from Iowa are charging $4 U.S. for North America and $5 U.S. for everywhere else (includes all shipping and handling charges) for a copy of this cheeky high quality artifact and we reckon it deserves a place in every 'Sixties Head's' novelty and spoof section......'If you're the least bit Mod at all, you won't be able to stop dancing once they start playing their wild, hip-shakin' sounds.'

Reviewed by an inanely grinning pOoTer - February 2002

For Mod-est info point the controls at http://www.mod-estlads.com.........see you in Bladderpool!!


The Monks - Black Monk Time


Polydor 249900

Track List:

Monk time, Shut Up, Boys Are Boys And Girls Are Choice, Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy, I Hate You, Oh How To Do Now, Complication, We Do Wie Du, Drunken Maria, Love Came Tumblin' Down, Blast Off, That's My Girl


History of Rock Music Vol. 1: Punk rock WAS NOT invented in 1976 in England by The Sex Pistols. Lets repeat that....Punk Rock was not invented by the British.
Long before the Pistols you had NYC's The Ramones.
Long before The Ramones, there was Detroit, Austin, Chicago etc. etc. 

We all know about The Elevators, The MC5, & The Stooges. However, in 1965/1966 something weirdly insane was brewing out in Germany, but it was not German. No, it was five American GI's based in Frankfurt who called themselves "The Monks".  They even went as far as wearing monk-like robes and shaved the top of their heads.  But hey, forget image (although this was as much a part of it as the music)-these guys played some of the most fearsome Garage Punk ever committed to vinyl.  Sure, the MC5 had John sinclair and his ultra-leftist politics behind them, however, The Monks were the real deal man. They worked for Uncle Sam, they fought for Uncle Sam.  No, they weren't some teenagers back in the USA smokin' dope, dropping acid and singing about how fucked up the war in Vietnam was.  They were it man. They WERE the system-they were US soldiers.  But their patriotic vision of their nation was severely jaundiced.
So much so they recorded these songs as a living testimony.  This album is full of manic rhythmic guitar riffing, tribal drumming, insane organ work, and a singer who sounds like he
gargles with razor blades and Jack Daniels.  Man, these songs ooze attitude.
If only The Fuzztones had this much attitude, then maybe, just maybe the whole dream of a 60's garage/psych revival back in the 1980's really would have taken off and become something. "Black Monk time" opens up with the awesome Bo Diddley beat of "It's Monk Time". Within 15 seconds of this killer beat we are given a lethal dose of fuzz before vocalist, Gary Burger starts to ramble on about how "we don't like the army, whose army? what army? why do you kill all those kids over there in Vietnam, My brother died in Vietnam, James Bond? Who is he?.....we don't like the
atomic bomb....stop it....stop it.... Lets Go, It's Monk Time!"  Wow! What an opener.  You're instantly hooked and ready to roll.  Other highlights include the rowdy, "Complication" and sizzling "I Hate You" with its heart pounding bass lines chugging the song along while Burger wails "Hey, Well I Hate You With A Passion Baby!" while the boys in the background sing "The Commie!".
Turn this baby up loud-very loud and the scorching fuzz guitar lead will literally rip your skull apart. Ahhh...pain never felt so good.  However good these tracks are thanks to various compilation appearances The Monks will probably be most remembered for their classic garage scorcher "Higgle-Dy Piggle-Dy", and so, maybe they should be. This is an insane foot-stomper with brain numbingly awesome organ and absolutely earth moving fuzz-guitar. If LBJ really wanted to end the war back in '66 he could have asked the US Army to fly their helicopters over the jungles of Vietnam blasting this song as loud as they could and without doubt it would have flushed the Viet-Cong out of hiding and running straight to Saigon to surrender.
Just awesome and essential for all garage heads/purists, and or lovers of underground 60's music.

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - July 2002

Monster Magnet - 25-Tab


Glitterhouse GRCD 158

Track List:

Tab..., 25, Longhair, Lord 13.

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Monster Magnet - Spine Of God



Track List :

Pill Shovel, Medicine, Nod Scene, Black Mastermind, Zodiac Lung, Spine Of God, Snake Dance, Sin's A Good Mans Brother, Ozium.

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Spine Of God

Monster Magnet - Superjudge



Track List :

Cyclops Revolution. Twin Earth. Superjudge. Cage Around The Sun. Elephant Bell. Dinosaur Vacuum. Evil (is going on). Stadium. Face Down. Brainstorm. Black Balloon.


Before we get started...This IS NOT HEAVY METAL Ok?
But this IS the most shit kickin’, snarliest, claw slashing evil throbbing thing this side of Hades and it will eat you alive. If you insist on using the term Stoner Rock then these guys built it and maintain its presence every time they release another white hot slab of plastic into the universe.
Kyuss might be the Kings of Stoner Rock, but nothing touches the spitting vitriolic angst of Superjudge.
This mother is fuelled on 100% Nitro and will fuck your sister while you are not looking. It will burn your neural cortex to a crisp and whip you with what’s left of your withered ganglion. Blistering guitars, evil vocals and gargantuan and thrashing drums deliver a version of Brainstorm like you never though possible and is surrounded by awesome, razor edged slices of malevolent scuzzed up rock.
God help you if you live within 100 miles of these guys..........sleep? I don’t think so.
Monster Magnet? The undisputed last word in heavy spaced out guitar psych..............Swings like Gods own dick

Reviewed by pOoTer.



Monster Magnet - Powertrip


A&M 540 908-2

Track List :

Crop Circle, Powertrip, Space Lord, Temple Of Your Dreams, Bummer, Baby Gotterdamerung, Witches, 3rd Eye Landslide, See You In Hell, Tractor, Atomic Clock, Goliath And The Vampires, Your Lies Become You.


Powertrip is certainly the most 'polished' Monster Magnet album to date and perhaps the most accesible to people new to the band by way of it being totally stuffed full with truly awesome songs. It's also possibly the most 'rock' album they have done, which isn't such a bad thing
either. Holding onto their crowns as the 'Kings of Stoner Rock', Powertrip delivers the goods, fast and furious, shooting from the hip. There is not a bad track here, it's just choosing the best that's the hard part!!
The title track 'Powertrip' is destined to become the band's anthem, 'Space Lord' is totally stunning also, if only for the line "Open wide and say my name"!!! A nice inclusion here is the classic 'Tractor' which goes way back in the bands history. Monster Magnet always manage to stay ahead of the pack and have always had their own very distinct style that has never been bettered by their peers.
Dave Wyndorf often cites his influences as being bands such as the MC5 and Blue Cheer as well as a soft spot for 60's punk and garage bands and this is evident in their music.
This is a good example of what can be done with the luxury of time and money, to be spent on
production, which the band are now getting due to an ever growing fan base worldwide.
Go buy it, but only after buying the earlier albums first, else you won't get the picture.....

Reviewed by pOoTer.



Monster Magnet - God Says No


A&M 490 783-2

Track List :

Melt, Heads explode, Doomsday, God says no, Kiss of the scorpion, All shook out, Gravity well, My little friend, Queen of you, Down in the jungle, Cry, Take it, Silver future (bonus track), I want more (bonus track).

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Monstrous Blues - High Octane


High Beam Music HBM014

Track List:

Being King, Octane, Group No.6, Bring It Down, Drive.


With roots going way back to the eighties underground scene in Wollongong, Australia, Monstrous Blues members Paul Hausmeister and Stephen O'Brien both played in those early bands such as The Unheard and the Proton Energey Pills before joining forces in the acclaimed Tumbleweed who toured the USA and UK with Mudhoney and also toured Australia with Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. and Fugazi.
Monstrous Blues were then formed out of the ashes of Tumbleweed and The Merkins and this their debut album unashamedly draws on their extensive musical tastes, even drummer O'Brien comments "If we sound like someone you know, we probably listen to their record".
Released on Jeb Taylor's Australian label High Beam Music in 2000 which normally caters for much heavier bands, High Octane features some refreshing heavy psychedelic rock that will immediately appeal to fans of Blue Cheer, The Stooges, Kyuss and Radio Birdman without wandering too far into Stoner Rock territory (no mean feat these days).
From the outset the guys erect a massive wall of guitar noise (Monstrous Blues?) 60 seconds into Being King which sets the scene for the rest of the (way too short) album.
Octane ramps things up further still, held tightly together by the relentless throb of drummer Stephen O'Brien and the thunderous bass of Simon Dalla Pozza. Everything is now up to '11' and Monstrous Blues are really rocking, a lapse in concentration has me wondering if I ever saw these guys play as Tumbleweed back in the eighties when I had my Sub-Pop sabbatical.....hmmm must dig out the scrap book sometime....anyway, back to High Octane.
The Kyuss flavoured Bring It Down is now spinning on the Pooterland laptop and shredding my ears with it's voal harmonies and blistering shards of guitar.
The album finishes with the oddity of the album, Drive, which after opening with phased vocals, melts into an intense guitar fest and a 'hidden track' with a strange 'Hawaiin' guitar loop and demented tortured vocals.

Reviewed by pOoTer. - July 2002

Mood Six - Hangin Around 7”



Track List :

Hangin Around,

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The Morlocks - Uglier Than You'll Ever Be!



Track List :

I Need You, You Mistreat Me, Leavin Here, Far Away, My Friend the Bird, I Got Nightmares, Outside Looking In, The K, Your Body Not Your Soul, Double Decker Bus, Get Out of My Life Woman, Cry in the Night, By My Side, When The Night Falls.

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The Morticians - Freak out with The Morticians


Tin Soldier TIN-1

Track List :

Now she's gone, Action woman, Don't need your lovin', Blackout of gretely, E.S.P., I need you there, Sweet young thing, Spiral bat, Carolyn, Song of a baker, Section 44.


Redfern Bros. began to play in the mid-80s as The Giant Sunhorse; at the beginning of 1986 they found bassist Ben Jackson and changed name to The Morticians, releasing this delicious sweet at the end of next year. An explosive punk side (those who don't know one original at least, lift up their own hand) and a visionary psych-side made few lucky owners happy... the first pressing of 500 ran out very soon and so did the second one of little more than a thousand, but Ben's leaving caused dissolution. At the end of 1988 a compilation of early recordings (demos and live sets) titled "She's like heroin" came out on Distortion Records.

Reviewed by Roberto from THE WRONG WAY

Freak out with The Morticians

Mountain Ash Band - The Hermit


Witches Bane LKLP 6036

Track List :

Birth, Journeys, Stone on Stone, A Long Winter, Who Knows, I’ll Sing For My Supper, The Outcast/Rebirth.


Its been a long time tracking this legendary recording down (thanks Pete!). Possibly one of the rarest UK folk gems from 1975, as rare as life itself?. Awesome electric violin and disturbingly haunting vocals tell the depressing story of a Yorkshire hermit named Job Senior. ‘Birth’ sets the scene for what is a profoundly sad album that will leave you deep in thought every time you hear it. ‘Journeys’ a fine piece of violin work runs into ‘Stone on Stone’ which is almost Incredible String Band in vocal style. ‘A long Winter’ tells of the latter stages of Job’s life after his wife dies and he is living alone on the moors of Ilkley. ‘Who Knows’ is a sorry lament as Job ends up living in the remains of his dead wifes house which has been pulled down by her family in an attempt to evict him. ‘The Outcast/Rebirth’ ends the albums tragic story. Hear it and weep................

Reviewed by pOoTer.

The Hermit         The Hermit


Mountain Bus - Sundance


Good Records

Track List :

Sing A New Song; Rosalie; I Don’t Worry About Tomorrow; Sundance; I Know You Rider; Apache Canyon; Hexahedron.
Bonus Tracks on CD:
The Bus Keeps Rollin’; Six Days On The Road; (Meet Me) Down In The Bottom; Ticket In My Pocket; Young Man’s Blues.


The CD reissue tells the whole sorry story of how this talented and enterprising band from Chicago, whose roots went back to 1962, were stuffed by corporate lawyers representing Leslie West and Felix Papallardi’s disposable Mountain ‘supergroup.’ Thus were we deprived of a massively talented, very inventive and definitely psychedelic band with great potential.

Play this CD to a Deadhead and tell him it’s a volume of lost recordings by the cosmic truckers and he will probably be totally taken in. The vocalist sounds more like Garcia than Jerry, there is a double-drummer backline, and Bill Kees is Jerry’s bottleneck slidin’, 12-string strummin’ and lead guitar rockin’ cousin.

The album starts off in light-hearted country shit-kicking style with ‘Sing a New Song,’ ‘Rosalie,’ and ‘I Don’t Worry About Tomorrow.’ Then the title track takes a more West Coast oriented hippie style with with its floaty vocals and a nice workout from Kees, the wah-wah kicking in halfway through the jam, underpinned with, yes, Lesh-like bass, and occasional acoustic guitar flourishes. Then it gets serious with ‘Know You Rider,’ which although being a Dead staple, is not the most Grateful sounding song on the set. It is a beautifully interpreted 10-minute workout with more acidy wah-wah guitar jams, rounded out with slide acoustic guitar, and a nice tempo change in the middle, lifting it to a higher plane, a dab of feedback, and then back to earth with a gentle finale. ‘Apache Canyon’ is sheer cosmic bliss, loads of acoustic, 12-strings, electric feedback, tinkling bells, and a beautiful spaced-out feel. It’s an aperitif for the 9-minute ‘Hexahedron’ which continues the spacey, jamming vibe. Early Country Joe meets Jefferson Airplane at Pooneil and Haight!

There’s an extra five tracks (25 minutes worth) of live recordings, which returns us to the boogieing feel of the opening songs. Over an hour’s worth of varied and brilliant psychedelic, guitar-oriented jamming. Don’t let this one get away. You’re either on the Bus or off the Bus!

Reviewed by DoctorDark

Moving Sidewalks - Flash


Akarma AK 117

Track List :

Flashback, Scoun Da Be, You Make Me Shake, You Don’t Know The Life, Pluto Sept 31st, No Good To Cry, Crimson Witch, Joe Blues, Eclipse, Reclipse, 99th Floor, What Are You Going To Do, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Need Me, Every Night A New Surprise.

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Multicoloured Shades, The - House Of Wax



Track List :

So sad, Brain Patrol, Witches, It’s your life, The special one, Sometimes, Frozen hearts, Bleeding in jayne mansfields car.

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Music Emporium - S/T


Sundazed SC 6166

Track List :

Nam Myo Renge Kyo, Velvet Sunsets, Prelude, Catatonic Variations, Times Like This, Gentle Thursday, Winds Have Changed, Cage, Sun Never Shines, Day Of Wrath.
Bonus Tracks:
Nam Myo Renge Kyo (instrumental), Velvet Sunsets (instrumental), Winds Have Changed (instrumental), sun Never Shines (instrumental), Gentle Thursday (instrumental).


"There is no question that there will be peace on earth, but will man be here to enjoy it?". This is the question we are asked by Casey Cosby at the end of the Music Emporium's truly awesome 36 minutes of shimmering psychedelia.  Unfortunately, 33 years later, we still live in a world of hate, yet thankfully, we do have this fascinating testimony from a different time, and place. The Music Emporium is one of THE all-time greatest psychedelic albums ever recorded.  Without a daft track on it, it has everything one wants from a late 60's release- driving rhythms, heavy guitar work, swirling, church-like organ, and even a groovy hippie chick who sings the ballads. What more can one ask for? In fact, the song, "Cage" has it all neatly packed within five minutes-orchestral organ, pulsating bass, blistering guitar leads, and druggy/quasi-religious lyrics. At times this album is pure beauty ("Velvet Sunsets", "Gentle Thursday", "Winds Have Changed"), other times it can be deeply dark and brooding heavily on the
listener with its quasi-religious mysticism and druggy undertones and themes ("Nam Myo Renge Kyo", "Catatonic Variations", "Cage", "Day of Wrath"). Yet then for fun the band throw in the superb foot-stomper "Times Like This".  Psychedelic fans, if you are reading this yet don't own this gem, stop what you are doing now and go to the SunDazed Records website and buy this album (SunDazed are the only company to "officially" re-issue this record-don't buy an inferior copy).
Truly splendid.  Pray for peace.

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - July 2002

Mutantes - A Divinia Comedia Ou Ando Meio Desligado

Track List:
Ando Meio Desligado, Quem Tem Medo de Brincar, Ave, Lucifer, Desculpe, Babe, Meu Refrigerador Nào Funciona, Hey Boy, Preciso Urgentemente Encontrar um Amigo, Chao de Estrelas, Jogo de Calcada, Haleluia, Oh! Muhler Infiel.

After spearheading the Tropicalia movement of the late 60’s along side Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, the Mutantes, Rita Lee and brothers Arnoldo and Sergio Baptista, found themselves being forced into exile due to the oppressive political situation in Brazil. Prior to A Divinia Comedia they had already released two albums of exotic Latin tinged psychedelia, but by this point they were getting seriously “out there”.

The cover gives a glimpse of what the record holds in store. The front is an atmospheric shot of a half naked Rita Lee rising from a subterranean vault, whilst the cloaked and crowned Baptista brothers look on (it is a recreation of an engraving for Dante’s Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré). The back shows the three of them enjoying breakfast in bed whilst a leather clad figure, wearing a German WW2 helmet and brandishing a cane, looms over them supping on a cup of tea. A reflection of the dark and surreal humour that permeates the record, and a dig at the oppressive fascistic government they had to live under in Brazil.

Apparently the group was heavily indulging in all kinds of psychedelic drugs at this time and it certainly shows! The kick off track is the amazing Ando Meio Desligado (trans: I Walk Disconnected), a treatise on the effects of smoking marihuana. It has a bossa nova feel coupled with wah wah guitar and swirling keyboards counterpointed by Rita Lee’s delicate singing, climaxing with some superb guitar freak out, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. The follow up is Quem Tem Medo De Brincar De Amor (trans: Who Is Scared To Love) with more swirling organ work and a beautiful breathy vocal complete with “shoob – a - doop” backing, plus assorted whoops and whistles.

Ave Lucifer is a baroque psychedelic hymn to the Bringer of Light, complete with horror film musical effects, backwards guitar, mellotron and horns which culminates in a flamenco guitar flourish, very delicate and beautiful if somewhat disquieting. Next up is one of Arnaldo Baptista’s lounge lizard vocal performances, Desculpe Babe (trans: Forgive Me Babe) again with horns and backwards effects. Rita sings the next track, Meu Refrigerador Nao Funciona (Trans: My Fridge Doesn’t Work!), in English in a sub Janis Joplin style accompanied by some creepy organ and bizarre percussion.

The novelty pop number Hey Boy is almost like a Frank Zappa doo wop parody, whilst Precismo Urgentemente Encontrar Um Amigo (Trans: I Need A Friend Urgently) has some nice phased vocals and several changes of tempo throughout the track. Chao De Estrellas has more faux lounge singing, orchestration and sound effects in a strange juxtaposition, and ends with a ukulele flourish.

Jogo De Calcada is a fine vehicle for Sergio’s guitar licks, while Haleluia is a quasi-religious number with choir like vocals and more of Arnaldo’s groovy keyboard work. The climax of the album is the rock tour de force Oh! Mulheur Infiel with its sonic assault of dirty fuzz guitar and keyboards, killer!

Even though the lyrics are in Portuguese for the most part, it is an extremely accessible album, but if you do speak Portuguese you will have the advantage of understanding the subtly subversive lyrics.

If you have only one Mutantes album in your collection, this should be the one.

Submitted by Gray - March 2004

Mystic Siva - S/T
World in Sound WIS-1002

Track List:
Keeper of the keys, And when you go, Eyes have seen me, Come on closer,
Sunshine is too long, Spinning a spell, Supernatural mind, Find out why,
Magic luv, Touch the sky, In a room.

Seeing this album described somewhere as a cornerstone of late 60's psychedelia was certainly enough to make me rush out and buy it so I could decide for myself. The 2001 CD re-issue is housed in a rather grand day-glo orange hard-backed digi-pack, somewhat fitting for the psychedelic masterpiece within. Although this is undoubtedly a pivotal release of the era, as it was actually recorded in 1970 I'd be more inclined to describe is as one of the finest reconstructions of the classic psychedelic acid rock
sound that by that stage was already in decline. Here we have a bunch of incredibly talented and sussed musicians (amazingly still in high school and not a day over 17 at the time of recording) mixing up large measures of 'Anthem of the Sun', 'Happy Trails', 'Disraeli Gears', 'Are You Experienced ', and much of the Doors song book, with studied precision and adding a healthy dose of wide-eyed youthful vitality and awe. This is not to say the album is anyway derivative or unoriginal as every single track bursts with freshness of ideas and excitement. There is simply not a bad track here, not even an average track, in fact all eleven tracks can equally be described as standout.
A few of my personal favourites include the breakbeat driven 'Eyes have seen me', even in the title no effort is made to hide the 'Strange Days'-era Doors influence.
Then it's Hammond to the fore
and a blistering acid lead guitar solo in 'Spinning a spell' which does exactly what it says on the tin, Witchcraft indeed! 'Find out why' is a gently melancholic semi-acoustic number with ethereal keyboard work whose exquisite beauty peaks around 2:20, and finally 'In a room' with its crazed Hammond, wah-wah guitar and tripped-out King Lizard styled theatrics.
If you dig organ driven tracks with lots of liquid acid guitar soloing and drenched in the classic acid rock influences from 67-69, don't delay go hunt it down cause 'Mystic Siva' is an essential album for your collection.

Reviewed by Simon Allen - June 2003

The Mystic Tide - Solid Sound


Distortions DB-1006

Track List:

I wouldn't care, Why, Stay away, I search for new love, Mystic eyes, Frustration, running throught the night, Psychedelic Journey Pt.1, Psychedelic Journey Pt.2, Mystery ship, you won't look back, You know it's true, It's Simple Sister, Mystery ship, Frustration, Silver rails - Going home, See the light, Solid ground.

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Solid Sound


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