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Lamp Of The Universe - The Cosmic Union  **** ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2001 ****


Cranium CR005

Track List:

Born in the rays of the third eye, Lotus of a thousand petals, In the mystic Light, Give yourslef to Love, Freedom in your mind, Her cosmic light, What Love can bring, Tantra asana.


"In my dream of Love, we cast away all our fears, and Learn to live together.........It's time to unite. We are brothers and sisters of one"
And so reads the liner notes for The Cosmic Union by Lamp Of The Universe (CR005), the latest release from New Zealand's Psych and Progressive label, Cranium Music.
These few paragraphs alone set the scene for a wonderfully laid back and tranquil psychedelic album that reminds me of bands such as Magic Carpet and Quintessence from the very early 70's, who successfully blended traditional Indian Raga's along with contemporary instruments to create a cosmic fusion.
Beautiful, haunting, ethereal music that gently laps at your mind from all sides, washing over you like a blissed out eastern mantra....Sitars and Tabla sit alongside synths and electric guitar and a myriad of other 'exotic' instruments topped off with spaced out vocals fed through subtle effects produce the very laid back and full of love 'Cosmic Union'.
If long, hypnotic and peaceful, eastern tinged mantra's are your thing then Lamp Of The Universe is just what the Doctor ordered, in the form of 8 nice lengthy tracks on this Limited Edition (500 only) CD.
Mellow, cosmic 'head music' that could easily have been released in 1970 rather than 2000.
Also of interest is that all the songs are written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by a certain Craig Williamson.......hmm.....did I hear someone say Datura 'unplugged'??
Top notch eastern flavoured psych, available from:

Reviewed by pOoTer   ** Download Samples HERE **

The Cosmic Union

Review 2:

"All songs written, performed, mixed and produced by Craig Williamson", so say the sleeve notes. This guy is some kind of musical genius, especially when you consider the amount of instruments he skillfully plays. You might need to play it a couple of times to get into it but
 then you'll be so totally immersed in its brilliance that when you approach your music collection the voice inside your head will be saying,  "Put on Cosmic union".
Basically, it's Eastern influenced, free form, pulsed, meditative psych that sucks you in like a cosmic forcefield and spits you out at the end feeling cleansed by its hypnotic trance like sounds.
Yeah, sure there's a couple of tracks that didn't quite hit the mark but then most albums ever written are like that so it's a pretty shallow criticism. So, enter the chill out zone, feed your head, free your mind and experience a pure mystical, musical experience.
Another thoroughbred from the Cranium records stable.

Reviewed by Sir Eel.

Lamp Of The Universe - Echo In Light
Cranium CRM008
Track List:
Freedom To Godliness, Resonance, Our Celestial Flow, Love, Pyramids Of Sun, Dream Sequence.
Another eagerly awaited release of 2002 that due to the overwhelming amount of review material we have received has taken us an embarrasingly long while to get a review out for (sorry Richard...) is this, the second album by New Zealand's Lamp Of The Universe.
Last years release, The Cosmic Union was our 2001 Album Of The Year and met with considerable acclaim worldwide and I believe, had to be repressed due to popular demand.

Lamp Of The Universe were formed out of the ashes of seminal psychedelic stoner rock band Datura who released two excellent albums on New Zealand's Cranium Music label (Allisone & Visions For The Celestial) before splitting up soon after 'Visions' came out. Founding member Craig Williamson took some time out to reflect on life after the herculean effort expended on the two Datura albums and the end result saw him returning to the studio and recording The Cosmic Union, writing the songs and playing all the instruments. One gets the impression it was as much of a healing process as it was a creative one and the results speak for themselves.
2002 sees Craig returning to the studio where he has written, performed, recorded, mixed and produced Echo In Light at his home studio in Hamilton, New Zealand.
Featuring spectacular cover art from Franz Landl (a painting from 1982 called Serenade) Echo In Light picks up where 'Cosmic' left off and the distinctive 'Lamp' sound has matured into something of great beauty. If your bag is searing guitars and throbbing drums then its time to leave hombre, but if you were touched by the last album's gently flowing Eastern Psych then read on...
Slow, hypnotic and pulsing Ragas laced with Sitar and Tabla swirl around like lazy smoke while a mesmerising synth snakes in and out of the languid wah-wah guitar holding it all loosely together, topped with soft vocals that reach out gently as they ride atop the steady bass rhythm.
The whole album gives the impression of a man totally at peace with himself and is almost meditative in places with equal doses of serenity and psychedelia creating a wonderful flowing celestial tapestry of sound.

Maintaining my annoying habit (so I've been told) of mentioning my favourite track on an album I pondered for a while over my choice as there is so much of wonder here to choose from, eventually settling on the final piece, Dream Sequence. Opening with heavenly ambient synths a soft tabla beat kicks in and the synths soar off into the atmosphere with a reverberating guitar picking out the rhythm. At 9:25 it reaches it's zenith and everything around is placid for a few minutes until at 11:01 it is off soaring high amongst the clouds again. The song ends as gently as it began and this wonderful album is brought to a close.

Slip this into your CD player and step off the 21st Century Rollercoaster, open the doors (and your mind) to The Lamp Of The Universe, feel the warmth and love as they envelop you and smile back at the chaos and insensibility of modern life...

Reviewed by pOoTer - November 2002

To purchase this fine item click the link below:

Lazy Smoke - Lazy Smoke
Arf Arf 065
Track List:
All These Years, How Was Your Day Last Night?, Come With The Day, Salty People, Jackie-Marie, Under Skys, Sarah Saturday, There Was A Time, Am I Wrong? How Did You Die?
Bonus Tracks: (Unplugged Demos): I Don’t Need The Sun, Changing The Time, I Could Fall Asleep, Wait Till You See, Scarecrow, All These Years, Come With The Day, Salty People, Jackie Marie, There Was A Time, Sarah Saturday, Am I Wrong?


In Vernon Joynson's book "Fuzz, Acid, & Flowers", he states that Massachusetts band, Lazy Smoke's ultra rare album "Corridor of Faces" is to some the ultimate psychedelic album ever recorded. With so many classic psych recordings out there begging for that very title this is quite the statement. However, psychedelic music is certainly not a dead genre, it is alive and well and the very fact that these ultra rare 60’s albums are being reissued proves my point.
No more than 500 copies of the Lazy Smoke album were originally released back in late '68. Original vinyl copies of "Corridor" can fetch somewhat near $1,500! Now, some 35+ years later, the Arf Arf label has presented us with this golden nugget plus numerous unreleased demos from 1967. "Corridor of Faces" is a superb period piece with fantastic, and at times beautiful guitar work, and flowing Beatles-esque harmonies (that even come with affected English accents). From the backward guitars of the luscious opening track “All These Years”, to the poignant lyrics and tight orchestration of “There Was A Time”, this is clearly a classic undiscovered work of beauty.
The demo half of this CD actually reminds me a bit of the Skip Spence album “Oar” or, better yet, of the more gentler songs by the contemporary lo-fi band, Sparklehorse.
Thank you Arf Arf for making this gem available again!

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - 20th September 2002

Leaf Hound - Growers Of Mushroom


Decca (skl-r 5094)

Track List:

Freelance fiend, Sad road to the sea, Drowned my life in fear, Work my body, Stray, With a minute to go, Growers of mushroom, Stagnant pool, Sawdust Caesar.

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Growers Of Mushroom


Le Mat - Waltz Of The Fool (7”)



Track List:

Waltz Of The Fool.

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Left Banke - Walk Away Renee...Pretty Ballerina


Phillips (bl 7773)

Track List:

Pretty ballerina, She may call you up tonight, Barterers and their wives, I've got something on my mind, Let go of you girl, Evening gown, Walk away renee, What do you know, Shadows breaking over my head, I haven't got the nerve, Lazy day.


This is one of those great records that you purchase because you love the two hit singles (in this case, the title cuts), and are pleasantly surprised to discover that the rest of the album is nearly as good.
Although this is one of those groups that, like the Beach Boys, largely revolves around the composing skills of one member (keyboardist Michael Brown), while the rest of the instrumental duties are mostly handled by outside studio musicians, the end result justifies the means. With it's mysterious chord changes and brilliant combination of piano and string quartet, "Shadows Breaking Over My Head" could've just as easily been as big a hit as "Pretty Ballerina" if it had been released as a single. There are so many great things all over this album that it would be
easier to just point out it's one week song, the ill-advised country & western excursion "What Do You Know?"
It's currently available in it's entirety on the CD "There's Gonna Be A Storm" (Mercury 848 095-2).
Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Daniel H.

Recommended link


Left Banke - The Left Banke Too


Smash SRS 67113

Track List:

Goodbye Holly, There's Gonna Be A Storm, Sing Little Bird, Sing, Nice To See You, Give The Man A Hand, Bryant Hotel, Desiree, Dark Is The Bark, In The Morning Light, My Friend Today.


This sophmore effort came out exactly two years after the first album (a very long time by 60's standards). Not surprisingly, six of the songs on it had already been released over that two year period in the form of three singles, and their B-Sides. This is actually a good thing. It's one of the few records from 1969 (another would be the Status Quo's "Spare Parts") that maintains the same sort of baroque melodic sensibilities that were more common in 1967.
There isn't a single weak cut on the entire disk, and a few of them are downright spectacular. "Nice To See You" has to be listened to on headphones to be fully appreciated. It's so well-engineered that every single instrument (and there are dozens) can be picked out individually, with brilliant stereo separation. "Give The Man A Hand" features an absolutely mind-blowing descending chromatic violin run in the 2nd verse. Finally, "Bryant Hotel" is proof that Steve Martin (no relation to the comedian) is truly one of the great unsung vocalists of the era.
Like the first album, this LP's entire contents can be found on the excellent CD "There's Gonna Be A Storm" (Mercury 848 095-2)
Reviewed by Daniel H..


The Left Banke - Voices Calling



Track List:

Strangers on a train, Heartbreaker, Lorraine, Yesterday’s love, Hold on tight, And one day, You say, I can fly, Only my opinion, Queen of paradise.

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The Legendary Pink Dots - Crushed Velvet Apocalypse


Play It Again Sam BIAS 149

Track List:

I love you in your tragic beauty, Green gang, Hellsville, Hellowe’en, The safe way, Just a lifetime, The death of Jack the Ripper, New tomorrow.

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Crushed Velvet Apocalypse


The Legendary Pink Dots - The Maria Dimension


Play It Again Sam BIAS 184

Track List:

Disturbance, Pennies for heaven, The third secret, The grain kings, The ocean cried blue murder, Belladonna, A space between, Evolution.

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The Maria Dimension

Lincoln Street Exit - Drive It

Track List:
Man Machine, Dirty Mother Blues, Got You Babe, Teacher Teacher, Soulful Drifter, Time Has Come Gonna Die, Going Back Home, Straight Shootin’ Man, Phantom Child.

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Lime Spiders - The Cave Comes Alive


Virgin V2457

Track List:

My Favourite Room, Are Loving Me More, Ignormy, NSU, Just One Solution, Blood From A Stone, Just One Solution (reprise), Action Woman, Rock Star, Jessica, Space Cadet, Theory Of Thira


Refreshing and powerful Garage Punk from down under, Are You Loving Me More is fed into your brain like you have never heard it before, then you get hit with the excellent Ignormy and a beautifully manic and demented NSU to rival the original for sure. Blood From A Stone is reminiscent in places of fellow countrymen The Scientists.
Side Two opens with a ripping version of Action Woman, Rock Star keeps up the frenetic pace with belting drums and screaming vocals. Possibly THE best track on The Cave Comes Alive is the stunning Space Cadet which is a roller coaster ride into psychedelic madness......way to go dudes!
Reviewed By pOoTer


Liquid Sound Company - Exploring The Psychedelic   ** Download Samples HERE **


Psych Out BTR-2173

Track List:

A splash of colour, Mesmerising eye, Ride the coaster pyramid, Let the incense drift, Golden gate '67, Swallow, Sadhana Siddhi.


The Liquid Sound Company are led by John Perez, President of Brainticket Records in Texas and Exploring The Psychedelic is a genuine masterpiece of cranium tickling, ganglion burning psychedelia, complete with a stunning, retina popping front cover.
The trip begins with 'A splash of colour' a hypnotising, eastern tinged spaced out journey with
soft, tripped out vocals that sound almost desperate in places!. The 11:01 minute 'Mesemerizing eye' slowly creeps up your spine, glowing a sickly phosphorant yellow and laps gently at your brain, cutting you off from re-al-it-y........"Are you ready to die and be reborn?" As you are gently towed out into the Terminal Zone, a blistering guitar break burns you up and down and leads into a Hawkwind stylee space jam before dropping  you back to earth in smouldering heap.
Heavy Psych now with 'Ride the coaster pyramid', check out the album titles name dropped in the
lyrics!! Backwards guitar takes you into 'Let the incense drift' an long and spacey eastern guitar jam. Golden Gate '67' is pure West Coast Acid Rock in the vein of Kak. 'Swallow' is Heavy Psych, Terry Brooks and Strange style, featuring monster swirling riffs and tripped out vocals.
Doremi era Hawkwind is the order of the day for the closing track 'Sadhana Siddhi', an
epic slice of space rock with hints of early Floyd in places, that builds into a powerful hypnotic riff before coming back to earth.

Reviewed By pOoTer

This psych classic can be scored from:
Brainticket Records in the USA
Delerium Records/Freak Emporium in the UK.

Exploring The Psychedelic

Liquid Sound Company - Inside the Acid Temple
Brainticket BTR12
Track List:
Cubehead, The League For Spiritual Discovery Lives, Preparation For The Psychedelic Eucharist, Inside The Acid Temple, The Art Of Ecstasy, Free!, The Gosel According To Robot A. Hull, Unfolding.


On his first outing "Exploring the Psychedelic", The Liquid Sound Company's John Perez paid homage to his heroes and influences with a collage of styles that showcased his musical talents and love for the psychedelic genre. Where the first album was constructed from very individual tracks, the latest offering "Inside the Acid Temple" differs in that it demands to be listened to from start to finish without interruption.
This time the band take the Eastern inflected themes that were the high points of the first album and expand upon them to mind-blowing effect. The set comprises a series of inventive and thoroughly playful acidic rock tracks interspersed by meditative guitar instrumentals shimmering with Eastern scales loaded with atmospherics and drama. The genius of this album lies in its ability to flow freely and feel coherent yet at the same time throw in an unexpected surprise or two.
One moment the album smoulders blissfully with gently spaced-out guitar only to be whipped up in a Saharan sandstorm of fuzz guitar and phasing. The standout tracks are the opener "Cubehead"- a blistering hard rocker which is a roller-coaster ride of panning guitars and ecstatic guitar soloing, the title track with a brilliant pairing of truly infectious sitar and electric guitar riffs which build to climaxes of swirling wah-wah, and the exquisite "Art of Ecstasy" which is bathed in pure Californian sunshine and introduces some decidedly jazzy vibes to the proceedings along the lines of "Dr Sardonicus".
Fans of the first album will in no doubt love this one, but to anyone else with an interest in psychedelic music, not familiar with the band I recommend this as the essential purchase of 2002.. like its predecessor it is full of references to the golden days of the late 60's however this is masterpiece of modern psychedelia by a band intent on pushing the music forward into the future with spectacular results.

Reviewed by Simon - November 2002

Liquid Zoo - The Return Of The Fevertree


Swamp Room Records 301137

Track List:

Tonite, Statue, At The End Of The Telescope, Deranged, Breakwater, In My Room, Not Waving But Drowning, Cedar & Pine, Galaxy Voice.

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Listening - Listening
Vanguard 6504
Track List:
You’re Not There, Laugh At The Stars, 9/8 Song, Stoned Is, Forget It Man, I Can Teach You, So happy, Cuando, Baby Where Are You? Fantasy, See You Again
While perhaps not a mind bending psychedelic masterpiece, the Listening do however create a musical potpourri full of confident jazzy hard rock, and blues numbers peppered with small doses of classical piano. Surprisingly not much seems to be known about this band and it amazes me this record has slipped into obscurity. The Listening is an album full of superb organ and crystal clear guitar licks as sharp as shattered glass played by a 16 year old Peter Malick. It is these ingredients for which the album will be best remembered yet on further inspection, it is really the rhythm section that supplies the backbone and gives power to the music. Throughout the album the drums and bass are in complete unison with one another and keep the whole thing moving.

Album opener, “You’re Not There” sets the standard for what we are about to experience. Orchestral organ and searing guitar are in abundance in this track. However, lyrically and musically the highlight of the album for me is the young man’s fable of awe struck seasonal love, “Laugh At The Stars”. Creamy swirls of flickering organ like the aurora borealis on a cloudless night that eventually chugs away during the chorus to help deliver Malick’s piping hot guitar licks. This is truly splendid stuff. Next up is the beautifully delicate piano and bass jazz of “9/8 Song”. This is an astounding song that is made all the better by Malick’s gorgeous and extremely mature finger picking. Who would believe he was only 16 when he helped compose this song?

Many psych fans will probably only know this band through the track, “Stoned Is”. This is a song with heavy brooding organ and chunks of swirling feedback that come at us as thick as the reefer smoke it was conceived out of.

Side two opens with “I Can Teach You” another tasty blend of musical stew that starts off with heavy baroque piano, before a pounding bass line snatches at what little space there is then a wailing bit of guitar feedback weaves in and out of lovely snippets of classical piano. Like a tightly woven Persian rug the design works and all parts are in complete harmony to help make the sum of the whole. This eventually gives way to the bubbling naïve optimism of “So Happy”. A little ditty sung through a pastiche of gentle Anglo-psych and a bit of Turtles style sunshine pop. “Cuando” then introduces us to some groovy Latin percussion and Spanish singing before descending into the all out heavy blues number of “Baby, Where Are You?” This is the highlight of side two with its wild blistering guitar, phasing effects and organ solo midway through the song, all of which is very reminiscent of the solo in the Shadows of Knight version of “Hey Joe”. The album ends with the short instrumental “Fantasy” before the crunching heavy rocker “See You Again” closes the record.

A work of sometimes-gentle beauty and searing hard rock the Listening is an extremely consistent album that despite its 35 years has aged very well.

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - November 2002


Litter - Distortions


WM-671-A - Mono

Track List:

Action Woman, Whatcha Gonna Do About It?, Codine, Somebody Help Me, Substitute, The Mummy, I'm So Glad, A Legal Matter, Wrack My Mind, Soul Searchin',I'm A Man

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Litter - $100 Fine


K-Tel (re-issue)

Track List:

Mindbreaker, Tallyman, Here I Go Again, Morning Sun, Confessions, Eagle, Apologies To 2069, Kaleidoscope,  Blues One, Shes Not There.

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$100 Fine


Lollipop Shoppe - Just Colour


Big Beat WIK36

Track List:

You must be a witch, Underground railroad, Baby don’t go, Who’ll read the will?, It’s only a reflection, Someone I know, Don’t look back, Don’t close the door on me, It ain’t how long, It’s making it, I’m gonna be there, You don’t give me no more, Sin, Through my window.

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Loop - Heavens End



Track List:

Soundhead, Straight To Your Heart, Forever, Heaven’s End, Too Real To Feel, Fix To Fall, Head On, Carry Me.


Back in 1987 most British bands were churning out lacklustre, shoe gazing torpor under the guise of ‘Indie’. Out of this luke warm morass burst Loop, with this searing white hot hypodermic to the heart slice of blistering acid ravaged maelstrom. With retrospect this was an early form of Stoner Rock, minus the complex lead solos, stripped to the bare two chord bones and fed to you at ‘Number 11’ volume.
The core recipe is hypnotic, distortion laden riffs, A La MC5. laced with demonic wandering wah-wah and face burning feedback. Add to this, whacked out, rambling, desperately delivered lyrics, topped with some natty 2001 Space Odyssey samples and you start to get the picture.
Taking no prisoners from the start, the thumping Soundhead sets the scene for the eerie, all consuming blast that is Straight To The Heart. Delivered with controlled aggression, spaced out lyrics, blistering hypnotic guitar and an awesome mid song plateau to equal that of the MC5’s Starship. The rest of the album is delivered with the same LSD powered rock style that set Loop apart from their contemporaries at the time.
Many more fine records followed, with the sounds maturing somewhat on later releases (of which we will review in time).
The group later split to form The Hair & Skin Trading Company and Main.

Reviewed By pOoTer


Loop - Arc Lite 12”


Situation-Two SIT 64T

Track List:

Arc lite (sonar), Arc lite (radar), Sunburst.

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Loop - Fade Out


Chapter 22 CHAPLP 34

Track List:

Black Sun, This is where you end, Fever knife, Torched, Fade out, Pulse, A vision stain, Got to get it over.

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Loop - A Gilded Eternity


Situation-Two SITU 27

Track List:

Vapour, Afterglow, The nail will burn, Blood, Breathe into me, From centre to wave, Be here now.

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A Gilded Eternity


Loop - The World In Your Eyes


Head LP2

Track List:

16 dreams, Head on, Burning world, Rocket USA, Spinning, Deep hit, I’ll take you there, Brittle head girl.

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Loop - Black Sun 12”


Chapter 22 CHAP 32

Track List:

Black sun, Circle grave, Mother sky.

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Loop - Collision 12”


Chapter 22 CHAP 27

Track List:

Collision, Crawling heart, Thief of fire, Thief (motherfucker).

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The Lost Vegas - Surf Psychedelia


Worldwide Ocean WW44 PSY

Track List:

The Trip, D-Thing, Baby You're A Rich Man, Psychedelos, Mexican Interlude, Powderfinger, The Space Song, Elopa.


I must admit I was very curious when this cropped up unannounced in our PO Box, an intriguing band name, an intriguing title and an intriguing cover. I had not heard of this band before so cannot confess to have had the pleasure of hearing their previous release entitled 'Onion'.
Surf Psychedelia kind of conjures up visions of Dick Dale on acid and I am not sure that is the case with this album, I will however admit that calling yourself psychedelic these days will get you all kinds of reactions due to each person's (usually different) interpretations of the genre.
On face value these guys play some pretty tight tunes and bravely attempt to cover a couple of 'classic' songs from the past, namely 'Baby You're A Rich Man' by some band called The Beatles and also 'Powderfinger' by a certain Neil Young and they pull off both extremely well in my opinion (no mean feat).

Oh, hang on a minute......Psychedelos......MMmmmmm, that's more like it guys!!, but why is it only 1:28 long????, this is truly awesome stuff and most worthy of the Surf Psychedelia title, it's just over waaaayyy to soon, I was just getting into it and it's over :-(
Mexican Interlude is up next and comes on like a weird Surf/Rap number with some interesting tempo changes and after a few plays becomes very infectious.
Powderfinger features some strong guitar work and some excellent vocal harmonies, showing the obvious talent of these dudes.
The best however is saved 'til last with the surf laden pro-environmental Space Song featuring duelling vocals and some fine surf guitar work that does The Lost Vegas proud. Equally good is the final track on this woefully short album, the 3:11 instrumental Elopa.

The Lost Vegas are pursuing the Neo-Psych/Surf angle in their own way and this is commendable and makes for an interesting album and we would certainly be keen to hear future recordings by these guys.


Reviewed by pOoTer - May 2002


Lothar & The Hand People - Presenting...Lothar & The Hand People


Capitol 2997

Track List:

Machines, This is it, This may be goodbye, Thats another story, Ha (ho), Sex and violence, Bye bye love, You won't be lonely, It comes on anyhow, Paul In Love
Bonus tracks on CD re-issue:
Have Mercy, Let The Boy Pretend, L-O-V-E (Ask for it by name), Rose Coloured Glasses, Every Single Word, Comic Strip.

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Lothar & The Hand People - Space Hymn


Capitol (e-st 247)

Track List:

Yes I love you, Today is only yesterday's tomorrow, Midnight ranger, Sister lonely, Wedding night for those who love, Heat wave, Say I do, What grows on your head, Sdrawkcab (backwards), Space hymn.

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Love - Love


Elektra EKS 74001

Track List:

My Little Red Book, A Message to Pretty, Softly to Me, Emotions, Gazing, Signed D.C, Mushroom Clouds, Cant Explain, My Flash on You, No Matter what you do, You I'll Be Following, Hey Joe, Coloured balls falling, And More

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Love - De Capo


Elektra  EKS 74005

Track List:

Stephanie knows who, Orange skies, Que vida, 7 and 7 is, The castle, She comes in colors, Revelation.

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De Capo


Love - Forever Changes


Elektra EKS 74013

Track List:

Alone Again Or, A House Is Not a Motel, Andmoreagain, The Daily Planet, Old Man, The Red Telephone, Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale, Live And Let Live, The Good Humour Man He Sees Everything Like This, Bummer In The Summer, You Set The Scene.


I first heard 'Forever Changes' by Love when it came out and thought it a bit odd, totally out of sync with the rest of the trends of the day, but I could not dismiss it. We were at art college at the time and were partying pretty hard every other night but would often close the proceedings with
Forever Changes. We would all lapse into oblivion to the sounds of 'Alone Again Or' and I would inevitably end up humming it to myself during the following day. That was a long time ago now and lots of things have changed in my life but my love of that album has never diminished. I really do think it is a much ignored masterpiece and one of the best of our times. It is without a doubt my all time favourite but then again my brain cells did take a hell of a battering for a lot of years!
De Capo is pretty cool too!

Reviewed by Ian Turboville, courtesy WWW.TURBOVILLE.COM a site to blow your balls off!

Forever Changes


Love - Four Sail


Elektra EKS 74049

Track List:

August, Your friend and mine- Neil’s song, I’m with you, Good times, Singing cowboy, Dream, Robert Montgomery, Nothing, Talking in my sleep, Always see your face.

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Love - Out Here


Harvest (shdw 3-4)

Track List:

I'll pray for you, Abalony, Signed D.C., Listen to my song, I'm down, Stand out, Discharged, Doggone, I still wonder, Love is more than words or better late than never, Nice to be, Car lights in the day time blues, Run to the top, Willow willow, Instra-mental, You are something, Gather round.

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