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The Hangman's Beautiful Daughters - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughters


Voxx VXS 200.049 (LP) (US)

Track List:

Love is blue, They fell for words..., Don't ask my name (just call me Jack), Somethin' about today, Jonathan, Out of my head, Popular trend, Dark side, Pushing me too far, Cat's got 9.


The Hangman's Beautiful Daughters began playing in 1985 at the subway of the Ambulance Station in London. They released a 4track EP titled "Love is blue" and the mini-LP "Trash mantra" through Dreamworld Records; this dazzling anthology consists of both issues. While Sandy and Gordeen
embroider jingle-jangle atmospheres, Emily sings folk-melodies with punk ardour: the outcome is marvellous!

Submitted by Roberto from THE WRONG WAY November 2000

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughters


Hapsash and the Coloured Coat - Featuring the Human Host & The Heavy Metal Kids


Drop Out DO SP 2001 (re-release)

Track List:

H-O-P-P-W-H-Y, A mind blown is a mind shown, The new messiah coming 1985, Aoum, empires of the sun.

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Hapsash and the Coloured Coat


Harlequyn - The Order of the Golden Dawn


Voltage VLP 14

Track List:

Glass island, Love leaves, Catch, Oversoul, Enchantment child, Ghost.


Harlequyn... a fleeting comet appeared on the firmament of UK psychedelia: metallic cascades and such glam voice lead to a different space-temporal dimension, in the court of a crimson king...

Submitted by Roberto from THE WRONG WAY

The Order of the Golden Dawn


Hawkwind Zoo - Hurry On Sundown


Flicknife FLEP 100

Track List:

Hurry On Sundown, Sweet Mistress of Pain, Kings of Speed

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Hurry On Sundown


Hawkwind - Hawkwind


Liberty LBS 83348

Track List:

Hurry on sundown, The reason is, Be yourself, Paranoia, Seeing it as you really are, Mirror of illusion.


The album is a brilliant combination of Psychedelic Space Rock with touches of eerie paranoia mind altering joy!!!
5/5 peace pipes!

Reviewed by Michael W Blackman



Hawkwind - In Search Of Space


United Artists UAG 29202

Track List:

You shouldnt do that, You know youre only dreaming, Master of the universe, We took the wrong step years ago, Adjust me, Children of the sun.

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In Search Of Space


Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido


United Artists UAG 29364

Track List:

Brainstorm, Space Is Deep, Down Through The Night, One Change, Lord Of Light, Time We Left This World Today, The Watcher.


The first Hawkwind album to feature Lemmy, this is the Space Ritual era line-up in the studio, at their juddering space rock best.
Nik Turner's 'Brainstorm' starts proceedings, a tale of disorientation and the 'paranoia police', then Brock's 'Space Is Deep' merges acoustic and electric. 'Lord of Light' starts part two, followed by the hypnotic 'Down Through The Night'. 'Time We Left' is simply mind-blowing, while Lemmy's 'The Watcher' ends the album on a note of detached dementia. Powerful stuff....

Reviewed by Dr. Sandoz

Doremi Fasol Latido


Hawkwind - Space Ritual 1


United Artists UAG 60037-8

Track List:

Earth Calling, Born To Go, Down Through the Night, The Awakening, Lord of Light, The Black Corridor, Space is Deep, Electronic No 1, Orgone Accumulator, Upside Down, 10 Seconds of Forever, Brainstorm, 7 By 7, Sonic Attack, Time We Left This World Today, Master of the Universe, Welcome to the Future.


Recorded live in Brixton and Liverpool in 1972, the double album represents the classic line up at their very best. Calvert provides the poetry (& swazzle); Lemmy and Simon King the ultimate space-rock rhythm section, Dik Mik and Del Dettmar the electronic wizardry, Turner Sax, Flute and possibly the mightiest ever version of Brainstorm and Brock holds it together with awesome rhythm AND truly cosmic lead guitar. Riding high after the success of the Silver
Machine single, the band are free to fully realise a futuristic concept album, without ever
falling into self-indulgence. Highlights include Born To Go, Down Through The Night, Orgone
Accumulator, Sonic Attack, Time We Left and Master Of The Universe, but for best results
listen to the whole thing end to end.

The greatest space-rock album of all time?

Reviewed by Dr. Sandoz - November 2001

One of the all-time classics of psychedelia, this double live album was recorded by the classic early 70s line-up that included Brock, Turner, Lemmy, Calvert plus a couple of electronic freakout merchants (Del Dettmar and Dik Mik) and the thunderous rhythm hyperdrive of drummer Simon King. The music is simultaneously tribal and hypnotic, and as spacey as the cosmos itself- thanks to layers of swirling electronics and massively groovy sci-fi themes. It's packed with classics, although my personal favourite is "Orgone Accumulator", where Bob Calvert's supercool delivery of his inspired lyrics is coupled with some of Lemmy's most powerful bass work, the net effect being True Greatness.
An essential album.

Reviewed by Quicksilver Tongue May 2001

Space Ritual 1


Hawkwind - Space Ritual 2



Track List:

Orgone accumulator, Sonic attack, 10 seconds of forever, Master of the universe, Brainstorm.

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Space Ritual 2


Hawkwind - Hall Of The Mountain Grill


United Artists UAG 29672

Track List:

Psychedelic Warlords (disappear in smoke), wind Of Change, D-Rider, Webweaver, You’d Better Believe It, Hall Of The Mountain Grill, Lost Johnnie, Wind Of Change, Goat Willow, Paradox.


Named in honour of the bands favourite Ladbroke Grove cafe, this album marked the departure of Dik Mik and the arrival of ex High Tide & Third Ear Band violinist/Keyboard player Simon House.
After the mind blowing power of Space Ritual this the beautiful, melancholic comedown The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear in smoke) begins the album and a funky Lemmy bass
improvisation (!) builds to a peak and is followed by the classic chord changes of Wind Of
Change - 5 minutes of bliss. Other key tracks include Lost Johnny (co written by Lemmy and
Mick Farren), Nik Turner's eastern tinged D-Rider and Brock's Paradox. There are three mellow instrumentals as well, including Del Dettmar's final work for Hawkwind, Goat Willow. A subtle multi-faceted album, displaying a different side to the Hawkwind sound, with the atmospheric keyboards of Del Dettmar and Simon House to the fore.

Reviewed by Dr. Sandoz - November 2001

Hall Of The Mountain Grill


Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time


United Artists UAG 29766

Track List:

Assault and battery, The golden void, The wizard blew his horn, Opa loka, The demented man, Magnu, Standing at the edge, Spiral galaxy 28948, Warriors, Dying seas, Kings of speed.


Hawkwind at their best ? (excluding Space Ritual perhaps....). Classic material from their best period?...perhaps...some of the tracks on here take some beating, personal faves being Opa Loka, Magnu and Warriors.

Reviewed by pOoTer.

Warrior On The Edge Of Time


Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds And Amazing Music


Charisma CDS 4004

Track List:

Reefer Madness, Steppenwolf, City Of Lagoons, The Aubergine That Ate Rangoon, Kerb Crawler, Kadu Flyer, Chronoglide Skyway.


Lemmy has left with a bad case of White Line Fever, Bob Calvert is back, there's a new record label and a new direction with Pink Fairy Paul Rudolph's funk influenced bass lines. 'Reefer Madness' is tongue in cheek drug horror, 'Steppenwolf' is Calvert's homage to Hermann Hesse and Nik Turner hits the trail to Katmandu in 'Kadu Flyer’.
More line up changes would follow, so this unique sound experiment would never be repeated.

Reviewed by Dr. Sandoz

Astounding Sounds And Amazing Music


Hawkwind - Quark Strangeness and Charm


Charisma CDS 4008

Track List :

Spirit Of The Age, Damnation Alley, Fable Of A Failed Race, Quark Strangeness and Charm, Hassan I Sah Ba, The Forge Of Vulcan, Days Of The Underground, Iron Dream.


The first post-Turner LP, but Calvert is on his most wired, top form. 'Spirit Of The Age' is a wry letter home from the other side of the universe, 'Damnation Alley' evokes Zelazny's post-apocalyse nuclear wasteland and the title track is a snappy poke at Einstein and boffins in general. 'Fable of a Failed Race' and 'Days of the Underground' look back to the high times of the counter-culture. A great album, with the band adapting with ease into the post-punk world.

Reviewed by Dr. Sandoz

Quark Strangeness and Charm


Hawkwlords - 25 Years On


Charisma CDS 4014

Track List:

Psi Power, Free Fall, Automotion, 25 Years, Flying Doctor, The Only Ones, The Dead Dreams Of The Cold War Kid, The Age Of The Micro Man.


What you tend to find with all Hawkwind albums between 'Doremi' & 'Levitation' is that every one, whilst being undeniably Hawkwind, is completely different in style & the Hawklords album (name changed briefly due to legal wranglings at the time) is no exception. Calvert is on top form lyrically & whilst the whole album retains something of a mellow feel the opening tracks of both sides (Psi Power & Flying Doctor) utilise the classic Hawks power chord formula to great effect (check out the live version of Psi Power on the 'This is Hawkwind ...Do Not Panic LP!).
Perhaps lacking the musical intricacies of 'Astounding Sounds', '25 Years On' has a much fuller feel to it, simple song structures backed up with complicated (& dare I say funky?!) bass riffs & great keyboard parts. Whilst individually many of these tracks probably wouldn't make it into your average Hawkwind top 20, as an album it really works & is certainly superior to 'PXR5' & 'Quark' in that
respect. Calvert's lyrics at times really do capture the time in which they were written, most notably perhaps on '(Only) the Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid'.
Due to the departure in style it's hard to rate it next to other Hawkwind albums, let's just say it's not out of place with earlier offerings & it probably surpasses much of the later recordings!

Reviewed by Andy Goblin - November 2002

25 Years On


Hawkwind - PXR 5


Charisma CDS 4016

Track List:

Death Trap, Jack of Shadows, Uncle Sams on Mars, Infinity, Life Form, Robot, High Rise, P.X.R.5.

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Hawkwind - Live '79


Bronze BRON 527

Track List:

Shot down in the night, Motorway City, Spirit of the Age, Brainstorm, Lighthouse, Master of the Universe, Silver Machine.

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Live '79


Hawkwind - Levitation


Bronze BRON 530

Track List:

Levitation, Motorway City, Psychosis, World Of Tiers, Prelude, Who’s Gonna Win The War, Space Chase, The 5th Second Of Forever, Dust Of Time.

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Hawkwind - Sonic Attack


RCA LP 6004

Track List:

Sonic Attack, Rocky Paths, Psychosonia, Virgin of the World, Angels of Death, Living on a Knife Edge, Coded Languages, Disintegration, Streets of Fear, Lost Chances

Sadly after a decade of tremendous output, this album was Hawkwind's first below par LP and was the beginning of their musical decline into mediocrity. Living On A Knife Edge was the only track to stand out, the remaining tracks displayed little of Hawkwinds ingenious noise creation of previous albums. Safe to say any album prior to this one was a great buy, any after was risky to say the least.
I still made a pilgrimage each year to see them live but by the end of the 80's they really were a spent force.

Reviewed by Colin - April 2003

Sonic Attack


Hawkwind - Church Of Hawkwind


RCA LP 9004

Track List:

Angel Voices, Nuclear Drive, Star Cannibal, The Phenomenon of Luminosity, Fall of Earth City, The Church, The Joker at the Gate, Some people Never Die, Light Specific Data, Experiment With Destiny, The Last Messiah, Looking in the Future

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Church Of Hawkwind


Hawkwind - Choose Your Masques


RCA LP 6055

Track List:

Choose Your Masques, Dream Worker, Arrival In Utopia, Silver Machine, Void City, Solitary Mind Games, Fahrenheit 451, The Scan, Waiting For Tomorrow

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Choose Your Masques


Hawkwind - Zones


Flicknife Sharp 014

Track List:

Zones, Dangerous Vision, Running Through the Back Brain, The Island, Motorway City, Utopia, Social Alliance, Sonic Attack, Dream Worker, Brainstorm.

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Hawkwind - This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic


Flicknife Sharp 022

Track List:

PSY Power, Levitation, Circles, Space Chase, Death Trap, Angels of Death, Shot Down in the Night, Stonehenge Decoded, Watching the Grass Grow

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This Is Hawkwind Do Not Panic


Hawkwind - Chronicles Of The Black Sword


Flicknife Sharp 033

Track List:

Song of the swords, Shade gate, Sea king, Pulsing cavern, Elric the enchanter, Needle gun, Zarozinia, Demise, Sleep of a  thousand years, Chaos army, Horn of destiny

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Hawkwind seemed to have lost their sense of direction a bit before this release, but Black Sword saw them with renewed vigour and this is a blistering testimony to that. Based on the Michael Moorcock eternal champion character Elric of Melnibone and pulsing with dark evil forces this was late 80’s Hawkwind at their best, demonic voices and pounding guitars and bass. Sure I will probably take some flak for this, but hey what the hell......submit your review in defense!!

Reviewed by pOoTer.

Chronicles Of The Black Sword


Hawkwind - Zarozinia (EP)


Flicknife FLST 033

Track List :

Zarozinia, Assault & Battery, Sleep Of 1000 Tears

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Zarozinia (EP)


Hawkwind - Valium Ten E.P


Flicknife EP 205

Track List :

Motorhead, Valium Ten

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Valium Ten E.P


Hawkwind - Friends & Relations Vol 3


Flicknife Sharp 024

Track List :

Hawkwind - Psychedelia lives, Hawklords - Drug cabinet key, Dave Brock - Wired up for sound, Robert Calvert - The widow song, Alman Mulo Band - Toad on the road, Dave Brock - When the going gets tough, Stravinsky Shoe - Vampire, Underground Zero - Canes venatici

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Friends & Relations Vol 3


Hawkwind - Live & Rare (Onward Flies The Bird)


Emporio EMPRCD 710

Track List :

Earth Calling, Born To Go, Space Is Deep, Silver Machine, Motorhead, Angels Of Death, Magnu, Hash Cake 77, High Rise, Douglas In The Jungle, Urban Guerilla, Who’s Gonna Win The War, Masters Of The Universe, You Shouldn’t Do That, Spirit Of The Age.

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