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East Of Eden - Mercator Projected


Deram 1038

Track List:

Northern Hemisphere, Isadora, Waterways, Centaur Woman, Bathers, Communion, Moth, In The Stable Of The Sphinx

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Egg - Egg


Deram SDN 14

Track List:

Bulb, While growing my hair, I will be absorbed, Fugue in D-minor, They laughed when i sat down at the piano, The song of McGillicudie the pusillanimous, Boilk, Symphony No.2:Movement 1- Movement 2- Blane-Movement 4.


Egg is a band that played paralell to another band called Arzachel, only Steve Hillage (Gong), was left out of this project. the classical music influence is clearly to hear.
Dave Stewart plays some of his best writings ever on this record. clearly psychedelic, and with the astonishing voice of Mont Campbell. But the best of this record is the "out-of-this-world" talent that this 3 musicians express in complex compositions like growing my hair, the remake of Schubert’s sonata & fugue im d minor.

A must have to all people that claim to be psychedelia-fans.

Reviewed by Alejandro Charlin, El Músico - May 2002



Egg - The Polite Force



Track List:

A Visit To Newport Hospital, contra Song, Boilk 9incl. Bach: Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verdbert), Long Piece No.3 (part 1-4)

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Ektroverde - Integral



Track List:

Harvest, Tractors, Orange, Therefore, Pendant, Gradient, Odd Trip, Tanzania.


Hailing from Pori in Finland, Ektroverde (formed 1996) are an offshoot of the mysterious Circle and play a strange and haunting blend of loose avant-garde/jazz influenced psychedelia. The music comes across as very experimental in a free form kind of way and this often results in long meandering eclectic pieces of music that wash you along in a hypnotic state. The constantly mutating style drifts seamlessly between the jazzier side of Krautrock through to 90's dance style (Therefore) that sounds suspiciously like it has a Roland 303 underpinning it!!. The dark and eerie Odd Trip could easily be Ashra Tempel or Can, circa 1971 with it's myriad of electronica effects.
The instruments Ektroverde use are some of the most weird and fantastical you will ever encounter including an 'electronic bookshelf' a Theremin made from an air humidifier, a breadbox guitar amp and Vacuum cleaner and sewing machine synths!!
Pictures of these wonderful instruments can be found here: http://aural-innovations.com/issues/issue14/verdegal.html
If free-form electronica and Avant-Garde/Experimental is you thing then we would wholeheartedly recommend Integral as a good place to start with this band.

Please contact Giampiero at Mizmaze Records in Italy for more information on Ektroverde. mizmaze@tiscalinet.it

Reviewed by pOoTer



Electric Crayon Set - One Man’s Trash


Soundhawk Horus 001

Track List:

One Man’s Trash, Go All The Way, Paperbag Song, I’ll Be Your Dream, A Fast One, Living On The Edge, Everywhere I Look, My Dear Old Problem, Dark, Now Ann, In My Room, Chains.


One Man’s Trash is the brainchild of Finnish record dealer/musician Timo Paakko and is unusual in the respect that Kim Hitchcock from Austin, Texas is responsible for many of the lyrics and it appears that the two have never even met!!
The press release states that 'It's a concept album, all songs fit loosely on a storyline and the actual tracks tied with sound effects.
Musically it's very much a mixed bag of some very eclectic styles, but with it's feet firmly planted in the Mod camp with many songs betraying Timo's love of Art-Pop, Mod-Soul and Sixties Beat interspersed with some fine Hammond organ and Wah-wah guitar and some very finely crafted songs.
The cover is a wonderful painting by Mad john Nemec from New York and features a quasi-religeous them with lots of symbolism such as Buddhism, Tibetan monks, Indian Ganesh rock carvings and a rather fetching nubile young lady wearing very little, superimposed in front of Timo resplendent in Saffron (?) robes.
There are so many musical styles represented here that this is a very difficult album to sum up but it is most likely to appeal to fans of The Creation, The Eyes, The Who, Small Faces and Immediate label roster acts such as Amen Corner and The Nice (for lovers of the Hammond B-3 everywhere)

The initial pressing of this will be 500 copies, CD only and judging by the speed Timo's other projects sell out, you'll have to move quick to get one.

Reviewed by pOoTer - January 2002

One Man’s Trash


Electric Flag - The Trip


Edsel (re-release)

Track List:

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The Trip

Electric Prunes - Too Much To Dream



Track List:

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night, Bangles, Onie, Are You Lovin' Me More, Train For Tomorrow, Sold to the Highest Bidder, Get Me To The World On Time, About A Quarter To Nine, The King Is In the Counting House, Luvin, Try Me On For Size, The Toonerville Trolley.


The first Electric Prunes album is characterized by moments of garage pop genius of the highest quality but marred by some dodgy novelty tracks. I always wonder how much of a coincidence it is that the Rhino reissue re-jigs the original album's track order so that the best tracks now fill the first half of the album.
The opening title track is quite rightly one of the best known psychedelic garage tracks in history and as an all-time favourite of mine further comment is probably pointless, but try and stop me...once that vibrating intro and those backward swirling guitar riffs bury themselves into your conciousness, the mesmerizing beauty of this track stays with you forever and never loses its power...to think that this was how pop music once sounded! "Bangles" is an upbeat pop track underpinned by a seriously catchy fuzzed up tremelo guitar riff. "Onie" is twee teen pop fodder but is saved by some pretty stylish echoing reverbed guitar work. "Are you loving me more" is one hell of a track - starting with an intro that bears an uncanny resemblence to "Astronomy Domine". The accompanying sleeve notes swiftly point out that the Prune's track pre-dated the Floyd track by months, who knows? who cares who got there first? as both tracks are sheer class. What is more worthy of mention is that track introduces some awesome Doorsian organ sounds.
Next up is one of the albums finest tracks "Train For Tomorrow" that comes all over like a psychedelicized "Shakin All Over" and like the aforementioned Johnny Kidd track sends some trippy "quivers down the backbone" before breaking down into a supercool jazz/blues guitar jam - superb stuff!
Things take a turn for the worst however with "Sold to the Highest Bidder" with its irritating attempt to mimic Greek bazouki with electric guitar. Things go momemtarily super-sonic again with that all-time garage punk classic "Get Me to the World On Time" that careers headlong towards its testosterone-fuelled rocket launch climax. Then sadly its all down hill from here, the only tracks worth a mention in the second half are the Stonesy "Luvin" and "Try Me For Size", the rest are dire. The reluctance of the band to record such clangers as "The King Is In His Counting House" under the pressure from their songwriters is no surprise. However, the 2:58 minutes of untouchable brilliance that is "I Had Too Much To Dream" easily make up for 100 "Toonerville Trolleys". This first album certainly hinted at the marvels to come with their flawless masterpiece of punky psychedelia "Underground". Newcomers should start with "Underground" but half an album's worth of classics makes "I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" an essential purchase alongside its follow-up.

Reviewed by Simon Allen - December 2002

Electric Prunes - Underground



Track List:

The Great Banana Hoax, Children Of Rain, Wind Up Toys, Antique Doll, It’s Not Fair, I Happen To Love You, Dr. Dogood, I, Hideaway, Big City, Capt. Glory, A Long Days Flight.


Unfortunately, this band will forever be remembered for their first two singles, "I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)", and "Get Me To The World On Time". 
However great those tracks are (particularly the latter), this, their second album, is their best effort and was recorded before they went all religous on us.  "Underground" is an American garage-psychedelic classic. To this reviewer, there is only one throw away, or better yet, inconsistent track on this album.  It is full of snarling fuzz guitars and laced with The Prunes trade mark "vox wah-wah" pedal.  The songwriting is also first class from start to finish. "I Happen To Love You" was originally written for The Monkees, but that band gave it to the Prunes to record, their loss as The Prunes turn it into one of their greatest moments. 
No psychedelic record collection is complete without "Underground".  It is also worth searching high and low for it on vinyl!

Reviewed by Flaming Groovy - January 2002


Electric Prunes - Wind Up Toys (7”)



Track List:

Wind Up toys, The Great Banana Hoax.

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The Electric Prunes - Artifact



Track List:

Lost Dream, 7 & 7 Is, Big Stick, The Dream I Had Last Night, Bullet Thru The Backseat, Phone Won't Ring, All About Wires, Devils Candy, Analog Life, Mujo 22, Castaway, Le Fire, Halloween Ending, Hard Time, Slobodon.


On June the 16th 2001 The Electric Prunes played live at VOXfest III for the first time since 1967, later in the year they headlined on the first night of CAVESTOMP!2001- A Garage Rock Oddity in New York City and rocked the house with their second live gig in 35 years. Both events went down a storm and to top this all they released their third album Artifact onto an unsuspecting world.
Well, we knew about CAVESTOMP!, we didn't know about VOXfest and certainly didn't know anything about Artifact until it slapped onto the Pooterland doormat sometime in January with a little note from James Lowe saying 'We are alive and almost well..'
Strange omen indeed because the next week I ended up with Pneumonia and that was the last I saw of a lot of things for the next six weeks....So that's where the delay came in reviewing this little baby, but we are here now and I must say that this album rocks!!
This is an album recorded by a bunch of guys having some serious fun, there is no pretence, no bullshit, no smoke and mirrors, THIS is what The Electric Prunes sound like these days, they're having fun and they don't care!! If you don't like it then go buy something else...

Sure they sound different to 'Mass' but then they would wouldn't they? However, James Lowe still sings with that fantastic low down raw garage twang and there is some classic 'Prunes style razor sharp fuzz guitar here that will burn you up and down and leave you with a big smile on your face.
Overall it leans toward a slightly cleaner rock sound but I must admit I LOVE this album, I really do.

For those of you that have never heard of these guys, you must have been living under a rock for the last 35 years!!If YOU were under THAT rock then hear this: The Electric Prunes were one of the biggest garage/psych bands back in 1967 releasing a string of awesome singles and two fine albums, the second one coming under much criticism. They came out of LA and were responsible for such punk classics as 'I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night', 'Get Me To The World On Time' and 'Ain't It Hard' and were 'up there' with The Chocolate Watchband, The Litter and The Seeds with all 4 bands getting eclipsed perhaps by what was happening in San Francisco, which may have contributed to their early demise.
Suffice to say they are most definitely back on their feet with Artifact and if you dig the 'Prunes then I reckon you will dig this.
Fave track?.....'The Dream I Had Last Night'

This CD is available from the Official Electric Prunes website: www.electricprunes.net

Reviewed by pOoTer - April 2002


Electric Toilet - In the hands of Karma


NASCO 9004

Track List:

In the hands of karma, Within your state of mind, Revelations, Mississippi hippy, Goodbye my darling, Don't climb nobody else's ladder.

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In the hands of Karma


Embryo - Opal


Ohr OMM 56003

Track List:

Opal, You don’t know what’s happening, Revolution, Glockenspiel, Got no name, Call, End of soul, People from outer space..

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The End - Introspection



Track List:

Dreamworld, Under The Rainbow, Shades Of Orange, Bromley Common, Cardboard Watch, Introspection (Part1), What Does It Feel Like, Linen Draper, Dont Take Me, Loving Sacred Loving, She Said Yeah, Jacobs Ladder, Introspection (Part 2).

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Epsilon - Epsilon


Bacillus 6494 001

Track List:

Two-2-II, 2-four-4. Every day’s pain, Before, Between midnight, Paint it black...or white, Hurry up.

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Escapade - Remembrance Of Things Unknown


Motherwest MWR 0045

Track List:

Maelstrom Machine, When Whenever Comes, Flat Fair, Squelch, Crawlspace, A Useful Obsession.


pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK were lucky enough to get their hands on a copy of this limited edition (500 only, so you better get your butt in gear and buy one quick) collection of previously unreleased material from New York’s Escapade.
For the uninitiated Escapade play unusual, Krautrock tinged experimental psychedelia that is rich in content and constantly in a state of flux. Their music spirals in and out of your head, with complex layers carried along by often hypnotic drumming and eerie analogue synthesisers, frequently diving into extended free form segments full of rich sound effects.
When Whenever Comes is in a similar vein to the underlying theme on Red Crayola’s Parable To Arable Land, with a nice tribal beat surrounded by spontaneous but fluid bass and guitar. Flat Fair opens with a loose rhythm beating out and synths/guitars slowly creeping in to build a loose structure that twists and leaps around the percussion to hypnotise you. Squelch is an eerie tribal stomp saturated in fusion, Crawlspace (Live) is a disturbing, Floyd-esque journey into a dark and alien psychedelic world. Haunting sound effects tug at you from out of the shadows and out from the darkness comes a hypnotic bass riff. At 19:35 A Useful Obsession is by far the lengthiest track here, beginning with a trancelike beat and developing into an extended jam with, for Escapade, some unusually structured guitar breaks and a beautiful cyclic bass riff that carries you away, all the time Hadley’s jazz drumming style tying it together into a cool space rock/fusion jam.
Reviewed by pOoTer
Click HERE to go to the Escapade site and tell Hadley that pOoTer sent you!!!



Escapade - Due To A Faulty Premonition


Motherwest MW011299

Track List:

Sound Trap, When A Squall Line Beckons, I See Things, Singe, Undoubtedly, Postscript: a Flickering


Take the most ‘out there’ Pink Floyd and move it to a place so far out that you didn’t think possible and you will almost be entering Escapade territory.
This music is haunting, evocative, eerie and beautifully fluid, do not expect full on riffed up Space Rock in the style of Hawkwind or Amon Duul, this is a free form journey to the far reaches of time.
Escapade creeps up your spine and tugs at your mind tantalisingly, occasionally scaring you as it laps gently onto the shores of some distant planet. There are elements of some of Floyds scarier moments, also tinges of Brian Eno and some of the jazzier flavour of early Soft Machine. What this DOES NOT do though, is drift aimlessly and although improvised there is always an underlying structure that seems to ‘just happen’ naturally. For the full effect, play this at high volume in a dark room, just make sure you know where the door is.....!!
Escapade it most certainly is......Strangely beautiful, experimental, LSD for your ears.
Highly recommended
Click HERE to go to the Escapade site and tell Hadley Kahn that pOoTer sent you!!!
Reviewed by pOoTer


The Eyes - When The Night Falls 7”


Mercury MF881

Track List:

When the night falls, I’m rowed out.


Sneering UK power pop/mod pysch from 1965 with this excellent band who sound like a cross between The Who and The Rolling Stones. Both tracks here are brilliant slices of artpop full of guitar effects and attitude, buy the re-release Blink (below) to catch all their material on one slab of equisite vinyl
Reviewed by pOoTer


The Eyes - The Immediate Pleasure 7”


Mercury MF 897

Track List:

The immediate pleasure, My degeneration


More classic garagey tinged tunes from Londons Eyes, of particular note is the b-side which is a pill powered piss take response to The Who’s My Generation. This band should have been massive.
Reviewed by pOoTer


The Eyes - Man With Money 7”


Mercury MF 910

Track List:

Man with money, You’re too much.

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The Eyes - Good Day Sunshine 7”


Mercury MF 934

Track List:

Good day sunshine, Please don’t cry.

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The Eyes - Blink


Bam-Caruso (re-release)

Track List:

Your Too Much For Me Baby, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Im Rowed Out, My Degeneration, The Immediate Pleasures

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E.X.P - Pachamama
Track List:
Supavacuum Cleaner And The Atomic Mushrooms Eaters, E.X.P'z And The Masticators Of Requencies Part One, Hierbalarga, Sex Beatific Night-Magma-Mother Lights-The Yawnin' Tar Planes, Kick Out The Jams, Tripscapes, Blues For A Gilded Elephant, E.X.P'z And The Masticators Of Requencies Part Two.
Working with the sketchy information that came with this album I am assuming that this was a 1000 copy Limited Edition CD that went out with Vincebus Eruptum magazine, issue #7 but please correct me if I am wrong...

Also an assumption is that these guys are all based in Italy, but I can say for sure that the songs are all written by Nico Cascino, E.X.P's guitarist and the brilliant cover art is done by the (as ever) near legendary Malleus.
Musically we are talking Super Fuzz/Stoner Rock here that tips it's hat to the likes of the mighty Kyuss whilst also supplying a cursory nod in the direction of original Michigan fuzzsters the MC5 by way of a 1:57 blast through the 1969 classic Kick Out The Jams.
The rest of the album is comprised of original material written by the band and if you like all that's heavy in the current Stoner/Hard Rock arena then this is bound to appeal to you and we would like to hear more from these guys, especially as Italy is pretty well under-represented in this particular genre.

To find out more about what these guys are up to, you are encouraged to visit Planet Earth Operative Fuzz Center which can be found by clicking www.expsupafuzz.com or alternatively email Nico and the guys at exp@expsupafuzz.com

E.X.P....coming to a galaxy near you soon!!!

Reviewed by pOoTer - February 2003


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