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The Accent - Red Sky At Night 7”


Decca F 12679

Track List:

Red Sky At Night, Wind Of Change.

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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O - S/T


PSF Records PSFD-93

Track List:

Acid Mothers Prayer, Speed Guru, From The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.I, The Top Head Pixies, Zen Feedbacker, Coloradoughnut, From The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. II,  Amphetamine A Go Go, Pink Lady Lemonade, Satori LSD, Hawaiian Brownie, Acid Mothers Temple For All!

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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Pataphisical Freak Out MU!!


PSF Records PSFD-106

Track List:

Cosmic Audrey, Acid Takion, White Summer Of Love, Third Eye Of The Whole World,
Golden Bat Blues Dead, Mr. Hardy Guidey Man, Magic Aûm LSD, Astrological Overdrive , Right About Rainbow I, Your My Only Super Sunshine, Right About Rainbow II, Blue Velvet Blues.

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Pataphisical Freak Out MU!!

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Wild Gals A Go-Go



Track List:

Reverse of Universe I, Space Bambino, Intersteller Over Dope, Sweet Juicy Lucy, Mammary Intercourse, Hare Hare Hallelujah, Blow Out super High, Good-Bye Ice Cream , Stone Blind Blue Heaven, Reverse Of Universe II.

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Wild Gals A Go-Go

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Live In Occident


Detector MP-19

Track List:

Side 1:
Acid Milk Milkyway Also Jupiter 888, Rising From The Cool Fool Inferno
Side 2
Astrological Overdrive
Side 3
Pink Lady Lemonade "I Wanna Drink You", Blue Velvet Blues.

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Live In Occident

Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Troubadours From Another Heavenly World


PSF Records PSFD-123

Track List:

Heroin Heroine's Heritage, She Is A Rainbow In Curved Air, Acid Heart Mother.

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Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - La Novia


Eclipse Records

Track List:

La Novia Part 1, La Novia Part 2

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La Novia

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Absolutely Freak Out "Zap Your mind!"


Static Caravan-Resonant

Track List:

Side 1
Supernal Infinite Space, Waikiki Easy Meat.
Side 2
Grapefluit March, Virgin U.F.O., Let's Have A Ball, Pagan Nova.
Side 3
The Incipient Light Of The Echoes, Magic Aum Rock, Mercurical Megatronic Meninx
Side 4
The Kiss That Took A Trip, Magic Aum Rock Again, Love Is Overborne, Fly High.

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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - New Geocentric World Of Acid Mothers Temple


Squealer Music

Track List:

Psycho Buddha, Space Age Ballad, You're Still Now Nera Me Everytime,
Universe Of Romance, Occie Lady, Mellow Hollow Love, What Do I Want To Know [Like Heavenly Kisses part II].

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New Geocentric World

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Monster Of The Universe


Static Caravan-Resonant

Track List:

Monster of The universe, Wholly Weary Flashback, Surfin' Paris-Texas, Midnight Mountain Dew.

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Agitation Free - Malesch


Vertigo 6360 607

Track List:

You Play For Us Today, Sahara City, Ala Tul, Pulse, Khan El Khalli, Malesch, Rucksturtz.

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Akasha - Akasha


BAT 0002

Track List:

Isle of Kawi, Bondage, Regitativ, Electronic Nightmare, Death Hymn, Light And Darkness, The Trip, Man And The Void.

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Alice Cooper - Pretties For You
Rhino R2 70351
Track List:
Titanic Overture, 10 Minutes Before The Worm, Sing Low Sweet Cheerio, Today Mueller, Living, Fields Of Regret, No Longer Umpire, Levity Ball (Live At The Cheetah), BB On Mars, Reflected, Apple Bush, Earwigs To Eternity, Changing Arranging
Long before his monstrous hits of the 70's and "shock rock" heavy metal stage show, Alice Cooper was an LA based deranged, psychedelic hippie act (in search of the perfect name it seems as they changed their band name several times). So deranged were the AC that they and their surreal songs easily wilted the flowers in the hair of those San Franciscan peace-loving hippies.
Years later, Cooper decided to take this to the extreme and manufactured his now legendary heavy metal image. However, this 1st album and "Easy Action" (their 2nd) are interesting nuggets from the late 60's and both come recommended by yours truly. Although, of the two, I prefer "Pretties For You", as it weaves and meanders its sound tapestry and catches you in its psychedelic web with songs like "Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio", "Living", "Fields of Regret”, “Reflected” and "Changing Arranging”. Yes, these may well be the albums highlights (I also dig “Apple Bush”), but even the daft tracks in between these songs are far better than anything Cooper would record during his 70's incarnation.
If you are a fan of 60's psych/hard rock or a die-hard Cooper fan, I suggest trying to find a copy of this album and I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised by it.
However, if you are looking for "School's Out", or "Billion Dollar Babies" material then steer clear of this and leave this album for us psych heads to enjoy!

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - 20th September 2002
Alice Cooper - Easy Action
Rhino R2703050
Track List:
Mr & Misdemeanor, Shoe Salesman, Still No Air, Below Your Means, Return Of The Spiders, Laughing At Me, Refrigerator Heaven, Beautiful Flyaway, Lay Down & Die-Goodbye
Good and possibly the more consistent of these two early AC albums. However, with the exception of a couple of tracks, “Easy Action” is not as wild or as psychedelic as his 1st LP "Pretties For You". On “Easy Action” one can clearly hear AC beginning to meander out of the 60's hippie psych camp and set up the roots for what would come later (and project him to stardom). The album is full of heavy hitting rock with late 60’s leanings but with one foot firmly moving towards the 70’s
hard rock genre.
“Easy Action” is a decent album to own for a fan of late 60's/early 70’s rock music, but once again, if you are a die hard fan of AC searching for "classic" Cooper material (i.e. "Welcome to my Nightmare") you won’t find it here.
But then again, as the voice says in the final song “You are the only censor, if you don’t like what I say you can turn me off…”

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - 20th September 2002

Alquimia - A Seperate Reality


Prudence 398.6591.2

Track List:

Encinerada, Night of The Alebrijes, Floralia, Solar Quest, First Light, Reflection Fleeting Worlds, A Seperate Reality, Reflection, Encinerada, Night of The Alebrijes.


It's a little unusual for us to review an artist such as Alquimia (al-kee-mia) seeing as her work is more commonly associated with the Ambient/Ethno scene but I became fascinated by a track (Floralia) on Giampero Fleba's wonderful Floralia 3 comp and was keen to hear some more of her material. Her current label Prudence Records were kind enough to mail us her new album 'A Separate Reality'.
Alquimia was born in Mexico and sings in Spanish, French, English and her native language Nahuatl using revolutionary singing techniques combined with electronic processing to produce powerful and mystical soundscapes that wash over you hypnotically.
What makes this even more interesting to me is Alquimia's interest in Carlos Castaneda (hence the album title) who is one of my favourite authors and it appears, a major influence on this album judging by some of the lyrics and song titles.
This isn't your average Ethno album however as it has a very dark feel to it with songs about Aztec Spirits and Mexican Sorcerers.
Stand out tracks are the aforementioned Floralia, Solar Quest, (one of the few songs sung in English) which really highlights what a beautiful voice Alquimia has, the dark 7.55 epic A Separate Reality that conjurs up images of Brujo's and the 19 minute Night Of The Alebrijes.
Psych it isn't and if we have strayed from The Path then I hold my hand up, but this is a very haunting and evocative album that works on many levels.
For more information on Alquimia, check out her website

Reviewed by pOoTer - January 2002.

Another Green World  - My Dreams In Your Hands


Further (limited edition cassette release)

Track List:

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My Dreams In Your Hands

Amber Child - Persistent Innocence
Blowback Music

Track List: Don't You, I Want You, Run, Fall To Feel, Looking Away, Calling, Ocean Jade, Swayed Grey, Time, Sunpulse.
How does one approach an album where the press release states its main inspiration comes from the classic 60's West Coast acid rock sound of Kaleidoscope, W.C.P.A.E.B, CJ & The Fish, QMS and HP Lovecraft? Very carefully I might add.
Perhaps even a bit cynical. Any fan of American psychedelia will tell you that these are big shoes to fill so obviously when I popped Persistent Innocence into my stereo I had great expectations. I am delighted to add, that those expectations have been well rewarded. Amber Child is the pseudonym of a certain Mr. Giles Meredith, a one-man band. The man has presumably written and composed all the music on the album, as well as played all instruments, sang, recorded and produced the disc. After several listens it is clear that Giles is listening to the right music and clearly has a love for the golden West Coast 60's acid sound.

The album opens with the rather poppy "Don't You...” which is described at the Blowback Music website as "A short gritty track-a bit Country Joe & The Fish with fatback thrown in-then suddenly veers off into a jazz middle section". In many respect this opening track prepares the listener for what will soon be encountered. Most of the tracks on the album suddenly "veer off" into meandering Eastern style jams or unconventional "jazzy" guitar improvs with Middle Eastern musical accompaniment. Throughout most of the songs the guitar playing is crisp, brain plucking and very lysergic.

"I Want You" is an exquisite example of pure golden sunshine pop. The vocals are full of emotion and you truly believe Meredith when he croons, "I want you" with short deep breaths. In my opinion this is one of the songs, which works beautifully and would make for a great single. "Run" is full of gloriously shimmering Eastern style acidic guitar and percussion. Before long a saz or sitar enters in and the song could quite conceivably be an outtake from Kaleidoscope’s marvellous A Beacon From Mars LP. "Fall to Feel" is a multi-layered soundscape of dreamy textures with melodic guitar, swirling sitars and more breathy vocals. "Looking Away" is the other obvious single for me, it begins with some delightful guitar (which is strangely reminiscent of Chris Isaacs’ “Wicked Game”) and some truly splendid singing (perhaps the best vocal on the album). However, two minutes in and the song veers off into a shimmering West Coast acid jam that brings to mind QMS’s Gary Duncan and John Cipollina in their glory days. "Calling" is the psych garage tune on the album. Truly blistering guitar work and a fantastic Turkish saz that creates a heady mixture. “Ocean Jade” is a floaty, mellow drone/trance song. You can almost feel your eyelids becoming heavier and heavier as the trance envelopes you.
The droney-weight of “Ocean Jade” gives light to "Swayed Grey" which the website describes as the "pop song" on the album, this is just one of the more conventional songs on the cd (the other being “Don’t You”). The song has healthy doses of the psychedelic rock that clearly inspires Meredith but he also throws into the mixture the formal pop elements, which would appeal to the record buying public. As with “Looking Away", "Time" is another track that begins very subtly and then breaks away into a swirling haze of psychedelic guitar ala Quicksilver's "The Fool” or “Calvary". Closing track "Sunpulse" is the heaviest track on the album; this is a huge fuzzy sound that flickers from speaker to speaker like the pulsating light show of the aurora borealis. Think Gary Ramon and early Sundial or even Spacemen 3 at their headiest. This song rocks and is a perfect way to close the album.

Persistent Innocence is a superb album by a musician who is clearly saturating himself into the psychedelic sounds of 60’s acid rock. Meredith’s singing is at its best when he confidently uses his full vocal range (e.g. “Swayed Grey”, “Looking Away” and “Time”). At times the guitar and the Turkish saz or sitar dominate the mix giving the rhythm section little room to punch their way through the fuzzy kaleidoscopic swirls. The songs however are well written and the musicianship is first class throughout the record. For those who rarely listen to contemporary psych I highly recommend giving this album your full attention. You will be pleasantly surprised at how psychedelia has gracefully walked into the new millennium.

Reviewed by BlueMagoo - March 2003

Amber Child - Persistent Innocence is available now (£12 mail order only):
www.blowback.org.uk (Pay Pal)
Cheques made payable to Meredith (£12)
Blowback Music
PO Box 31880
London SE17 2XP

Review 2:
One minute into the nonchalence of Amber Child's sweet psychedelic soul, one feels carried away by their amazing ability to dive into the past and transform the classic sound of the '60s west coast psychedelia into a new sound which has a lot of retro elements but stands perfectly well among contemporary bands, never sounding outdated.
With the band being a solo project for gifted musician Giles Meredith, the first surprise which is that he's a Londoner indeed, is shadowed by the perfection of the music heard on this album: psych pop elements and delicious jazzy experiments, scattered oriental riffs and laidback wanderings in exotic places create a music context rich and delightful, perfect for endless mind journeys in worlds full ofrainbows.

Eventually, if Tarantino gets to listen to this music, he may want to ask for an exclusive deal to have the soundtracks of all his future films written by Amber Child.

A masterpiece delayed by 35 years.

Reviewed by Sense - 2002
Review 3:
Amber Child is the solo project from Giles Meredith who describes himself as a multi- untalented musician. Of course it is a joke, and "Persistent Innocence" is the proof of his talents. The music of the Amber Child is totally dedicated to the purest form of psychedelia. Here no electronic tricks to sound psychedelic, just Giles and his love for 60's pop music specially these melodies that came from the US West Coast (Country Joe and the Fish, Quicksilver ) during this decade.

Most of the songs develop a whirling structure where Giles adds his dreamy acid vocals ( "Run", Fall to feel", "Calling", "Swayed Grey" ) creating a hypnotic sensation from which you don't easily escape. At last, would you really want to escape ??? Each melody is like an acid bubble , softly blowing in your brain , the listener beginning to stare at the stars and to dream of freedom ( "Fall to feel", "Calling", ).
Amber Child's music is light, sweet, sometimes exotic. The middle eastern influences are very present on few tracks as " Don't you...", "I want you", "Looking away" or "Time". The way Giles plays percussions increases the blissful and swirling spiral of the songs ( " Calling", "Don't you...", "Run" ).

The sweeter tracks of this album are quite close to a loungy / jazzy stuff. These vibes compose the main musical layers of " Time"," Ocean Jade" and put the listener in a really good feeling of well-being. I'd like it never disappears .Only the uptempo "Sunpulse" is quite different from the others numbers with its space rock structure echoing into space and its filtered cosmic vocals. Have you already listened to a band that sounds like if Cream had met Hawkwind. That's what "Sunpulse" is made of.

So "Persistent Innocence" is one of the greatest psychedelic album of the year, the kind of record that should appeal to 60's psychedelia fans as well as to space rock freaks and others acid rockers. The first 1000 copies are in a collector's edition with 5 bonus tracks.

Reviewed on Zoopa Loop - 2002


American Blues - American Blues Is Here


Karma 1001

Track List:

If I Were A Carpenter, All I Saw Was You, She’ll Be Mine, Fugue For Lady Cheriff, It’s Gone, Keep My Heart In a Rage, Mercury Blues, Melted Like Snow, Mellow.

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Amon Duul - Psychedelic Underground


Metrognome MLP 15332

Track List:

Ein wunderhuebsches maedchen traeumt von Sandosa, Kaskados minnelied, Mama Duul und ihre sauerkrautband spielt auf, Im garten Sandosa, Der garten Sandosa im Morgentau, Bitterlings verwandlung.

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Amon Duul - Collapsing


Metrognome SMLP 012

Track List:

Booster, Bass gestrichen, Tusch ff, Singvogel ruckwarts, Lua-lua-he, Shattering and fading, Nachrichten aus Cambistan, Big sound, Krawall, Blech und aufbau, Natur.

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Amon Duul II - Yeti


Liberty LSP101

Track List:

Soda Shop Rock, Burning Sister, Halluzination Guillotine, Gulp A Sonata, Flesh Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm, She Came Through The Chimney, Archangels Thunderbird, Cerberus, The Return Of Ruebezahl, Eye Shaking King, Pale Gallery, Yeti, Yeti Talks To Yogi, Sandoz In The Rain.


This was Munich-based Amon Duul II’s second album. By all means check out the first, Phallus Dei, because it’s difficult to decide which is the better of the two. Both are psychedelic classics. Buy now and ask questions later.
Chris Karrer is the multi-instrumentalist genius at the heart of the band, singing, playing guitar, violin, saxophone and on stage, even sax mouthpiece, but this is not to detract from the rest of the group.
Renate is the vocalist provding Germany’s answer to Grace Slick, Shrat is the guy on the cover and bongo player and vocalist, there’s Dave Anderson who went on to play bass with Hawkwind, and Peter Leopold, John Wienzierl and Falk Rogner complete the ensemble. The band dives in at the deep end with Soap Shop Rock, a 13-minute rock opera. As with all of Amon Duul II’s songs, it’s impossible to figure out what this about lyricallly, but you won’t care. This is hard-edged
psychedelic music. The nearest parallel is late 60’s English freakbeat, slightly reminiscent of the Who and Misunderstood, but with more feedback and guitar pyrotechnics, the heavy violin motif, the female vocalist and a generally much more powerful, echoey sound. Cerberus,
halfway through the second side of the original 2-LP set starts out with acoustic guitars and bongos, but then in come the super-heavily phased drums and electric guitar to show you how full of contrasts the band were.
After “The Return of Ruebezahl” comes “Eye Shaking King,” a six and a half minute freakout with ponderous intro followed by eerie ring-modulated vocals, then an archetypically Gothic, protracted, lead guitar excursion from Karrer. There is a fade-out style instrumental (“Pale Gallery”) to round off the first album, but then the fun begins:
“Yeti,” “Yeti Talks to Yogi,” and “Sandoz in the Rain” fill the remaining two sides of the album. The Yeti tracks are really one long jam, broken up by the duration constraints of the LP format. It's high intensity, free flowing improvisation throughout. There is little of the self-indulgent soloing which could sometimes spoil the long jams of other bands of the period, and there is a cosmic, spacey atmosphere, achieved without the use of studio electronics. Sandoz is an acoustic jam with guests Rainer (guitar, vocals) Ulrich (bass) and Thomas (flute). It provides a gentle conclusion to what has been a tumultuous album.
The band became increasingly progressive after this album, but still managed to produce consistently good albums, Wolf City being one of the best of their later efforts.
They also later had Daniel Fischelscher in their line-up who went on to play in the acoustic-cosmic band Popol Vuh, also worthy of a listen.

Reviewed by DoctorDark

Review 2:
Without further ado I would like to say a few words about an album I like, for the record it is NOT may favourite album ever but I do like it rather a lot...

Released on Liberty in 1970 (Liberty LBS 833559/60) in the days before CD's on two pieces of lysergically soaked vinyl, Yeti was the second album by Munich's Amon Düül II, their first album being Phallus Dei (Gods Penis).

As bands go Amon Düül II are a relatively new discovery for me. I mean, I have certainly known about them for about 20 years and was certainly played Wolf City a good many times by an enthusiastic friend (Sandoz) in my younger years but was usually too 'pharmaceutically altered' for it to really take hold of me in the way that this band has in the last nine months.
Nowadays I would place this album somwehere in the top three of my 'All Time Top 100 Albums Of All Time'.......THAT is how much I rate this album.

Stumbling across this at a very low point in my life (both musically and mentally) this was like discovering a new galaxy, untouched my other beings. I was bored beyond belief with virtually everything that came my way, which was unfair really as most of what has past my earholes has been good exquisite psychedelia, it was just that my state of mind refused to allow anything more than a flicker of an eye or a faint shrug.

I firmly believe now that Yeti for me is the Holy Grail that I have been searching the world for the last 22 years for in terms of 'Classic' Stone Cold Psychedelia and across the 1300 or so albums I own is just dripping with all the right
qualities I seek in psychedelia.

Of course there will be many reading this article that would disagree with the status I bestow upon this album and many that will just plain 'not get' Amon Düül II but that's fine with me as I am not here to defend it and of course we are all entitled to our own opinions and 'opinions are like...' nah..don't even go there.

What I will say though is that if you are just beginning to discover the 'forbidden fruit' of Psychedelia then you could do far worse than to score yourself a copy of this, sit down in a darkened room, gently slip your headphones onto your lugholes and let this album seep into every nerve ending in your body and be taken away by what ranks as brilliant psych in my humble opinion.

Likewise if you are just starting forays into the vast world of Krautrock (where this album truly belongs if you are a genre snob) then Amon Düül II are a good place to start.....just don't be dissapointed if you never find an album to better it!!

If one is forced to make comparisons then I guess you could say that this is of a similar style to the first three or four Pink Floyd albums, certainly Yeti Talks To Yogi and Sandoz In The Rain are amongst the finest examples of tripped out, spaced out, loose and cosmic stuff you will come across.

It is NOT Space Rock, nor does it fall into Jam Band territory as this is neither crude nor noodling in any way shape or form, this is complex, hallucinogenic music that at times is discordant and at others displays such beauty and overwhelming prescence that hearing it can bring tears to my eyes.

If you thought Interstellar Overdrive and Astronomy Domine was a long strange trip then stay at home and draw the curtains because Yeti just rewrote the book...

There are haunting and at some times scary tracks and there are huge great soaring pieces that will lift you up and cast you into the darkness, if you are still listening by the time you reach the title track be prepared for an epic piece of music, the 'short, tight and nice' song lovers amongst you may feel uneasy as Amon Düül II move into free form & intense mode but I beg you to stay with it to the end and let me know what you think.

I will freely admit that this is not perhaps the easiest of albums to get into but there's no escaping its credentials as one of the giant killers of Krautrock and also the broader genre of psychedelia as a whole.

As I write this I am smiling at the looks on some peoples faces when they slip this into their CD player for the first time and look forward to all comments.

Besides the excellent musicianship present here, no Amon Düül II review would be complete without mention of the beautiful and haunting siren that is Renate Knaup, who's voice simply blows my mind......move over Grace honey, Renate is IT.

To finish with a little history lesson, Amon Düül II wemt on to produce another 14 albums after Yeti:
Tanz Der Lemminge (1971), Carnival In Babylon (1972), Wolf City (1972), Live In London (1972), Vive Le Trance (1973), Hijack (1975), Made In Germany (1975), Pyragony X (1976), Almost Alive (1977), Only Human (1978), Vortex (1981), BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Plus (1973), Nada Moonshine (1995) and Live In Tokyo (1996).

Anyone who plays songs called Halluzination Guillotine and Flesh Coloured Anti-Aircraft Alarm are doing NOTHING wrong in my book......

pOoTer - March 2004

Archangel's Thunderbird

When the everywhere-eye
Asks you
Who is the emperor
Of the sky
Take the Archangel's Thunderbird

Go to Edgar Allen
In the tower of sleep
He'll tell you a story
Which makes you to creep
The echo of your cries
Is falling so deep

Rent a destroyer
And sail to Cape Cod
There lives a lion
They call him God
There is no elevator to Eden
But a hole in the sky

In shock-corridors
are standing
People With their eyes in their hands
But they don't understand
Why their confessional folding-chairs
Go into the narcotic flight of stairs

Baiting soldiers sleeping
In the melting House of Wax
Why is the audience not taking
The insurrection-axe
Thousands of windows burst open
And the alarm bells are broken

Amon Duul II - Dance Of The Lemmings


United Artists 60003

Track List:

Syntelmans March Of The Roaring Seventies, In The Glass Garden, Pull Down Your Mask, Prayer To The Silence, Telephonecomplex, Restless Skylight, Transistor Child, Landing In A Ditch, Dehypnotized Toothpaste, A Short Stop To The Transylvanian Brain Surgery, Race From Here To Your Ears, Little Tornados, Overheated Tiara, The Flyweighted Five, Riding On A Cloud, Paralized Paradise, H.G Well’s Take Off, Chamsin Soundtrack, The Marilyn Monroe Memorial Church Chewing Gum Telegram, Stumbling Over Melted Moonlight, Toxological Whispering.

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Amm - Ammmusic 1966



Track List:

Later During A Flaming Riviera Sunset, Later During A Flaming Riviera Sunset (LP Version), Ailantus Glandulosa, In The Realm Of Nothing Whatever, After Rapidly Circling The Plaza, After Rapidly Circling The Plaza (LP Version), What Is There In Uselessness To Cause Distress?, Silence.

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Andromeda - Same


RCA SF 8031

Track List:

Too Old, Day Of The Change, And Now The Sun Shines, Gold And Silver Turns To Dust: Discovery, Sanctuary, Determination, Return To Sanity: Breakdown, Hope, Conclusion, reason, I Can Stop The Sun, When To Stop: Traveller, Turning Point, Journey’s End.

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Andwella’s Dream - Love And Poetry


CBS 63637

Track List:

Days Grew Longer For Love, Sunday, Lost A Number Found A King, Man without A Name, Clockwork Man, Cocaine, Shades Of Grey, High On A Mountain, Andwella, Midday Sun, Take My Road, Felix, Goodbye.

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Love and Poetry

Aorta - Same


Columbia 9785

Track List:

Main Vein, Heart Attack, What’s In My Minds Eye, Magic Bed, Main Vein 2, Sleep tight, Catalyptic, Main Vein 3, Sprinkle Road To Cork Street, Ode To Missy Mtfzospkik, Strange, A Thousand Thoughts, thoughts And Feelings Main Vein 4.

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Apple - An Apple A Day


Page One 016

Track List:

Lets Take A Trip Down The Rhine, Doctor Rock, The Otherside, Mr. Jones, The Mayville Line, Queen Of Hearts Blues, Rock Me Baby, Buffalo Billycan, Photograph, Psycho Daisies, Sporting Life, Pretty Girl Love You.

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An Apple A Day

Arzachel - Same


Roulette 42036

Track List:

Garden Of Earthly Delights, Azathoth, Queen St. Gang, Leg, Clean Innocent Fun, Metempsychosis.


I have to admit I have only owned a copy of this classic album for a couple of years, and this review consists of information lifted directly from the CD notes plus my impressions from repeated listening. Before its reissue by Dropout records this album had been fiendishly hard to
find and collectors would pay ridiculous sums of money to secure a copy.
It’s not hard to see why, for several reasons: it was recorded early in the careers of Dave Stewart and Steve Hillage, who both went on to become giants of the British progressive and psychedelic scenes. What’s more, it has all the trappings of an underground classic: recorded and mixed in an afternoon, cover art done by Dave Stewart with a felt-tip pen, sleeve notes consisting of fake biographies of the band under assumed names (the reason for this was that Stewart, Campbell and Brooks were already under contract to Decca), and released in tiny quantities, later to become available on bootleg. Finally, It is a somewhat eclectic album, the opening tracks securely in the Caravan/Soft Machine mould of organ-led, lyrical progressive pop, moving on through Cream/Led Zeppelin inspired blues, ending up with a protracted psychedelic excursion on the final track.
Production? What production? Never mind, the rough edges add to the individuality and appeal of the album. Furthermore, the brilliance of the playing shines through. “Garden of Earthly Delights” has nice booming bass and jazzy drums providing the foundation for Stewart’s doomy organ sound. Campbell and Hillage’s vocals are somewhat trite, with the feel of an Elizabethan
sonnet, but not quite enough to make you cringe. Hillage’s superb solo, sounding like Cream-vintage Clapton, makes up for it, though. There’s doomy, progressive feel, reminiscent of early Nice or Procol Harum, on “Azathoth,” with Campbell’s distorted organ sound shrieking like a banshee. “Queen St. Gang” is an opportunity for Stewart to show off his jazz-influenced keyboard skills. It’s a gentle Caravan-styled interlude before the stomping blues excursion, “Leg.” This track starts out with jolly keyboard twiddlings and lightweight riffing from Hillage, and then suddenly explodes into a passionate rendering of “Rolling and Tumbling” with the band’s own lyrics substituting the originals. “Clean Innocent Fun” is ten minutes plus of heavy metal. Hillage plays guitar lines in unison with his wailing vocals and then lifts off on an extended blues-tinged solo. Back to the vocal and guitar unison playing for another verse and then a much more freeform extended solo with waves of echoey distorted organ from Stewart. A final verse, and the song ends as suddenly as it began. “Metempsychosis” is sixteen minutes plus of prime psychedelic freakout. It starts with freeform playing from everybody, in
the style of Floyd’s Saucerful of Secrets or Amon Duul II’s Phallus Dei, and then settles down into a one-chord, insistent riff, which forms the basis for improvisation through the rest of the piece. There’s a pause in the middle before disembodied floating voices drift in, with more
Floydian strangeness, and then it’s back to the beat. Campbell does a bass solo, and we’re back to extended freakiness again as the track careers on to a climax, staying on that one chord the whole time.
There’s precious little surviving material from the golden days of British psychedelia, and it’s usually pretty hard to sniff out. We’re lucky to have this shining example (reasonably) freely available again.

Reviewed by DoctorDark


Art - Supernatural Fairytales


Island ILP 967

Track List:

I think I'm going weird, What's that sound (for what it's worth), African thing, Room with a view, Flying anchors, Supernatural fairy tale, Love is real, Come on up, Brothers, Dads and Mothers, Talkin' to myself, Alive not dead, Rome take away three


I begin by saying I Love this LP. I believe it would have sold many more copies on it's release, had 'soft vocals' from Denmark's 'Raws', UK 'The Fairytale' or Holland's, 'Cinderella' done vocals for ART.
Mike Harrison's vocals are definitely more suited to Classic '69 blues-rock LP 'Spooky Two' ('ART + 1') And yet, listen.. Title track 'Supernatural Fairytales' has a 'feeling'. That silent, still, breathless feeling experienced, when extremely 'high'. Feels like running. A little frightening.
As in all of the titles on this LP, this song changes tempo from out of nowhere. 'Phasing' ('Revolution'-like) combined with future Ariel Bender's awesome psychedelic guitarwork. remember 'Pretty Colours'/Deep Feeling - Luther Grosvenor, lead guitar?)
This is a very 'Unique' album. I cannot compare it to anything, nor anything to it.
And yet.. 'Room With A View'. "..All you gotta do is believe.." Very strange musically; and I wonder ~ Did they understand at the time the 'truth' behind these words? That 'believing is seeing', in this Universe, and not the 'other way around'?
'Room With A View' 'Love Is Real' (turn this one 'off' before 'gosh awful' Sgt Pepper ending and it is very cool!), and my favourite, 'Rome Take Away 3', are the "3" titles where Mike Harrison softens his vocals to the 'feeling' of the music. Awesome.
'African Thing' is in a class by itself. How did they ever 'get away with' those 'politically incorrect' words?! The 4 minutes plus of 'bongo drums' actually work. What else could they have put there anyway?
There are 2 'covers'. One of 'What's That Sound?' ('For what it's Worth'/Buffalo Springfield, always a 'blah' song anyhow. Other is 'garagey' 'Rascals'/Come On Up! VERY cool guitarwork. Again, vocals 'too heavy' for the musical style.
The rest of the titles on this LP are just plain 'trippy' wierd. Words and music combine to perfectly convey what the band is feeling, to the listener. Not alot of other LPs do
this quite this perfectly!
I highly recommend giving it a listen. You either love this album on 1st listen, or
you don't. I don't think this is an LP that you 'learn' to appreciate with time. It 'feels' good, or
it doesn't.
I Love this LP..

Reviewed by Aimee Wood - November 2002

Ashra Tempel - Ashra Tempel


Ohr 56013

Track List:

Amboss, Traummaschine.


When I heard their music the first time, I felt like floating through the Universe, visiting other Planets and observing alien Civilisations.
The two tracks on this record are both about 20 minutes long, and of a very experimental, improvised style. Driving drums and bass, guitars with lots of effects and unusual playing style,
no "Song structure", just one massive improvised Soundscape, that’s the ingredients for Ashra Tempels' first Album released in 1971.
Manuel Göttsching (git), Hartmut Enke (bass) and Klaus Schulze (dr) are performing a spaced out set that really deserves the name "Kosmische Musik".
The first track "Amboss" gets very fast and ecstatic after an introduction of weird guitar sounds. The scaring fast drums and bass are providing a perfect layer for Manuel Göttsching's guitar experiments and solos.
The second track "Traummaschine" is quieter and more meditative, starting of with low guitar tones that sound more like an analogue keyboard, to be completed by higher violin-like sounds and choir "ahhhs", later on. After about 10 minutes of very relaxing and floating stuff, the track lifts of with rhythmic slapping noises, bongos, bass and distorted guitar melodies.
Ashra Tempel said that the idea behind this track was to give the listener the relaxation of the universe, which it does to me.
Klaus Schulze, who recorded "Electronic Meditation" with Tangerine Dream before he joined Ashra Tempel, left the Band after this LP to concentrate more on electronic music.
Göttsching and Enke got Wolfgang Müller, with whom they already played in earlier projects, as a new drummer for the next LP called "Schwingungen". In 1973 they released "Join Inn" (again with Schulze on the drums, and Rosemarie 'Rosi' Müller on vocals) which was recorded "just for fun" during a session for Walter Wegmüller's "Tarot" Double LP.
After that also Hartmut Enke left the band, and Manuel Göttsching went on experimenting with guitar sounds and released very successful Albums, but in my opinion, the massive, indescribable energy that is present on their first album, and, in a different way also on "Schwingungen" and "Join Inn", never came again.
So if you've got some money left this month go to your dealer and buy these three masterpieces of German cosmic music.
They've been rereleased on CD by Spalax Music.

Reviewed by Danny Good

Ashra Tempel

Aquarian Age - 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box 7”


Parlophone 5700

Track List:

10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box, Good Wizard Meets Naughty wizard.

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The Attack - Created By Clive 7”


London 12631

Track List:

Created By Clive, Colour Of My Mind

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The Attack - Neville Thumbcatch 7”


Decca F 12725

Track List:

Neville Thumbcatch, Lady Orange Peel.

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