pOoTer : Instigator, inept sysadmin & techie, all round annoying bastard.
pOoTer is into heavy psychedelia, 60’s Punk, Garage, Krautrock and any really wacked out weird shit.
Faves include Terry Brooks, Monster Magnet, AMT, Charlatans, Gong, Webcore, Fuzztones, Ash Ra Tempel, Sky Saxon, Circle, Love, Morgen, Soft Machine, Cold Sun, WCPAEB and early Pink Floyd. He loves poster art, lightshows and anything with a 500ci supercharged V8 in it. Famous for being online for HUGE periods, being very impatient and going to great lengths to Cut an Paste everything possible.
pOoTer also designs and maintains this site and occasionally writes a review or two....
Mush O'Rune: : Psychedelic Warlord, discerning psychedelic culture archivist and 60’s/70’s veteran. Mush is into poster art, underground books & comics, the Grateful Dead and anything Day-Glo. Mush does a lot of work in the Literature section as well as some album reviews. We all think he is a cool dude too........
Dr Sandoz : Resident pharmacological madman and Space Rock afficionado with a soft spot for West Coast Psych and wild Garage Punk. The Dr. is currently busy reviewing a 9 foot tall pile of albums for pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK 
Sir Eel : Our very own psychedelic Picasso and lover of all things pSycheDelic. Apart from his weird artwork Sir Eel is also famous for his flatulence and coarse jokes and is a huge fan of Gong and classic psychedelia. Occasionally seen on high peaks with his buddy pOoTer, Sir Eel is also a born again NetHead.
Doctor Dark : A mysterious dweller of the shadows and known ally to the Dark Side. Doctor Dark’s immense knowledge of Krautrock and West Coast Acid Rock, along with his love of Classic Psychedelia and Progressive Rock more than qualifies him for his prolific outpourings in the Bands Index where he delivers a constant stream of reviews of classic albums.
Also known as Pooterland’s leading authority on Bat Chain Pullers and Kandy Korn.
Look out for his work elsewhere on the site because he has broken out of the album reviews room we had him locked up in and he is now running amok.....
He was spotted recently amongst the dark shadows deep in Pooterland so who knows where he will strike next....!!!
BlueMagoo : All American psychedelic Beagle-Meister, artistic person and ex-resident of Planet Saturn BlueMagoo, now resident on the 'small island' called England is a learned man in the ways of West Coast Psych and exercises his authority by furnishing some fine album reviews for Pooterland.
Currently involved in creating additional material for our Bands Index and spending all his hard earned shekels on psychedelic artifacts..................(don't tell his wife!!)
Pancho Pillow : Half Mexican Pancho's sole purpose in life is to run our ezBoard called The Pooterland Lounge that runs off the back of this site, keep everybody in order down there and keep it nice and tidy. We think he does an Ok job so we let him come around and hang out with us and shoot the breeze once in a while.




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