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We will accept and publish any reviews from other Psych fans, especially if they are for bands that we have not yet heard. Full credit will be given for non Pooterland reviews, including a link to a URL of your choice.
To submit a review, send stuff to  pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK


Submission Criteria

All submitted reviews must be of a relevant type of music. We currently accept reviews on the following types of music:


  • Late 60’s Psychedelia/Freakbeat
  • Heavy Psychedelia (60’s or modern)
  • Electric/Psychedelic Folk
  • 80’s & 90’s Retro Psych
  • 60’s Punk
  • 60’s Garage/Trash
  • Early Prog Rock (no late stuff please...)
  • Krautrock, of a cosmic nature....
  • 80’s & 90’s Space/Stoner Rock...(Kyuss, Datura..etc.)
  • Anything else we see fit to include, after all it’s our site right??, seriously though, if you have anything that you think will fit on this site, send it to pOoTer


In addition to this we welcome any recollections of gigs/festivals, book reviews etc.


Having received several comments regarding inclusion/exclusion of bands on this site, we would like to clarify:
In order for this site to be dedicated primarily to Psych music there is going to be a load of stuff that we just cannot include else it all becomes clouded, we are suggesting 1965 - 1972 as cut off points with the exception of any retro bands that produce music similar to that of 60’s - 70’s bands.
We welcome any comments on this.



pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK Submission FAQ

What sort of stuff can I send you ?

Record reviews, gig/concert reviews, wants lists, stuff for sale, all time top tens, book reviews, artwork, discographies, juicy bits of information that will interest other visitors. Also send us Promo/Demo CD’s and vinyl and we WILL review it an put it on our weekly playlist.

What format can I send stuff in?

We are currently a Micros@*t slaves so please send stuff in  Text Files or Word Docs.

When will my review/chart etc. get published ?

Submitted stuff takes priority over ANYTHING ELSE that is going on at Pooterland so we will endeavour to get material published as soon as possible.

What if you turn down my review ?

We will not reject any reviews unless they are ‘off topic’ or there are already too many reviews on a particular artist

What is the size limit for reviews ?

Please try to keep reviews to a reasonable size (see existing ones for examples) if you can, if you do send a monster we may have to trim it a bit, but he would rather not and prefers to publish ‘entire reviews......use your judgement.

How do I send my review to pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK ?

Please send reviews in the body of an e-mail message (or if you have to, attachments)
If sending attachments please Zip/Stuff these up to help us download them quicker.
If you do not have WinZip then get it from here.
If you do not have Stuffit then get it from here.
If you not have e-mail or for some strange reason prefer Snail Mail here are our PO Box details:

Do I have to put my real name in on reviews?

We suggest you use a pseudonym (how many people do you know called pOoTer?) but you can reveal your ‘true identity’ if you wish, just be aware you are doing this to 200 million people........You can also sign your review ‘Anonymous’ if you think your stuff will incite violence. We can also include your e-mail address or URL on your review if you wish. PLEASE TELL US IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS PUBLISHED.

What do I get for submitting reviews on this site?

Instant fame and recognition for being a contributor to pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK???...Seriously all we can offer you is full credit for your review/chart etc. PLUS a link to any URL of your choice (yes ANY URL)

How do you rate stuff?

Most reviews included in this archive will be given an Electric Sugar Cube Rating.
The higher the rating the better the album/track.
Of course this is only our opinion.


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