Apologies but until further notice we no longer have the resources to accept and review albums

If you have landed on this site and want to know what will happen to your  CD/Record/Tape should you mail it to us dubious looking lot at Pooterland for review hopefully this page will put your mind at rest and convince you that sending your releases to pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK is Doing The Right Thing

If you are new to pOoTers pSycheDelic shAcK then check out our Submission Criteria to see what sort of things we accept, then read on..............

When you send music in to us, if it fits in to our Submission Criteria then we absolutely GUARANTEE you that we will do ALL of the following with it:

  • Add it to our weekly playlist for at least 2 weeks (while we are listening to it)

    This very popular page is where people look to see what we are listening to and as a guide to what we might be reviewing next so your band/artist will get good exposure here.

  • Listen to the album AT LEAST 10 times........ GUARANTEED.

    We always listen to stuff at least 10 times before sitting down to write the review (where we listen to it again). 9 times out of 10 at least three of us here will listen to the album (occasionally we will each review the album as well). There are many sites that review stuff and maybe listen to an album only once, if at all. We want you to know WE are NOT like that. Sure it may take us a few weeks to get a review up, but you can rest assured your album has been played many many times during this period. We play it here at Pooterland HQ, in the car, at work, on the Walkman etc. etc.
    Usually the stuff we get is so good, we keep on playing it ‘cos we like it so much anyway...............

    We include the album title, label, year of release, track list, review, cover scan and include a URL to where people can buy your album from.

  • Include details of new reviews in our regular email newsletter

    This now goes out to all subscribers of our newsletter three or four times a month without fail.
    To see previous newsletters go HERE.

  • Email you when the review is online so you can link to it or use it on your site

We are not trying to brag or show off, we are just trying to show you that we are good honest folk and will give your release all the attention it deserves. As well as this, if your band is touring we will list or link to your Tour Dates for free on THIS PAGE.


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